I own nothing. I decided to write this because I'm currently watching Spiderman. This can't turn out that bad, right? Right?


Chad's POV

The casts from the Falls and So Random were on a field trip to some sort of lab. I wasn't paying attention when they said where we were going. All I know is, we took a plane to get to a place with a bunch of spiders and a lot of lab equipment and I have to take pictures for Condor studio's 'newspaper'

New York City was awesome! This lab? Not so much.

"The scientists have combined all of the previous spider's genetics to produce these fourteen super spiders," our scientist/guide was saying.

"Why are there fifteen cases then?" Sonny asked. She may be terrible in math but she loves science and she can get even the most complex equation as long as it is about science.

"Well, one seems to have escaped but the scientists assure everyone that it is as harmful as the average house spider, so no need to worry," The woman said. No need to worry, there's just a genetically altered super spider on the loose. Well, if they say it won't harm people, it won't.

"Now if you will all follow me," The scientist said, making a hand gesture to the next 'exhibit'. Everyone followed her.

"Hey, Sonny, can I get a picture of you with the super spiders for the CS newspaper?" I asked.

"Sure!" She said smiling her bright smile and waving her hand gently. I backed up so I could get a good picture. Click.

"Perfect," I said as she walked away. Yes, I do have a crush on Sonny, but I doubt she likes me too.

"Ow!" I said kind of loudly. No one noticed though because no one was around me. I looked at my hand. There was a red mark with two puncture spots.

---at home---

I went straight to bed. I felt terrible. Unfortunately I fell out of bed. Even though I was sweating, I needed my blanket so I snatched it off my bed and covered myself. Am I dying? 'Cause that's what this feels like. I drifted off into a painful sleep somewhere along the lineā€¦

I woke up the next morning to hear my aunt yelling, "Chad, you're going to be later for work!" Yes, Chad Dylan Cooper lives with his Aunt and Uncle. I woke up to see well everything quite clearly. I guess I don't need my contacts then. I pulled off my shirt and, wow! I had a lot more muscle then I did before! Awesome! I feel a lot better today.

When I got into work I saw the randoms sitting in the prop house. Everything was completely normal, so why don't I feel normal?

"Hey drama snob. I guess you want to be beaten up today, huh?"

It was the super muscular guys from Tween Gladiator who liked to pick on me. I usually managed to avoid them by taking the long way to set, but I guess they wised up. Everyone in the prop house was watching along with my cast. The biggest dude sent his fist flying at me, at least I think it was flying, because everything had gone into slow motion except for me. I avoided every swing, kick, and gave that guy one swift punch. He slid across the floor a good five feet from my punch. I was actually kind of happy, thinking that those guys would finally leave me alone. That was, until I saw everyone's faces.

"What's wrong with you!?" I heard Sonny yelled.

I ran. I ran as far as I could out onto the streets of New York City. We were staying in New York for about two months for the Mackenzie Falls movie, the Gassie movie, and the Tween Gladiators movie. Mr. Condor wanted to get some movies made. My Aunt and Uncle had come with me.

I stopped at the end of an ally way. Why me? I put my hand on the brick wall for support. Weird. My hand won't move. I tried to pull my hand downwards but instead, I pulled myself up a little. I looked at the hand that wasn't against the wall. It had tinny little hooked hairs on it. I put that hand on the wall too and pulled up. I was lifted a few inches. I peeled one hand off the wall and placed it as high as I could reach and continued that until I was at the top of the building. I made some sort of fist because I was angry. How am I supposed to get down from here? A web shot out of my wrist.

I tried it again. Again another web shot out. What's going on? I tried it one more time, aiming for the building in front of me. The web shot out and clung to the wall. I snatched the end of the web.

"Well, here goes everything!" I said. I jumped, still clinging onto the web.


Before I hit the wall, I shot out another web to a building on the opposite side of the street then the one I was hurtling towards. I held onto the second one and let go of the first one.

"Whooooo!" I continued that pattern few times before landing on top of the tallest building I could climb or swing to.

"I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!" I yelled, looking over the entire city. I looked at my watch. 10:48. I'm eighteen minutes late for filming!

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