Theme Ten: Art
Character(s): Switzerland
Pairing(s)/premise: Switz and his money. NEED I SAY MORE.
Rating: K

It was an art form, what he did. It was just that nobody else understood it that way. They couldn't possibly understand the fine art of counting, recording, stacking, and then, most of all, the challenge of keeping it all safe.

Because that was the hardest part; there was a magnetic pull to money that overtook better judgment and became the first and foremost thing in anyone's mind.

He was examining a new safebox at the moment, a pretty little thing as minimalist in design as it was advanced. The Swiss man smiled at his state-of-the-art box; there was reason why people all over the world entrusted him with their valuables. He kept them safe.

There was suddenly a loud report, like a gunshot, from the yard. In one fluid motion, Switzerland dropped the box and whipped out his rifle, leaping to the window.

Prussia (of course; who else would it be) was crouching on the yard, holding a partially exploded firecracker in one hand; eyebrows singed and looking sheepish.

"you idiot, Prusse," a French-accented voice issued, irritated, from a bush.

"Can't you just have lit the thing?" hissed a Spanish accent.

"OFF MY TERRITORY!" hollered Switzerland, loosing a few warning shots around Prussia on the lawn to show he wasn't fooling around. "the next one's through your head!"

"VORSICHT! VORSICHT!" screamed Prussia at his friends, and the three raced out of the yard, cackling.

Switzerland groaned and lowered his gun. Neutrality wasn't easy.

It took…art.

At this point, I've been writing these just to put off my English essay XD