Title: Odd Edges

Timeframe: Clone Wars era, though does not have anything in common with TCW tv series. I suppose it'd happen a few months before Revenge of the Sith.

Rating: PG-13

Character(s): Anakin Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi

Genres: General, Angst, Friendship (kind of)

Warnings: heavy angst, some would probably be able to spy PTSD

Summary: Anakin Skywalker and Obi-wan Kenobi are equals now. That is what he tells himself. What he tries to believe. And that is, quite frankly, the truth. But truth always has more than one edge to it. This is his.

Disclaimer: Do I honestly even remotely look like George Lucas? I wish they were mine; alas, it's never going to happen. Please don't sue, I'm only playing.

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"Odd Edges"

They are friends now. Equals.

Both soldiers (commanders; you are addressed as General as well, now) in the service to the Republic. Both on the same forsaken world, surrounded by clone troopers, and soaked wet by tropical rains and mud.

So why is your master (Obi-wan, you try the idea of the sound in your mind) currently shut down in the commanding centre and in session with the Council?

(Jedi don't sneer,

don't feel,

don't anything;

Jedi don't fear)

You are equals because you've saved his life countless times, and he thanked you each time, dipping his head, a little.

You are equals because now, he smiles at you, instead of constantly frowning.

The medical tent is a quivering, pulsating throb in the Force, and you're curious.

This is Death.

It is the Force, as well, of course

(you quickly add,

quickly enough to

banish the coming


But there is death. You can feel it in the stifled pain, long screams and the blank void appearing in the place of life.

You can feel it in your dreams, too.

You've seen it quick and slow, instantaneous and coming in deep gasps of now, please. And you remember it, as vivid as the Force in your veins

(the feeling for now is not


but satisfied and unleashed,

and you know- at this moment-

that you have it

that it's yours)

You are eerily curious to enter the med tent, but then you remember the Council session taking place in another tent.

You storm away, eyes a hard glass of tamed- for now- fury.

"So what did they want?" Anakin bit the words out, as much the mask for his uneasiness as the face stilled in the emotionless parody of Jedi's serenity.

Obi-wan was still, too, before he addressed the other Knight, "The Council suspects there's an enemy movement in the swamps, east from here. The Masters want us to investigate it before we leave the system."

"Another set of orders, then."

"Anakin," a pause, describing their conversations as aptly as any words could. "What else were you expecting?"

"Nothing. I've learnt to expect nothing."

And he doesn't; yet, he still manages to be disappointed for getting even less.

The two men are equals; in a way that both are Knights and both fight for the same cause, on the same side. Also because they both think so; one in acceptance and quiet pride, gracefully and naturally, the other with desperate push and need, desiring greatly to finally believe it.

"Why wasn't I present?"

It's evening and the camp is quietening down, the buzzing activity of the day replaced with the watchful quality of the night.

(it is restless and

it is tireless limbs,

teeth clenched to

kill all the sound-to

keep it in your mind)

You die during sleep, not sure if the day will bring you back (or if it should), but you refuse to tell him, even though he shares your tent.

You coax your lips into bleeding in refusal to tell, show him anything of the void growing in you

(and that void, you smile,

it is death, not the Force,

and you have a secret now:

the Jedi lie to themselves,


unaware of the end approaching)

You have pride.

"You needed some rest, and it was only the most rudimentary briefing."

Anakin smiles fiendishly when the blue light of his weapon shines on the corpses.

These were no battle-droid units occupying the swamp area of Videh.

They were living, breathing, and they died for choosing the other side.

Obviously the wrong one.

This was... different. Intoxicatingly so.

You breathe in power when you exhale.

Obi-wan approaches you, looking over your bloodied face and torn tunics, checking for injuries, and is he blind?

Can't he see that you were so clearly victorious?

Army is full of hierarchy and orders, but battlefield is different. There are no ranks, no authority strong enough to protect you.

There was power in it.

There was the Force, of course.

(and you have them both, anyway)

And all this enables you to look at your former master and choose not to remember any differences, doubts, titles.

You choose to be equal.

It takes Anakin long to start calling his master by name. He finds it unsettling because he used to complain about Obi-wan long before his master even thought of claiming him ready for the trials; then there was no nonsense of hesitating to use the name.

And for all Anakin's dislike for authority, when he was finally free, the endearment master stayed

(it's coiling in his


the feeling of being

under and dependent,

of having to look down

and agree)

They are equals now, even though Anakin is stronger and faster and more dangerous

-at war, that turns out to be a good thing, he smugly thinks-

They are equals until they return to Coruscant and the Council chooses to appoint Obi-wan its member, a Master.

(and the night is

death again,

and that void between the

two friends grows,

able to feed itself)

The End

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