It's been a long time and something are due first;

Thank you all who voted in the competition, we didn't win the competition but we were offered a scholarship nonetheless. Which didn't turn out to be such a splendid idea when my girlfriend and I sat down to talk it over. Personal bullshit aside, to sum it up I'm sending her over to Spain while I, myself am staying behind to finish my university as originally planned...

But as you can guess I'm not feeling oh-so-very peachy. Which means for you readers, get ready for more drama and angst since that's how I'm feeling at the moment.

I'll give you a breather with this chapter though... This is the end of Part-I. Get ready for II.

Somebody is stroking my hair... Is what I thought in my light slumber on the campus meadow.

I didn't for once thought of opening my eyes. It felt so peaceful, so much like home if I could ever have one. So much like a mother's caress if I could have get to know one.

So much like a lover's touch but I am sure it ain't one.

I know those slim fingers belong to a woman, I can feel the perfectly manicured fingernails as they stimulate one follicle at a time. She knows all of my soft spots and I wonder when did she get to know them. I know this because her fingers linger on those spots longer...

''There isn't a single gramme of fat on those slender limbs.''

The voice comes from not far away, but not as close either. It doesn't belong to my Caresser. But it belongs to my girlfriend.

''Ara, yet her chest is still lacking in size ne...''

Yeah, that's my Caresser. The woman who plans to kill me through a slow and painful death with her teases. I am supposed to be sleeping, so I keep my mouth shut and do everything in my power not to blush. It ain't a simple a job let me tell you.

I like the fact that my breasts are not huge alright! My girlfriend fills that department for the both of us. And while you, Shizuru Fujino, will complain from back pain in your later years, I'll still be jumping up and down without any complaints. Take that.

I hear a light chuckle shared by the two of them.

''Well Shiz, I like my women girlish as they can be...''

Is that so Miss Searrs. How very nice to know, I let the others know.

''My Aly, that may not be the case with our little puppy. We should cherish these days for you and I both know she holds a promise of future sensuality like no other..''

''Okay, that's enough!''

I lift my head of off Shizuru and open my eyes to two grinning idiots. One holds an air of danger and risk while the other gave off a false air of mature charm and serenity. The very two women of my life.

''Don't do that.'' Alyssa says while still grinning. Her index finger reaches in between my brows and runs lightly on my skin, smoothing the wrinkles due to my pout.

''And you! Why are you always going with her flow! Can't you for once act like the mature woman you show off to be and tell my crazy of a girlfriend to shut her mouth whenever she starts talking like a perv?'' I pierce to those crimson eyes only to be welcomed with mirth.

Why am I even trying? Neh.. It was worth a shot.

''Ara, I feel so vulnerable and shy when Natsuki looks straight into my eyes like this. Like... Like...'' Her slender hand comes up to hold her head as she makes a thinking pose. But I already know them enough to know she only gave a pass to Aly, and my girlfriend will finish it off for her.

'' Like a virgin.. Oh! Touched for the very first timeee...''

Oh great. They are real idiots. And here they start singing in sync while moving closer to me with dove like eyes.

''Like a virgiiin! When your heart beats, next to mineeee!'' and I fall back on the grass as they jump on me for the last line of the song, their hands finding their way to my breasts easily.

''Virgin. Hah! Don't make me laugh!'' I leered at them, though I didn't try to get up right away. To tell you the truth I remember being perfectly zen. It's a secret guilty pleasure of mine but I don't think you can really blame me for it.

Let's be honest, who wouldn't enjoy the feeling of two hottest bodies on campus wrapped around you. If your response is a no, I know a great shrink I can recommend.

''Whatever Natsuki implies?'' the wolf said.

''Like the song goes my love you make us feel oh very shiny and new.'' My girlfriend added while giving a little bite on my ear lobe. Virgins huh...

''I swear you're the reincarnation of Benten.'' I try and defend my stance.

''Ara, goddess of fertility?''

''Well you have to have a lot of sex to fertilize don't you?''

''Love, what would we do without your logic in our nation's divine pure religion..''

''Whatever. You know what I mean.''

''Hai hai..'' they oblige for the first time in sync but I have a feeling I lost this discussion didn't I?

Shizuru takes her leave shortly after for her afternoon lecture and I watch her go while swinging her cute little ass sideways. When I turn my head back to my girlfriend though, I'm welcomed with a raised brow and an amused look.

So very busted.

''You know puppy, I sometimes wonder what would happen if I hadn't claimed you.''

''Ano.. What do you mean?'' Is there a way to dodge this discussion and bury the fact that I was checking out Shiz's ass? I don't think so.

''As in what would happen if I was never in the picture.''

''You're talking in riddles again Alyssa. You belong to me and I to you. Stop your philosophical bullshit babe...'' I bend to finish my statement with a mind blowing kiss, and it reaches firework standards in a second as Alyssa climbs up to my lap, wrapping her legs on my sitting body.

''Do you love her?'' she asks as our foreheads touch.

''Who? Shizuru?''


''Of course I love her.''

''Are you in love with her?''

My forehead distances itself as I take a moment to look into those icy orbs.

''Whats wrong Aly? Whats with the questions?''

And until this day I never forgot Alyssa's words that came after my question and before her lips crashed on mine.

''You are made for each other. That is why you're with me... I wanted to feel it too.''

I never thought those words would haunt me as much as they do at the moment Shizuru. I never wanted you as much as I want you right now. I never thought I wouldn't be able to control the urge within me to touch you. But right now, I don't think I can hold myself. And damn the consequences, I want you.

When, where and why is 'now' you ask?

I have absolutely no fucking idea where on earth we are at the moment. We are in the far reaches of the ocean, far away from the city, residing in Mei's divorce trophy; her private island.

And before I explain you the certain slice of of the moment I'm living in, I have to take back and tell you a bit about our little vacation.

And why am I doing what I'm about to do?

Because everything I want is in this room.

We came to this trophical paradise two days ago, we being myself, Mei, Nao, Mai, Shizuru, Suzushiro and couple of new faces such as Mei's cousin Mikoto whom we all came to like in an instant, and her other cousin Midori Schwarz who is really a 19 year old pain in the ass. She is also the person responsible for all the morning headaches we seem to have lately. Anyways after the dinner Mei obliged all of us to take some time off on her private little island. After much excuses of work and what-not everybody accepted the offer and so we are here.

At the begining I was fine. My body felt fine, my headaches seemed to have lessen in impact and frequency. My muscles certainly didn't ache and I thank the sun for that, although I preferred to sit in the shades. I had my best friends, my medicine, and a daiquiri in my hands at all times. Life couldn't get any better than that.

Or at least I thought so, up until the moment I saw that blond goddess in her tiny little black bikini.

''Goodmorning.'' The sun goddess sang.

''Bad morning.'' Nao cut in since my brain seemed to think forming words right now an impossible task.

''Ara, why is that Naochan?''

''I just found a fucking grayish hair on my head. This is fucking depressing, I went to bed young and woke up as Meryl Freakin Streep!''

And to this opening line to our first day, we could help but laugh the life away.

''You know I'm gonna have to see it Red.''

''Later when I'm less vulnerable Blue. Right now I would like to drink away my sorrow if possible please.''

Shizuru turned to comply Nao's request while I just gave an understanding smile and turned my head to the woman I am deeply in love with.

Did I tell you how I wish I was that two piece of black clothing that surrounded those holy temples that rise and fall with every breath?

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. I came here to forget and let go.

I turn my head back to the scenery and enjoy the quietness as everyone comes out of the house one by one. After the good morning exchanges we all sunbath our stress away and dwell ourselves in little chit chats.

Though by this time of our vacation, a.k.a my lovely paradise, has somewhat turned to my hell, since I had left the Suzushiro factor out of the equation. You have no idea how it felt to see Suzushiro put sun lotion on that glistening skin. Or watching Suzushiro playing with her fiancé in the water, being wrapped by those creamy legs underwater and having the kiss of her life before being drowned by those playful hands.

The moment I decided to run inside the little mansion and leave the beach was when I realized they were having sex in the middle of the ocean.

Yeah. I know.

And so the vacation turned a little crazy the next night when Mei informed us of a close by island. An island just for a group of selected people, and with just the aim of partying. Partying hard.

After Midori's countless begging, on how she is so young and wants have fun and how we should help her as her sempais, we decided why the hell not and gathered on the yatch to sail to one crazy night.

If you would like a detailed description of the party I am the last person to ask it to another for I could not. My perception changed drastically after our 14th shot of something I had never drank before, and my ego was one matching of the Gods after the countless lines I did from a gorgeous woman's breasts.

Perhaps you can guess the after product of insane alcohol and cocain consumption...

If you can't let me tell you only this.

I was the one and only party monster. Monster as in not something cute and fun but in something vulgar and carnal.

The Natsuki, Nao had long missed...

''Natsuki-saaan!'' I could see Midori running towards me and why the hell the young brat choose me as her guide through the vacation I do not know. This obviously noticed by my friends sitting next to me created grins on the faces.

''First of all stop with the –san will ya. Secondly will you erase those smug smiles off your faces?'' I turn to my right to Nao and then to Mai and Mikoto who are sitting on my left side.

Mei is dancing on top some bar at the moment and god only knows where did that short black dress worn by my dear friend and my crush dissapeared into. Seriously I did everything in my power these two days to minimize by encounters with Suzushiro-Fujino dilemma and I have feeling the pretty blond with bloodshed eyes has already noticed this and is irritated by it. Although she doesn't show except for the few dagger looks she shots at me from time to time.

Midori threw herself in between me and Mai and made herself comfortable facing me with a drunk puppy look waiting to be rewarded.

''What the hell now?'' I ask with a raised brow not letting go of my cool. The cocain effect I believe. Hey there! Don't judge, remember I'm on dead call waiting in line already!

''Oh! So I, uh, I gave my phone number to the chick you showed!''

''Phone number or business card?'' Nao asks from next to me.

Don't be surprised. Midori is already a share holder in her father's grand company.

''Umm, I gave her my business card?''

I can see the doubt forming on the long red head and hear the smug grunt coming from my partner in crime.

''Not hot.''

''Red is right.'' I nod in confirmation.

''Why? What?''

''Why? Simple. Hi. I'm intimidated by the possibility of rejection, but my secretary isn't. Call her. That's why.'' Nao finishes her speech by downing another shot while I continue our lecture.

''You don't want to invite her to a job offer idiot. Everybody is already somebody here, and never ever become someone who need to show off her card in order to get inside somebody's pants. Write your number on her boobs for heaven knows. Do anything-but something more intimate.''

''Don't listen to them Midori. They are old perverts who wrote the book of flirtation although I can't seem to see them with their significant other.'

Oh you hit home Mai. I hate you.

''Oh please Mai-chan dear, we can't see your supposed boyfriend here either can we now? Trouble in paradise sunshine?''

Nao can be a bitch sometimes but I love that side of hers very much so.

''You know he has work. He is not like us.'' And although Mai gives a reasonable excuse I can't help but feel something is off. Well, right now I can only make her more drunk and make her forget. Tomorrow we can talk.

''Anyway kiddo, just go there and kiss the life out of that girl. Fuck the formalities.''

And with my green light the young red head jumped to her feet and ran back to the crowd, not forgetting to throw us a wink and a thumbs up.

''Oh the folly of the youth...'' Mai sighed as she eyed every single body dancing of to the beat.

I looked as well. Some were dancing, but most were openly in the foreplay of having sex, and some were already in the aftermath of their orgams scattered all along the dimly light beach.

Mai and Mikoto decided to give shot in the dance platform leaving only me and Nao.

''How are you?''

''Don't even go there Red.''

''Just asking. Out of formality.''

''Since when did you become so sentimental Red?'' I look to up to the light green orbs as they look back with indiffirence.

''Since I found a fucking white hair on my head.''

''Aww. Gray. Grayish. Don't forget.''

''Why thank you Blue.''

''You're welcome dear.''

''I just flashed to our sixties, and I think I wanna puke.''

I chuckle to my friend's antics and raise my body from where I was sitting.

''Well, come along then, let's show everyone how a real party is supposed to be.''

Nao caught my extended hand with a sly smirk and we made our way in to the crowd. The fact that Nao was sitting to accompany me was sweet actually. I know my friend to every inches and there is a reason why she didn't disappear to have group sex with the hottest bodies this party had. It's her subtle way of being by my side, and I love her to pieces for that invisible fact.



An hour later I find Mei jumping on me and wrapping her legs around me, I also find my hands grabbing her tight ass. I grin to Mai and Mikoto sitting behind where Mei had jumped from. They surely seem to have focused on each other since they didn't even acknowledge our presence.

They were both drunk but that is besides the point.

I recognize the look on their faces...

I used to look like that too, didn't I?

You know.. When you feel flirty and fluffy all at the same time. The playful and shy flirtation that creates goosebumps on your skin, a blush on your face, and sweat in your palms.

''Where were you?'' Mei huskily breaths to my face and I am distracted from watching the newly forming couple.

''Oh you know... This breast, that ass...''

''My Kuga, who knew you talked dirty when you party.''

''Oh you just heard the prologue sweetheart.''

Her only response is to giggle while I lift her a little bit to make us both more comfortable with our position. Right as I was about to ask Mei to play strip poker with me, and I have no idea how we were suppose to play it without any cards, an invitation of shots are thrown our faces with a grinning Nao.

''To life!'' she chirps as the excess alcohol and drug consumption changes her to a philosophical imp.

''Hai!'' Mei joins the excitement wave and Mai and Mikoto turn holding their glasses as well.

''As short as it is I love you all...''

That single motherly speech from one and only Mai Tokiha pulls a string in me somewhere as I silently smile and crash my glass to other four hanging in the air.

As short as it is... I will never have this moment. I will never have more than these little memories I am creating for myself. This happiness, these carefree laughter, and this joy won't be for long...

And among the sea of people, only one feeling wraps me. I'm scared.

I down the bittersweet liquid as fast as I can while holding Mei with a single arm. I feel her muscular thighs contracting against my loins, and I'm sure even if I let go both arms she would still be glued to where she is right now. She downs her shot and throws her glass, which I'm sure hit somebody in the head somewhere. Her cheek touches mine innocently as I hear her talk to Nao who is behind me. My eyes meet with Mai, who only smiles genuinely. But it only reminds me of her words.

As short as it is... I want to feel alive.

With the clouded judgement of my fucked up mind I squeeze Mei's little ass and she moves right away to give her full attention to my emeralds.

''Yes Kuga?'' she breaths hoarsely and her eyes thin in a dare.

''I can hold you so innocently this far..''

''My is that so? I must have under estimated your stamina. Pity.'' With her last word her face inched towards mine.

''I never said I can't keep on until the sun rise princess. Only implied I am not as chivalrous as you may think myself to be.''

''But you are Kuga. You are the safest arms to be wrapped around here...'' And to enhance her words, her arms sneak around my neck grabbing a handful of my hair in the process.

''And if you're proven wrong?''

It's the final act before the grand finale and I'm aware of this little slice in time right before our lips will crash onto each other.

''That wouldn't be such a loss either...''

''Well, since we made sure you win either way-''

She never let me finish, not that I had many more words to utter. The warmth wrapping my mouth lit a little fire in my body. I never hoped for it to warm my whole, let alone burn it, yet it still felt like I was alive.

My hold on her ass tightened as so did her hold, and our mouth made way for our tongues to tango. To my surprise Mei never tried to dominate but let me set the pace of our feverish make out. She only raised her self on my lap and tightened her hold with her legs and my loins ached lustfully to her pressure. We broke away from the kiss only to bite each other's now swollen lips, and her tongue slipped out to lick away the remaining taste of her on my lips.

''Where did Shizuru go?''

I snapped my head away towards the question issued only to find Suzushiro holding two glasses of Long Island.

Fuck! It can't possibly...

I turn to find all three of my friends looking at me and Mei in a dazed state as if they were witness of something utterly speechless.

''Umm, she just left Haruka-chan.'' Mai stuttered, convincing me of what I dread had actually happened.

Shizuru had seen me and Mei. Kiss. She had seen everything hadn't she...

I only laughed to my fate which earned sadness to appear in Mei's face as she let herself go from my arms and land back to the ground. My hands didn't make a single move to hold her place.

''Left? But where the did she go? We've been looking for you guys all night?'' Suzushiro crashed her brows and looked around frantically, raising on her foot for better vision.

''Oh she told me it's fine Haruka. She said she just needed a walk that's one let's have a few shots for the success of this year!''

Spoken like a true PR, I see Nao motioning me that she would handle Suzushiro, which means she is telling me to run after Shizuru.

I have to run after Shizuru.

God dammit! I have to find her.

As the truth of everything crashes down on me I turn back to Mei only to find her give me a slight nod in affirmation for me to leave.

''We would never work anyways.''

I smile to her words and kiss her from her left temple as she flushes her head towards my lips.

I let go and turn around towards the crowd and rush in.

No, no, no. No.


That's not her either.

Where the hell are you Shizuru?

I find myself at the beach, having looked everywhere. Maybe she went back to her fiancé, well of course she did. They are probably making out as I'm walking in god knows where?

I let out a sigh and drop my body to the sand. I feel tired. Very tired. And the last thing I wish is to go back only to find those two smitten in an embrace. Maybe I should go back to the house. Why am I out here anyways...

What were you gonna say even if you found her Kuga? Oh Shizuru forgive me for making out with yet another close friend of yours, but you see in reality I am fucking in love with you, so much that it hurts. It hurts so much, that I find myself doing the most stupid mistakes one can possibly do.

It hurts so much to know I shall never have you, that I wish to die before my due time. Even this skull-splitting headache is not the product of my tumored cells, but my tumored heart.

I get on the yacht, alone and ask the captain to drop me off and then to come back for my friends. He only smiles in confirmation.

As the black velvet of a sea surrounds me, and the music leaves my ears and the lights leave my vision, I find myself remembering the past once again...

The three of use were lazily sitting on the grass surrounded by many people, very few I recognized. My attention left my girlfriend who was busy talking about a fascinating band she had discovered yesterday, and fell upon you who was searching for something.

You're thirsty? I think I just saw you checking out the coffee that brown haired girl is holding.

I offered you a sip of my cider under the bridge, you smiled like a five year old, and you drank half of the bottle!


I'd paid a fiver for that.

But, I loved your very nearly arrogant self-confidence.

And I loved the fact that when you smiled, I could do nothing but smile as well.

And only now, I recognize everything. Why I always had the urge to turn my head to where you were. Why my eyes had to fell upon you after distracting itself for so long. Why even those days I had to text you every hour just to start another tease-full conversation to pass the time. Or call you to whine about my girlfriend whenever you were away.

Only now, do I recognize if you had not been in Alyssa's life, she would not be in mine. Only now, do I know why I thought my life was perfect... because you were in the picture. And only now, do I know how terrible it must have been for you. How cruel and selfish of me...

As the yacth arrives to our little port, I feel myself surrounded with grief, knowing that I can never ask for your forgiveness. Knowing, I can never ask for your love so late in our story.

But all thought leaves me when I notice the dim light coming from the house. I find myself locked on the light, and my feet walks towards it like a moth to flame. I'm aware of everything around me, the calm, the sound of sand beneath my feet, or the sweet melody coming from the ocean. I reach the port only to crack a single wood and I cringe to have made a sound.

I make myself in, slowly and silently.

''Hello?'' I find myself only breathing out the words in mere whisper, so I clean my throat and try once again, just a tad louder. No reply. I look at the couch next to me to find the light silk scarf that adorned your neck tonight. My fingers touch the material and lift it to my face only to inhale your torturing scent.

It's you. You are home.

I look upstairs. No light. You must be asleep?

I find myself walking up the stairs, one foot at a time.

My bedroom is downstairs, but I have no intention to go to bed before seeing your face once again tonight.

I arrive at your door and stand still. No sound or light comes. My hands tremble as they grab the knob and twist it clockwise, opening the door slightly ajar.

Oh dear God.

I hold my breath from the vision that beholds me. Right 'now' you are lying on your back, your ethereal form lid by the moon. Your hands lay idly on both your sides and a black sleeping shade covers your eyes to help you drift to opiate dream world.

I take a step inside the room, and become aware of the small noise your breathing creates. I slowly close the gap between us and come standing right in front of your body spread in bed. Your black camisole has been moved upwards revealing your abdomen to my eyes, gambling my sanity away from me. Your statuesque legs bend slightly giving you an image of a goddess in womb. So unworldly, so inhumane, and so beautiful.

Everything I ever want is in this room.

All that I want is you Shizuru...


I whisper as my body slowly climb onto the bed, I am no tiger closing it's prey, I'm nothing but a mortal soul being sucked into her fatal fate.

It's your fault I can't control myself. I'ts your fault, I'm about to do what I always wanted and dreaded to do. You play, gamble, and fool around with my sanity Shizuru. I'm sorry.

You are unaware of my body that hangs on top of you. My hair fell on the sides of your head and you move slightly tickled by them. I look at your half covered face which only shows your lush lips to me. I can not see your eyes even if they popped open right now, and I'm glad for it. My head falls towards you slowly and I linger when I'm not even inches away from your lips, feeling your breath warming my lips. Slowly and cautiously my lips touches yours. I stop and let a little gap to search for any reaction. None comes.

I dip my head once again, this time no longer able to hold the animal within me. I part your lips and start making slow love to them. In few second I find you stirring, and moving your head away.

''Ha-ruka?'' you sleepily mumble while I only hum in response and dip back to those rose lips which I find myself addicted to.

This time though, you respond to the movement. I find your lips slowly moving against mine and I close my eyes in the dream of it. I can feel every little line in those lips, I can weight the precise volume of them. Oh god Shizuru, you have no idea what you're doing, better yet you have no idea what you're doing to me...

It wasn't me when my tongue darted itself out slowly, I swear it wasn't me. My original plan was to smoothly extract myself from her while she was still on the borthers of dream and reality. But I did not did I. I continued to my doom...

With the contact of my tongue, I heard her breath hitch and my eyes popped open to find her left hand reach up to her eye shades.

No! She can't see me.

My hand grab yours instantly and in that moment I'm very sure you became aware of everything. After all who better knows the feeling of my hands if not you... You do know don't you Shizuru? You have to know the difference between my touch and your fiancé's. Please tell me you do...


I cut her short and crash my lips onto hers and hear her give a short yelp in return. Her resistance falls short and she gives in to the kiss, not making a sound. I feel her lips moving with force against mine, as we go on like that for what seemed like an eternity.

You moved once again to remove your sleeping shade and I let go of my other hand holding me in balance on top your body to capture yours. I hold both your hands on top of your head, as my body fully fell down on top of you. I can feel you. All of you, trembling under me.

''Ara did Haruka-chan miss me that much?''

It's the way she seductively utters those words, it's the little smirk that adorns those lips which I had raped a second ago. It's everything. Everything about you drives me crazy!

I stop and only look at her in fury. How could you utter her name? Don't you even know the difference? How can you not sense the difference! How can you not know that it's my body pressed onto yours! How could you forget my scent so easily and mix it with somebody else's?

I hold the groan coming from deep within, and reach for the black silk scarf I had brought with me from downstairs, while holding your wrists with a single hand. I find myself sitting on you and tie your wirsts without any consideration if it hurts or not. How could you not know?

I hear the surprised yelp you give when you realize I have immobilised you to bed rest. I spent no second to waste and dip my head back at your lips, this time with ferocity. I can feel my lungs burning, and that I'm breathing fire. The worst of all is that I know you're enjoying this, as you reply with the same ferocity. And to think you believe it's that god damn blond you're having on top you?

Well Shizuru, does Haruka know that you love to be bitten?


Or does she know of your soft spot right under your ear?


Does she know what sound you make when my teeth will graze your neck?


Because I do.

But I hate the fact that she also tasted you. You also let her tongue drift from your clavicle all the way down to your sternum did you not?

''Ahh Haru-wait...nnh!''

There is no Haruka here. And trying to free your hands won't work. You may struggle all you want beneath me. It only makes me want you more.

I drop my head on your chest and listen to your erratic heart beats. Does she make you this excited Shizuru? I bring my head up and my hands slowly pull on your camisole, your erect nipples inform me of their nakedness under this piece of cloth. I wish to rip it off of you, but my hands behave gentle against me and my feelings.

As your bare body comes revealed, I become aware of the breath I'm holding. You are so beautiful... So beautiful that it brings ache to my heart and before I know a single tear escapes from my eyes and falls on to your stomach. You shiver from the slight contact. I stand there frozen looking at the lone tear as another falls right next to it. And here comes the third to accompany it. You are aware of the wetness that slowly lands on your hot skin. Silence engulfs us as both, while our breathing inclines. I do nothing but stare at your moving tummy, my hands frozen in their mission of stripping you.

I just... love you so much. Gomen Shizuru... I can't do this.


My whisper of an apology is cut short and I yelp in surprise when a pair of arms cover my body. I stand shocked sitting on your lap while your arms caress my whole. I feel your shaky breath against my ear while I only look at the black silk scarf that is tossed aside.

When did you break free...?


I shiver with your whisper and I'm no longer able to control the sobs that are coming slowly yet steadily. I held the sounds in though.

She moves slightly away, positioning her face right in front of mine. I try and look behind the sleeping shade she still has, and then unexpectedly I find her lips touching mine in a shy way. They only touch the first time, but they linger in the second.

The third time they approach I capture them with all the love I have within me letting go of my shock. You internally gasp as my arms find their way around your neck and pull you closer. Your grip on my lower back tightens as well. I taste your saliva mixing with my tears. I have never felt so alive and whole as I have felt holding you like this. You holding me like this... My legs move to wrap you in an embrace as your hands move me closer towards your body, leaving no room for space.

Oh God. I can feel your body pressed against mine and the feeling is dizzying. With every breath you take I become more and more aware of your every little curve.

''Ahh...'' I let a sound out and my hands rush to my mouth immediately, recognizing my fault. I stand there shocked, my hands on my mouth looking at her, waiting for her reaction.

''Ara...'' Your head move slightly to your right.

I see your head come close and kiss the hands which cover my mouth.

''I was scared... '' you whisper to the back of my hands, ''To think I would loose my memories of your cute sounds.''

My hands slowly left my mouth and touched her face, gripping the shades that covered those eyes I needed to see so much right now. Scared of what might happen I very slowly moved it upwards. Her eyelids came to my vision, as she still had her eyes closed. I lifted the material off and threw it to the side, I could hear my heart beating loud in my head, and was very surprised to notice she didn't hear it... It felt as though the whole world would go deaf from it's sound.

And then they were there. Crimson boring into the most hidden layers of my soul. I am way too close to your face to gather exactly what emotion is on your face at the moment. And what seemed like a good idea, now seems the worst of all. Your eyes... My erratic breathing escalates even more as I once again place my hands on your neck.

'' I-''

''I missed you.''

You said breaking my train of thought, I could feel both our trembling bodies shake with more fever with your last words.

When our lips crashed to each other, I never stopped to think the past tense you preferred to use. And I would learn the difference between an ''I miss you and an I missed you'' the very next morning...

But right now, I didn't give a damn.

You changed our positions and I let myself fall back on the bed with you on top of me. Your lips quickly left mine in order to worship my body. You didn't for once asked for permission, and you did not need so. You can have me any way you've ever wanted Shizuru... I'm yours.

Your hands reached for my white shirt and lifted off of me, I spent no time in mimicking your actions. You halted when you realized you were face to face with my bare body, and I couldn't keep my eyes off of yours as well.

''Natsuki...'' Your right hand stood in the air right above my chest as you looked into my eyes.

''Touch me.'' Was all I whispered, and you complied immediately.

I groaned from deep within when your tongue made contact with my throat... You kissed, bit, and licked until it satisfied you for the moment, your trembling hands reached for the outlines of my breasts as I hold my breath. Your face came closing down on them, and stopped mere inches away only to stimulate them with your breathing.

You're cruel woman. You are damn cruel...

''Hooly mmnnh..!'' I found my body arch upwards towards your mouth, giving myself to your mercy. A mercy you did not plan to grant me...

Your mouth closed on my left breast, and I moaned everytime you tongue turned in swirls and your teeth fooled around twisting it every now and then. I couldn't breathe, I seriously couldn't breathe Shizuru.

Your head pulled upwards slightly and your hands crashed both my breasts bringing them together so that your mouth...

Oh dear mother fucker for fucks sake!

I can't hold it in any more Shizuru... It's too much. You are too much.

Before my brain would shut down with my heart, I raised myself and captured your butt cheeks with both hands. I raised you and myself off the bed while you only yelped in surprise. I didn't even give you a second to process as I lifted you up once again and crashed our bodies to the nearest wall. We both let out a grunt but you quickly repositioned yourself to comfort.


You looked deep into my eyes as I stood there, my hands holding you from your ass. I could not bring myself to form any words because I was scared. I was scared the moment I would talk you would let go of me, say that this was a mistake and ask my to leave your room. No. I can not talk Shizuru. I don't want to leave...

''I don't want to leave... I don't Shiz...'' My voice broke halfway into my sentence, and held her even more tightly.

''I don't want Natsuki to leave...'' You said not in your usual calm manner but more in a trembling kind of way.

I reached for your lips once again and we both closed our eyes to give in to the sensation. I spent no time in drifting away from your lips to your jaw. I made my way down to your throat which pulsated in my mouth. Soon I found myself where I wish to be the most. My mouth closed on your breast and you moaned like I've never heard you before. It was a sound I lustfully enjoyed and wished to hear yet again. My teeth grazed your erect nipple and bit down, but no sound. I followed down your ribcage and bite my way through it, no sound.

I was getting more and more irritated, I wished to hear you Shizuru. I had to hear you. And today all those working out, and gym fees better pay off! I pulled you higher up and you let out a little scream in shock as my head became parallel to your tummy. I kissed my way down while still holding you up gradually. Soon it downed on you... You knew where I was headed.

Shizuru was extremely light to my surprise. I though the act of oral sex while holding your partner up towards the ceiling would be a tough job to pull. Guess not. I felt like I could even throw you high in the air and catch without much problem...

But right now I believe I'm up in the air already. I part your legs only to find you light pubic hair make way to something so pink and alive.

''Jesus Natsuki!''

You hold on to my skull as if your life depends on it and I am loving the painful sensation it brings. Now I have more important matters to attend my love, so if you excuse me...


''Nnnh! Ahh.. thre! Ahnost-! Suki!''

It is not enough Shizuru. Even when I bury myself deep within your most sacred, it's not enough. I want to feel everything out of you...

''! Jesussuki! Aaah...''

I move my tongue in and out of you imitating an intercourse, and your moans turns into cries as I feel your body let out unintentional spasms. I flicker my tongue on your nerve bundle leaving where my tongue was to my fingers. You're so wet Shizuru that it sucks my finger without the need of any force.

And you scream out my name.

And I close my eyes to listen to it's beauty.

I thrust back and forth just to hear that scream over and over again, and you don't disappoint. With every thrust I hear you moan and scream my name while I'm sure your nails have bleed my skull open... I don't know for how long I fucked you against the wall, for it did not seemed enough. I only came out of my trance when you added a new sentence in between your cries.

''Suki! SukiI'mcoming! GodI'mclose! Nastuki!''

I know you are close love but let me enjoy this moment tad a little longer...

I let you fall a little down and your arms grab my back instantly. I continue thrusting my fingers in and out of your spread legs while looking into your clouded crimson eyes. I see a single tear form and begone in an instant as it came.

''Nnh nhh nhh!''

''I love you Shizuru...'' I whisper to her ear and kiss her from her temples as I thrust in for the final blow and her whole body wraps me in a tight embrace.

That was it.

In that moment, I never felt more alive and secure than I ever did in my entire life.

I had never felt more loved than when you came crushing down from your orgasm Shizuru, holding me tightly...

I kissed you all over your face and gently lied you back to bed. You looked up to me with half open eyes and smiled.

''I don't want to leave Shiz.''

''Take me to your room...''

Hope filled inside me as I grinned to my creamy goddess. I picked up your camisole and my shirt instantly and lifted you bridal style quickly leaving your bedroom and heading downstairs. I managed down the stairs with tripping both of us while you nuzzled your face deep into my neck. I laid you down my bed and pulled the sheets over you while getting out of my now wet jeans and losing my underwear. I moved closer to your warmth while you lay sideways looking at me with amused eyes.

''Ara, Suki's feet are cold.''

''Well Hime-sama somebody had to carry you...''

There is a short silence before you say,

''Ookini Suki...''

And I smile ignorantly before I reply,

''Anytime princess..''

I kissed you from your eyes and closed them for you while my arms wrapped your whole body pulling you even closer. Your head moved under my chin, and I kissed you on top of your head wishing you sweet dreams...

You left little kisses on my torso until we both fell to a peaceful slumber.

How foolish of me to think you thanked me for carrying you down to my bed.

How foolish of me to think my action of appearing on your bed without explaining how I felt, would end up in mutual understanding of my feelings.

You only thanked me because you thought it was my final gift to you didn't you Shizuru?

You thanked the gods for giving you one final chance to feel me, didn't you?

Did it never crossed your mind that I was fucking in love with you?

Would it be too late when you noticed?

Would it be too late before I noticed what I oh so ignorantly did to you?

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