Note: The lyrics are from O-Town's song "All or Nothing."

Chapter 1:

I know when he's been on your mind
That distant look is in your eyes
I thought with time you'd realize
It's over, over.

Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald sat on the beach and watched the beautiful sunrise. The combination of purple, red, blue, and orange always made him feel as if Sheridan was at his side. Every day since he had lost Sheridan he had ventured to this same place on the beach. He missed her. A lot. It had been almost two years, and he was still in love with her. She was his one true love. He knew that now.

"Oh, Sheridan," Luis sighed. "Why did you have to leave me?"


Sheridan Crane rolled over and sat up in bed. She glanced over at her sleeping husband, her eyes begging him to respond to the cries.

"Sorry, sweetie. It's your turn," Jack Mitchell replied, his green eyes dancing with laughter.

"I know, Jack. I know," Sheridan grumbled. "I was just hoping that you forgot."

As she got out of bed, she heard Jack begin to laugh. "Sorry, Sheridan. No such luck."


Sheridan approached the crib with a smile. Despite all of her protests, she loved her daughter with all of her heart. Isabel Cristina Crane was the most beautiful baby in the entire world. Granted, she was just a tad biased. With her short blond curls and fair complexion, she looked like a younger version of her mother. The only difference was her chocolate brown eyes. Those were exactly like her father's.

"It's ok, Bella. Mama's here," Sheridan told her daughter soothingly. "Oh, sweetie, what's wrong?" she asked as she picked her up.

Sheridan began to walk around the room with her daughter and slowly her cries began to subside. It appeared that all she wanted was to be in her mother's arms.

She felt Jack's arms go around her and Bella. "How's she doing?" he questioned.

Jack was so sweet. He cared so much about Bella—and she wasn't even his daughter. "She'll be ok, Jack," Sheridan replied. She then added in a much quieter voice, "And I think she's finally back to sleep."

Sheridan carefully laid Bella back in her crib, and stared into her chocolate brown eyes. Oh, Luis! her heart cried out. How I wish you were here to help me raise our daughter. But Luis didn't even know that he had a daughter. Her father had made sure of that. And Sheridan knew that Luis hated her now. She had said some terrible things to him before she left, and she doubted her could ever forgive her. Her mind began to replay the scene in her head. As much as she hated it, she couldn't help but remember it. She knew it was the one lasting impression that Luis would have of her. He had always thought that the Cranes were nothing more than scum, and she had proven him right.

Jack looked over at his wife. He could tell by the glazed look in her eyes that she was thinking about Him. He had never met Luis, but he knew that Sheridan loved him. But Jack loved her, and he did everything that he could to give her a wonderful family—the one thing that she had missed growing up. Their marriage wasn't typical. Jack knew that for sure. But Jack understood that it would take Sheridan time to get over her love for Luis. Ordinarily Jack wasn't a patient man, but he would wait a lifetime for Sheridan.



Luis arrived at the cottage with 6 white roses, one for each month that they'd been together. Sheridan wasn't expecting him until later that night, but he was sure that he'd love the surprise. He reached forward and knocked lightly on the front door.

Sheridan heard the knocks and knew that she had to do what she'd been dreading. Like it or not, the time had come. She had no choice. She took a deep breath, and walked towards the door.

"Luis, what are you doing here?" Sheridan asked coldly, as she opened the door.

Luis was shocked. Sheridan's voice was so icy that he almost feared getting frostbite. "Sher, I—I came to surprise you." He held out the white roses, hoping that they would elicit a smile.

"Look, Luis, we're over." The words pierced Sheridan's heart and soul as she said them, but she couldn't take them back, as much as she may have wanted to.

Luis shook his head, wondering if he was imagining things. "Sheridan, why? I—I love you. I thought you loved me too. What happened?"

A caustic laugh filled the room. "Me? Love you? Luis, be serious. I am a Crane. Why would a Crane love a Lopez-Fitzgerald? For heaven's sake, your own mother is one of my servants." Sheridan steeled herself against the protests that were sure to come. As much as she might want Luis to gather her into his arms, she just couldn't allow that to happen. She knew that then the walls that she had built around her heart would begin to crumble.

"W—what? Sheridan, I thought you were above all that material crap. I thought you didn't care about how much money I had. I thought you were different from the rest of your family." He couldn't understand what had happened to cause this complete transformation in Sheridan. She loved him—he knew it. But why couldn't she just admit it?

"Luis," Sheridan said with a superior air, "money is what makes the world go 'round."

"Sheridan, I know that you don't believe that. You see these diamonds?" He pointed the choker around her neck. "They're not you. You see these rings?" He motioned towards the numerous rings that were adorning her long, slender fingers. "They're not you either. I have never seen you wear any of these rings before. The only one that you ever wear is your mother's ring. Sheridan, you are not about material things. You are all about love. And hope. And happiness. Those are the important things in the world, in life. Those are you."

Sheridan almost gave in when Luis mentioned her mother. She knew that her mother wouldn't approve of how she was treating Luis. She had heard wonderful stories about her mother, and she knew that Katherine Crane would never condone her actions. But she hardened her heart against her emotions and kept a stony look on her face.

Luis realized that Sheridan was determined to end this, but he knew that he couldn't let the woman of his dreams leave his life so easily. "Sheridan, if you can look me in the eyes and tell me that you don't love me, that you've never loved me, I will walk out of your life forever."

Sheridan's heart stopped. He was going to make her look into his eyes. Make her do the one thing that she had been determined to avoid doing. Luis's rich brown eyes had always been able to make her melt like chocolate under the sun. Sheridan feared that if she looked into his eyes, she would never be able to go through with it.

Luis saw Sheridan hesitate, and he felt his heart give a leap of hope. Please, God, Luis prayed. Don't take Sheridan away from me.

Sheridan knew that she had to do it. She had no choice. She looked right into Luis's deep, brown eyes and told the biggest lie of her life. "I don't love you."

Luis couldn't believe her words. He stared into her eyes, looking for something, anything that would show that she was lying. But her beautiful blue eyes, which typically seemed to hold the sea within them, were no deeper than a puddle. At that moment, Luis felt his heart break into two pieces, but there was still something left to be done. Wordlessly, he turned away from the woman he knew he would always love and walked out of her life forever.

Sheridan watched the man of her dreams walk away from her, wanting nothing more than to run after him and beg his forgiveness. But she knew that she couldn't do that. She was getting married tomorrow. She was marrying Jackson Theodore Mitchell the Sixth at 4 o'clock the following day. But Sheridan was certain that while she may legally be marrying Jackson, her heart would always be married to Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald.



"Sheridan…" Luis whispered into the cool morning breeze. He could almost feel her beside him, as if she too was remembering the times that they had shared together. But why would she even bother? She had been married mere days after their relationship had ended. They even had a child together.

"Sheridan, we could have been so happy together. Why couldn't you have loved me as I loved you? Why did you have to end up just like them?" Luis sighed loudly. "And more importantly, why can't I stop loving you?"