Chapter 3:

Sex slaves bring forth trouble

Buffy woke abruptly up and sat straight up, breathing and panting heavily, sweat slowly flowing down her face.

Her gaze wandered off, skimming through every inch of her room as her mind tried to understand what had just happened...

It was a dream..., just a dream. Nothing more.. But certainly nothing less!

One of her fingers brushed her lips ever so lightly as her mind suddenly realized.

"Oh, God!," Buffy yelled as she practically jumped out of the bed, fingers immediately digging deep into her hair, "Oh, God, this can't be happening..this can't be true! I do not see Giles that way..."

She let go off of her hair and made her way to the closet to make an false attempt to find something to dress herself with. She went through her clothes, disapproving the one after the other. Nothing seemed good, good enough that was.

"Sure, he's caring, kind, witty, an incredible smartass," Buffy frowned, but purred later on as her mind wandered off, "But also British and incredibly sexy..."

Her mind spaced out for a minute. She found herself confused. He was her Watcher. Yes, they'd grown closely together; he'd raise her up, educated her, she was his student and he was her teacher, they admired each other for one's abilities, but still! If she didn't know any better, he was a replacement for her father, not a boyfriend, with who you go all crazy and intimate!

"No!", she blurted out, throwing even herself off and retrieving her mind back from the gutter. Giles was NOT going to be her sex slave, and even if she wanted to, he didn't see her that way back - at all!

She sighed out loud, how could she face him now anyways without blushing and/or saying too much, if she actually longed for him?

"Nah", she said and pushed the thought away. A smirk appeared on her face. Silly her, there were probably numerous reasons as to why she had that dream with that particular man, surely! She was most certain of -

"Buffy! Are you all right?", Joyce said as she'd entered the room, her expression worried. She'd heard her scream, all right.

Buffy was caught off guard and nearly fell. She smiled weakly towards her mother, a small blush appeared, "I'm fine, mom. It was just a bad dream".

The smile grew wider as her mother gave her an suspiciously raised eyebrow, but she gave in. "Well, okay, if there's something wrong, you know you can talk to me, right?"

A genuine smile appeared, "I know, mom. Thanks."

Joyce nodded in agreement, stood silent for a couple of seconds, still suspicious of the matter, before leaving and closing the door after her.

Buffy waited for a brief moment before letting out a sigh of relief and was about to sit down on her bed. "That was close.."

"Oh, Buffy, before I forget ", her mother suddenly interrupted again, making Buffy jump up in response.

"Mr. Giles called, something about an earlier meeting at the store. He said you'd known what that meant, " Joyce's mind wandered off, "He's such a kind and lovely man. Why don't you invite him over for dinner some time?"

Buffy looked away, parked herself on the bed with heavily knotted eyebrows. Her eyes shifted quickly; from left to right, from right to left, her breathing became unsteady, out of control, heart pounding dangerously in her chest.

"Buffy...!," Joyce immediately approached her daughter, "Are you feeling okay?'"

"Yes, I'm fine, I'm.. peachy," Buffy regained herself and faced her mother with a warm and kind smile, "I'll make sure to ask him."

"That's my girl," Joyce smiled in return, "Make sure to ask him if he has any allergies, what he likes and such, okay, Buffy?"

"..Sure", Buffy responded. Ask what he likes? That's.. new.

Her mother smiled once more and left the room as she cheerfully said, "Thank you, darling!"

Buffy bit onto her lower lip.

Great. A dinner date with Giles.

If her mother only knew what kind of trouble she was getting herself in to.

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