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Two hundred crimson eyes starring at me with anticipation. I looked out over the one hundred and twenty newborns, hardly any of them could stand still. The rest were my guards, at least half of them had powers beyond the normal vampire ones. It took decades to finally find a mixture of what would bring me the army that I desired. My guards have been with me for decades, it has taken me a very long time to find these vampires. I was somehow lucky enough to find two empaths to replace that pinche pendejo, Jasper. They were a big asset to my army, I had other's who could manipulate the elements, read minds, or who could inflict pain by mind. I had many who had amazing tracking abilities and some who had just brute strength. But because they weren't newborns, I had them train extra hard. Many of them were either able to keep the strength as close to the newborn stage as possible.

I looked down at the newborn kneeling before me, two guards stood beside him holding his arms. Vincent was behind him with a hand on his shoulder keeping him calm. The newborn had let the bloodlust overcome his senses. He had taken out three of my brand new newborns. This was clearly, unacceptable.

"Two simple rules little one. You train and you don't kill another vampire in this camp. I have fed you well, have I not? Yet this is how you repay me." I let my fingers trace is jaw and run my hands through his hair. I looked into his eyes again and through the false calm I could see the tiny bit of fear. Most of the newborns had seen me take out others, sometimes for no reason. Apparently I had anger issues. Regardless, I run my troops very tightly, and no one crosses me. I took his head into my hands and I knelt down so I was eye to eye to him. I let him see the crimson turn to black and I spoke very softly to him.

"You have killed three of my children. I am going to rip your fucking head off and enjoy every minute of it." I let that sink in and nodded to Vincent, and he took his hand off of the newborn. Then I ripped his head off of his shoulders, I wanted him to feel the fear and pain. And I wanted my other newborns to hear his scream right before I took his head. Greg and Damien who had been holding his arms yanked them from his body and tossed them into the fire, his legs and torso followed. I still had his head in my hands. I raised it for my children to see.

"Let this be yet another lesson, I don't tolerate disobedience. You train when I tell you too and you keep your boodlust in check. You do not kill your brothers and sisters. End of fucking story. Do you understand me?"

"Yes mistress." I tossed the head into the fire. And turned away.

"Back to your drills soldiers." I walked away with the sound of flesh on flesh and growls filling the air. They were ready, I could feel it. This was the army I had been working towards. This last six months I had only had to kill two newborns, including that one. My guards and their abilities helped that. I walked away feeling the desert sand between my toes. The moon was full and it was our own personal night light out here in the desert. Not that we much needed light, but it made the view better. The air was thick and hot, if I were human I would be drenched in sweat. However, to me it felt good, it felt like home. Or if I had ever had an actual home. Living in the desert, out of tents, is pretty much all I have ever known, from as far back as I can remember really. And before that, well I didn't much like thinking about that. But more and more lately I have been, I'm tired. Tired of it all. Benito bestowed the legacy of the Vampire Wars to myself, where as the death of Benito hurt, I was eager to be in charge. I wanted that power, I was hungry for it. And nothing could stand in my way be it vampire or human. I, and the help of my army, have killed thousands and thousands of vampires and humans. I couldn't even give an actual number it was so high. Only in the last decade have we not done any actual raids. Because I had only one last raid in mind, the Volturi. Just thinking their name made me snarl. They will die, and it will be my last fight. The killing was weighing on me, don't get me wrong, I loved to kill, it was another way to gain power. There is nothing like looking into someone's eye and have them know that you will take their life. You literally hold their life, their fate in your hands. And you can do with it as you will. The killing of another being is one of the most intimate acts you can have with another being. And I reveled in it. But, I was tired. Close to two hundred years of nothing but death and destruction will weigh heavy on you. I knew we could inflict a serious amount of damage on the Volturi, but I knew we wouldn't walk away from it unscathed. As a matter of fact I was counting on it. I would go out fighting, I would die.

I walked to my tent, it was close enough to the training area if I were needed, but a little farther out then the guards tents. I crawled in and laid on my back. I willed myself to not think about the past, unfortunately my brain had other ideas.

160 years ago

"Maria, come walk with me child." Benito was standing at the edge of the training ground, he was tall over 6 feet tall. His skin was pale but still held the darkness of his Hispanic heritage. It didn't look pasty, just dark skin that hadn't seen sunlight in a long time. He had black hair that was cut close to his scalp. He was ruggedly handsome, but his eyes were the most intriguing. They weren't just red, but scarlet, with a hint of orange. They were beautiful. And he was my father, or an adoptive father really. I was never sure where my family actually was or who they were. Benito was all I knew, and that was fine with me. I made my way to him and he turned to walk away from the camp. We walked in silence for awhile. It was comfortable silence at first, but as time went on I felt the strain of silence. He needed to say something, and for Benito not to come out and just say it, well spoke volumes really.

"What is it papi? Is it the Volturi?" He stopped walking and faced me. There was a look in his eyes that I couldn't quite read and then it was gone. His face a blank one, portraying no emotion. Not good.

"Mia, you have always known that I am not your real father, obviously. But you have never asked about your real family. You have never once asked how you came to me. Why?" I studied his facing searching for anything. He was right I have never asked him anything, I was content with what I knew and that I had Benito in my life. I was curious, but also a little afraid on how this conversation was going to be played out.

"Well, it wouldn't change anything had you told me. I figured if it was something of importance you would tell me." I hesitated for a moment. "Why Benito? Why are you bringing this up now? What is going on?"

"Maria, it's just a feeling but, I feel as though I won't be around much longer. And I wanted to start getting my affairs in order. I will be leaving the army to you. I have taught you everything I know, and you are the most capable, the most intelligent, and the most ruthless. I just need you to do one more thing for me and round up some more newborns."

I could only stare, he just told me I would be losing him very shortly. I wanted to be angry, I could feel it starting to build. My fist were clenching at my sides. But then I looked into his eyes, and they were sad. And that took everything right out of me. I ran to him and threw myself at him. He may have not been my real father, but it felt real. He has been there for me my entire life. And he was saying he would be gone, it wasn't quite sitting right in my brain.

"I don't understand, how could you possibly know something like that?" It came out harsher then I intended, he flinched a little.

"I don't know, it's more of a, uh, hunch if you will. I just want to make sure you are ready to take on the army whenever that time comes my love. And, that wasn't the only thing I wanted to talk to you about. I wanted you to know the truth about yourself."

"What?" I had always known that he wasn't my real father, and my pass was very hazy. Actually there wasn't much that I remembered, I always thought that was because of the change. There were many newborns who couldn't remember anything of their human lives.

"Maria, this is going to be difficult to get out, so I need you to just listen first. And I will answer your questions if you have any. Ok?"

"Very well father."

"When Nettie and Lucy brought you to me, you were not an adult newborn. You were a baby, an actual newborn baby. They found you in an abandoned house when they were out recruiting one night. Your mother, your human mother, had died while given birth to you. They disposed of your mother and brought you to me." I must have made some type of movement to speak because he waved his hand gesturing me to stop.

"No Maria, let me get this out. This next part is important. You see you weren't a normal human child, you had pale skin, no pulse, and red eyes. When they found you, you had some how found a rat and you were drinking from it. You couldn't have been a day old, and you were already able to catch something to feed upon. You were an anomaly, and as we both know, I collected such things. So Nettie and Lucy knew they had to bring you to me at once. When they brought you to me, they also informed me that around the house they caught a familiar sent. Around that time, the Volturi had been sending their own personal guards to find me."

I was already pretty sure I didn't want to hear where this was going. I had heard enough, I was never human. My mother dead, and I had never known her. I know Benito thought it had been in my best interest to keep such things from me. But all this was, my whole past was a lie. They had told me that Nettie found me on the side of the road, starving to death. He said Nettie had been the one to change me and bring me to him.

I was looking at him, but I was seeing nothing, I was trying so hard to bring up some kind of image of my past. Anything, but there was nothing. A dark void.

"Maria, listen I'm not done yet. We had heard rumors that one of the guards liked to, rape human women. It was a sport to him, there was also rumor of these women giving birth to vampire children. The gestation period would be drastically shorter then a normal human one, and the children would actually grow to adulthood within years. But of course, these were just rumors. Until your sisters brought you here. I knew you were one of his children, and I knew that I had to keep you with me and protect you. I also wanted a heir, and you were a solution to that problem. I know I should have told you sooner, and I'm sorry. But I wasn't expecting to form such a bond with you child."

"Who was it?" At first I didn't think he was going to answer, and I was getting angry. This was my god damn life he had been keeping from me. The Volturi had been nothing but a pain in the ass, and now in some fucked up way I was connected to them. I wanted to know which one of those fuckers was my actual father. I would make him pay, I would make them all pay.


"Rumors said it is Felix." He tried to take me in his arms, but I didn't want to be comforted in the moment. I wanted to be angry, I wanted to have time to sort this out. This really didn't change anything, I would never regret being here with Benito, and I'm sure as hell glad I wasn't actually raised with the Volturi, I mean my father was a rapist. I know we weren't saints, and yes maybe a little sadistic, but raping was one thing that was not condoned in this army.

"I can understand why you kept this from me, but that doesn't make me any less upset. I need time on my own." I started to walk away, but he called me back.

"Maria, the newborns?" I didn't even turn around.

"Yes father, I will leave as soon as I gather Nettie and Lucy."

"I love you Maria."

"I love you too papi"

It only took a few minutes to get Nettie and Lucy and then we were off. We didn't go far, I know I told Benito that I needed time. But the more I thought about it, I realized I was being kind of bitch about it. Benito took care of me when really he should have just killed me. I had blood of the Volturi running through my reins, I felt tainted.

We wandered for about a week or so, gathering a group of newborns, and then we headed back to camp. With every mile or so I felt a little more uneasy. The last ten miles I knew for sure something was wrong. I started running, faster then I had ever run before, after a few miles I saw smoke. Dark purplish smoke, and the smell was horrible. Please please don't let me be to late. It became a mantra has I picked up more speed. I finally came upon the clearing, and it was, destruction. Body parts lay strewn here and there, random piles of wood and body parts burning in the open. The tents where ripped and thrown helter-skelter. The only sound was my heavy breathing and the crackle of the fire. There was a bone shrilling scream coming from somewhere, then I realized I was the one screaming. I couldn't stop, the carnage before me brought me to my knees. I knew I should be looking for Benito, but somewhere in my brain was already telling me that he was already gone. We had been to late. The fires were dying out, so this must have been days ago that they were here. There would be no way to track them, hell, they were probably already back in Italy. Sitting atop there castle pretending to rule the world, or whatever those pompous jack-asses do.

I don't know how long I sat there on my knees, but I felt a hand on my shoulder, Lucy.

"Maria, there's nobody. They have destroyed everyone. Even, Benito." She bent down to take me in her arms, I couldn't stop the sobs from escaping my throat. I sat there for another hour, and then I realized something. He knew, this must have been what he was talking about. That bastard. Fitting I guess, he came into my life lying to me, might has well leave lying.

"What are we going to do Maria?" Lucy and Nettie were standing before me, with the five newborns behind them.

Benito had left me the legacy of keeping this war going. He believed in me, and even though he lied to me, I would continue to do what he taught me.

"We will rebuild sisters. We will rebuild our army, and take those fuckers out." I stood up and dusted my dress off, and we did just that.

Back to present

For over a century I have been doing just that, rebuilding my fathers legacy. And damn it if I haven't the most bad ass army. They were my children, ready for anything. Ready to take out the Volturi.

"Maria, you in here."

"Yes Lucy, in here, what's wrong?" My sister entered the tent and sat down across from me.

"You have just been gone for awhile, I was just checking up on you."

"I'm fine, I was trying to decide on a time to go to Italy." She sat straighter at that.

"And have you dear sister?"

"Four months Lucy. We leave for the Volturi in four months." She smiled and it made me smile. She had been waiting even longer to take a shot at them. And we were finally going to do it.

We both made our way to the training ground, I stood at the edge of the hill over looking my children.

"Soldiers, listen up." They all stopped and turned to face me.

"In four months we make our way to the Volturi, that means four months of training harder then you have ever imagined. We will be working day and night. Is this clear?"

"Yes mistress!"

"Very well, continue my children." Once again they resumed their training.

Four months, I will finally pay a visit to daddy Felix, and make him pay.