YES. I AM DOING THE HUNDRED THEMES CHALLENGE. I needed some major fluff...and I'm sure you do too. FLUFF TO EVERYONE. So I'm doing the Hundred Themes challenge, because while some of the prompts are obviously going to get angsty (horror, fear, etc. etc...) the majority of them are lighter material. ^^ So, without further ado, enjoy theme one. And Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himuruya.

Theme One: School
Character(s): Prussia, France, Spain, England
Pairing(s)/Premise: None; Bad Friends Trio
Rating: K+

Prussia hefted the brick and, with a grunt, lobbed it at the tall bow windows. The brick smashed through the expensive-looking glass, shattering the thin wooden frames holding the panes in place and tangling in the defiantly expensive drapes.

The albino dusted off his hands, pleased. Besides him, the slender blonde whistled. "Excellent shot, Prusse."

"Why thank you."

The brunette crouching on the ground, prying up more bricks from the walk for ammunition looked up. He paled and raised a finger. "h-hey guys…?"

The other two looked towards the broken window.

There, framed in shatter glass and torn drapes, was a livid looking man gripping a revolver.

The blonde Frenchman on the ground waved up at him. "Angleterre! Lovely morning, non?"

"YOU BLOODY BASTARDS! LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO MY HOUSE!" the man's spiky dirty-blonde hair seemed to crackle with unearthly energy.

"Ach, England," the Prussian with the brick yelled, "We were just having fun, ja? Arschloch," he added, under his breath.

"FUN!? YOU CALL THIS FUN? IF YOU HADN'T DROPPED OUT OF SCHOOL, YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN KICKED OUT, YOU ROTTEN-" he let a few shots loose, sending the three running.

"School? LIFE IS SCHOOL, YOU LOSER BRIT!" Prussia screamed back as he fled, wheezing with laughter.

Oh my god, that felt good. I've been writing too much dark stuff lately. C: I'm going to go write theme two right now...