I looked at the clock, five thirty. This is a very special morning. It's Mother's Day, and I want it to be perfect. I jump off of my bed and run to Mommy's door. The door's cracked open just a bit, Mommy and Daddy are still sleeping. I feel a smile form on my face, I happily run down the stairs to the kitchen. Ahh, the kitchen. Mommy and me cook here all the time.

So what would Mommy want to eat? She always makes me pancakes for breakfast, but I'm not allowed to use the stove without a grown up nearby. Well what about cereal, would Mommy like cereal? She's gotta, everybody likes cereal. I drag a chair from the table and push it up near a cabinet. I climb on the chair and stand on my tippy toes. Curse my shortness. Bowls, bowls, where are the bowls? Aha! I grab a bowl and put it on the table. Then I push the chair to another cabinet, what type of cereal would Mama want? Fruity Pebbles, everybody loves Fruity Pebbles. I grab the box and put that on the table next to the bowl.

I then put the chair back and run to the silverware drawer, there you are spoon. I run to the table and open the cereal box and poor some into the bowl. I'm missing something, what am I missing? Oh yeah milk, the fridge! Milk, milk where are you? Oh no we don't have any milk. But we have orange juice, that would be a good subtition, wait no it's substitution. I grab the orange juice and poor it into the bowl.

"Tray!" I shout and a black tray forms into my hands in a flutter of blue and white orbs. I put everything on the tray, and start to walk towards the living room. Wait what if it all spills? I'll just orb, I mean it's not personal gain if I'm doing it for Mommy, right? Right. Mommy's room, Mommy's room, Mommy's room. I chant in my head. I feel like I'm floating, Who turned off the gravity!? Oh wait I'm Orbing, duhh!

I open my eyes to Mommy's bedroom. I put the tray on Mommy's night stand, and pat her shoulder. She grumbles something and turns over. Time for plan blue. Wait plan orange, or is it plan 3, oh wait it's plan B.

"Happy Mother's Day!" I shout loudly. Mommy's eyes open, she looks at me and smiles lazily.

"What are you doing, peanut?" She asks, I love it when she calls me that.

"I made you cereal, cause I'm not allowed to make pancakes without a grown up. I want today to be perfect so here's breakfast in bed. There wasn't any milk so I had to use OJ." When I say this Mommy's eyes start to water. Oh, no she hates it.

"If you don't like it I can make something else. Or I can give it to Aunt Paige 'cause you know ever since her tummy started to get bigger, she eats the grossest things..." I ramble while looking at the floor. I hear a clacking noise and see Mommy putting the tray on her lap.

"Oh Honey, I love it. You're just the sweetest little guy ever. You made my day perfect." She says while tears are running down her face. But if she loves it then why is she crying?

"Why are you crying, Mommy?"

"Oh peanut, there happy tears." She says stuffily. She isn't crying anymore, but she's sniffling. I run up to her and give her a tight hug.

"Happy Mother's Day Mama." I say quietly. She whispers something that I can't hear. Then I notice something.

"Mommy, why are you naked?"

Okay, this is something that's been bouncing in my head for a couple of hours, and I just had to get it down on paper, or whatever. So did you like it? Chris is about six in this.

He may seem smart for his age, but I've always thought that in the changed future Chris would have his old memories. He doesn't know about them right now, but they're there locked up in his brain, So yeah, that's why he's a little smarter. This story was beta'd by Piper Chris Melinda Halliwell. I don't own Charmed, so I'm not making any money off if this. So yeah... review and tell me what ya think.