Back in Black

By: Wickedclowns101

Caution: Rated R for mild language, and rape content

Authors Notes – Despite my recent epidemic of romance fics, I haven't forgotten my roots. Action/Adventure is my calling! So, this epic is going to be a blending of both. I've had my mind set on writing a multi chapter PpG story for a while, and I finally did it. It's an eleven chapter epic. Chapters one and two will be posted together, as will chapters three and four. Other than that, I'll be adding a new chapter every Sunday. Oh, before I forget, this is set eleven years in the future. Enjoy!

Chapter One – Car Ride

"… and now, more than ever, these three super teens are protecting our fair city. Oh! Blossom! Can we get a few words?"


The television went blank.

A withered figure looms in the shadows. We find ourselves staring into a damp jail cell. The dark figure speaks, becoming all-to familiar.

"Curses…" the voice of Mojo-Jojo. "for the past eleven years, I have tried, and tried again to take over this city. But always, I am stopped. And it is those girls who stop me." Mojo mutters.

"Only one of my plans have ever remotely been a success. Maybe, it is time to revive that plan."


"Professor! Can I take the car to pick up Buttercup?" Blossom yelled. Professor Utonium looked up from the papers cluttering his desk.

"I'm sure she can find her way home, Blossom." He said. Blossom sagged. He chuckled lightly to himself. She had been wanting to take the car out ever since her sixteenth birthday, a week ago.

"Oh alright, but you come right home, got it?" Blossom did a back flip in mid-air.

"Yay!" she hugged the professor, and zipped up through the house.

"Where ya goin?" Blossom stopped, and turned around. It was Buttercup.

"Buttercup! What are you doing here? I thought you were staying after school today." Blossom said.

"Duh, Blossom. Summer school is only half a day." Buttercup said sarcastically.

"Well, get in the car. We're going for a ride." Blossom took hold of Buttercup's wrists, and flew out to the car. She threw Buttercup into the passenger seat, knocking her head against the window.

Blossom started the car, and pulled out of the driveway. Buttercup rubbed her head.

"What gives?" she demanded. Blossom looked at her, and smiled.

"Just relax and enjoy the ride." She turned back to the road.


"Honey?" Professor Utonium called. Bubbles' eyes diverted from her computer screen momentarily.

"I'm up here, professor!" she called back down. After a few minutes, the door opened slowly.

"Bubbles? You've been shut up here in your room all day. Why don't you go outside and get some fresh air?" he suggested. Bubbles looked at him wearily.

"That's okay, professor. I need to finish this quest. In a few hours, my character will be level forty. And that means I can join the guild that Mary, Mike, and Edison are in. It's called the Colleague of Sanctuary." She said excitedly, and then turned back to the moniter.

Professor Utonium sighed. He knew what he had to do, and hated himself for it. He reached behind the computer, and flipped the power switch. The moniter faded from an array of colors, to a dead black instantly. Bubbles shot up from the chair angrily.

"Professor!!!" she whined.

"Bubbles, you've been up here, playing this game non-stop ever since school ended, five days ago. You've barely spoken to me, or your sisters. You've barley eaten, and you haven't gotten much sleep. It's unhealthy!" He said.

"No it isn't, professor. It's just a game." Bubbles said weakly. He took bubble by the shoulders, and stared into her eyes. He spoke clearly, and decisively.

"It has taken over your life, Bubbles! Blossom already has her drivers license. Buttercup is taking her driving test in a couple of weeks. I don't think you are even enrolled in driving school!" Bubbles shrugged.

"I just don't think driving is so important, when you can fly." She said. He backed up, and sighed deeply.

"Ugh. Honestly, Bubbles. Sometimes, I don't even know why I try with you." He walked out of her room, angrily. And slammed the door behind him.

Bubbles turned on her computer, and waited for windows to load up. she had recently acquired a new stick of RAM, upgrading her computer to one gigabyte of RAM. The perfect amount for playing Everquest.

She clicked the earthlink icon, and typed in her password. She waited for the computer to connect, and load the earthlink web browser.

"You've got mail!" the computer said.

Bubbles clicked the mail icon, and read through the list of new messages. One from Mike, another few chain letters, but one caught her eye. It was her friend from across the country, in Michigan. They had been exchanging e-mail for a few months now, and had gotten to know each other pretty well, despite never seeing each other.

"I'll read it later." She muttered. She double clicked the Everquest icon on her desktop. The patcher loaded, and received all the necessary files for the day. The Eula came up, she agreed, as always. Then, came the list of patch references. Something caught her eye.

"Today, let us all congratulate player Elfangor for being accepted into the Colleague of Sanctuary! Good hunting to you all!"

Bubbles leapt out of her chair, and zipped around the room a couple of times, before calming down. She selected her server, and character, and waited patiently as the game loaded.

The first thing she saw, was the Guild MOTD. It was official. She was in. she became to type in guild speech.

;;Sorry about earlier today guys, I accidently ripped the power cord out of the wall;;

;;That's okay, Guildmate. We know that can happen to you when you get excited.;; It was the leader of the guild. Talking directly to her!

;;Well, I have to get some sleep, so Good night everyone.;; she de-loaded her game, and brought up her virtual diary. She typed one sentence.

"What becomes of a dream forgotten?"


Okay, not much plot in this chapter, but the first chapter is always the setup. It'll get more interesting later on.