Back in Black

By Wickedclowns101

Chapter Eleven

End Game

The two boys were face to face with Blossom and Buttercup in a flash. Buttercup brought her fist, and let it fly. It was headed straight for Boomer's face.

"Buttercup, don't!" Blossom cried.

Buttercups fist connected with surprising force. It knocked Boomer back a few feet, but her hand and arm were shattered.

"Good night." Butch said softly. Blossom spun her head back to Butch, but his fist was at her temple in a flash. She dropped.

Buttercup was next, unable to defend herself. After tossing the unconscious bodies of Blossom and Buttercup aside, the two boys turned their attention to Bubbles. She backed away, as the two boys marched slowly toward her.


His eyes opened slowly. He rubbed his head, and looked around. Buttercup was unconscious. So was Blossom. His eyes raced around the room, spotting Bubbles in the corner, with his brothers fast approaching her, now no more than twenty feet away.

All of a sudden, they stopped, turned to face each other, and laughed. They turned back to Bubbles, and fired dual eyebeams at her.

"NOOOOO!!!!" Brick cried. He launched himself from the floor. He strained every muscle in his body, and pushed Bubbles out of the way.

"No way!" Boomer cried.

"Brick… you saved me," she said sweetly. Brick then realized what he had to do. He wiped a tear from Bubbles' eye.

"Bubbles… I need to stop them, no matter what. I need to do whatever it takes." He said.

"I can help you!" she said.

"No, you can't. please understand, Bubbles. I… I love you," another tear formed in her eyes. She wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him. He broke this kiss after a moment.

"Remember, Bubbles. Don't forget me." Her eyes went wide. Brick reared back, and hit her in the neck. She collapsed into his arms.

Brick gathered the girls in his arms, and flew them to a safe spot, hundreds of yards away. He didn't want them anywhere near what was going to transpire. He flew back to the storage room, and landed on the ground, to find his two brothers staring at him.

"You made the wrong choice, Brick." Butch said.

"No. you two made the wrong choice. You hurt those girls for absolutely no reason, and I'm going to destroy you for it." Brick said confidently. Boomer and Butch exchanged nervous glances.

"Your lives end here. And I promise, it's going to hurt." Brick planted his feet firmly, and folded his arms. He tilted his head back and screamed. Butch realized what he was doing. He was collecting his energy together, and then he was going to kill himself in an attempt to kill them. But it was too late to run.


"Blossom… Buttercup… I do this for you. And yes, especially for you, Bubbles!" Brick closed his eyes, smiled, and released his energy.

"Nooo!!" Butch and Boomer screamed.

"rrrrrraaaaAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Brick screamed.


Bubbles opened her eyes to find Blossom, Buttercup, and Professor Utonium staring down at her.

"Brick?" she asked automatically.

Blossom looked at Buttercup, than at the professor. They nodded silently.

"Bubbles, Brick is… is… dead," she said.

"No. that's impossible. He… he told me he loved me." Bubbles said.

"I'm afraid it's true honey. From the reports we got, it seems that Brick sacrificed himself, in order to take down the other two." Professor Utonium said. Bubbles started to sniffle, then cry. He hugged her tightly, and let her cry into him shoulder.


Later that night, after Blossom and Buttercup had gone to sleep, Bubbles ripped a page out of her diary. She took it to her desk, and took out a pencil. She began to write.

"I'll never forget," a tear from her eye fell onto the paper. With that one sentence written, she folded the paper, and placed it next to the small red hat, in the little blue box. She put the box in her closet, and went to sleep.


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