Is it all?
Or nothing at all?
There's nowhere left to fall
It's now or never.
Is it all?
Or nothing at all?
When you reach the bottom, it's now or never.
Is it all?
Or are we just friends?
Is this how it ends
With a simple telephone call you leave me here
With nothing at all.

The church bells rang loudly in the crisp fall air. It seemed as if the entire town of Harmony was gathered at St. Margaret Mary's for that day's wedding ceremony.

A small, blonde-haired cherub danced down the aisle spreading flower petals everywhere. Bella was just as beautiful, and quite precocious, at the age of eight.

A smaller boy followed her down the aisle, carrying a small, lacy pillow with the rings attached to it. Jonathan Samuel Bennett was the apple of his mother's eye and Pilar's second grandchild.

Kay and Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald were the next to walk down the aisle. The couple had married two years ago, and Pilar was holding two-month-old Desiree Rachel Lopez-Fitzgerald in her arms.

Whitney Russell and Chad Harris were the next couple to enter the church. The two were engaged and would be married in three months. Whitney had torn her anterior cruciate ligament and had never made it to Wimbledon. Chad was a talent scout for a small Boston-based record label.

Theresa and Ethan Lopez-Fitzgerald followed them. five-year-old Jon was their only child, but the two spoiled him rotten. Ethan was very successful as the President of Crane Industries. After Sheridan's marriage to Luis, she had given him almost total control of the company. She still had the final say, but he was in charge of all of the everyday matters.

Sheridan and Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald were matron of honor and best man at this wedding. They walked down the aisle, smiling happily at their two other children who were sitting with Pilar. Catalina Pilar and Diego Martín Lopez-Fitzgerald were three-year-old twins—and, boy, were they a handful! Sheridan had turned most of the company over to Ethan so that she would have more time to spend with her children, and she needed every second that she got.

Sam Bennett had gotten older in the last five years and would be retiring after the new year began. Luis had been named as his successor, after doing an outstanding job as a detective. Sam was sure that Luis would make a great police chief. Luis only wished that he could be as confident!

The wedding march started, and everyone turned towards the church doors, waiting to see the beautiful bride. The tall brunette walked slowly down the aisle on her father's arm. Soon, she reached the altar and was handed over to her red-haired groom.

"We are gathered here today," began Father Lonigan, "to join in Holy Matrimony, Elizabeth Ann Wallace and Jackson Theodore Mitchell, VI…"

Yes, Bella's "Uncle Jack" was getting married, and to none other than Beth. Both were close to Luis and Sheridan and each spent a lot of time at their house with Bella, and later Catalina and Diego. They had gotten to know each other and soon began to date. And the rest, as they say, was history.

Sheridan and Luis were thrilled for their friends and were glad that they had found happiness of their own. They had been married four years ago and neither could have been happier.

Not too much later, Father Lonigan announced to the congregation, "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Jack and Beth kissed, and all the citizens of Harmony lived happily ever after.

The End!