(This story is a sort of What if Idea I had. What if Batman, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl was sent into the Justice Guild's universe before they died? What if there was far more dangerous enemies than those shown on Legends? We see the answers today on Legends Never Die.)

Legends Never Die


(Justice Guild Headquarters November 1961)

Scott Mason walked into the meeting room out of uniform as Tom Turbine turned on the world news monitors. It had took some major convincing of the American government to allow the Guild to set up hidden cameras all over the U.S.A, but finally they agreed if it would keep the citizens safe. Scott watched Tom smile at what he was calling the monitor chamber. His idea was that he would build a room separate to the meeting room where the monitors would be kept and one of the Guild would watch them reporting the news back to them. A decent enough endeavor, but Scott was unsure of how they could get any information to the other members of the team. He was about to get up and head toward the locker room when 'Nightshade' came in.

"Nightshade…" Scott said looking at the masked heroine.

"Mason." She replied sharply.

That was someone who threw Scott for a loop. Nightshade wasn't like Siren. She didn't rely on them, and she honestly would come and go as she pleased. He knew that her and Catman had some kind of relationship once, but it fizzled out and since then neither of them could stand to be in the same room together for very long. The darkly clad heroine stopped and looked at the monitors.

"How's the work on the monitor chamber coming?" She asked.

"Actually quite well. I know I said it before but thanks for funding it Ana." Tom said as he showed her a small wristwatch.

"You're using my first design? I'm surprised that you didn't improve on it." Nightshade said as she looked at the watch.

"Actually I did. I learned that if I make the watch capable of reversing polarity through all of our cells we can achieve flight like our friend Green Guardsman. Think of we could each fly to where we are needed." Tom stated obviously proud of his addition to Nightshade's first design.

"Flight and communication inside of the same package. It's a novel idea, but then again if one of us gets captured the technology could be used for evil purposes." Nightshade said as she turned around. "Still it's the best we can do at the moment." She stated as she disappeared into the girl's locker room.

(Gotham – present time)

Circe smiled at Toyman as he finished the giant robot. She had heard about it a similar one that sent Superman into the future. Normally she wouldn't be working with any mortals, but after Diana's knight had freed his princess her needs to hurt Hippolyta's girl only grew. She couldn't do it directly. No an agreement was made with Hera over that. She stayed out of Tartarus and she left Diana alone. So she would go after her knight. The problem was she didn't know the Batman as well as she would like. So when she found that two of his archenemies was working with these other mortals she joined. Since coming aboard she learned quite a bit about Batman from Joker and Harley Quinn.

"Let her rip!" Toyman shouted as he slid down his robot and held a remote control device.

Circe smiled and cast a spell upon the robot. She knew that her spell of speed and strength would only go so far, but as long as it could fire faster than Superman could fly that was all that mattered.

"Toyman are you sure this will work?" Luthor asked looking at the huge bulking robot.

"Of course. I designed it much like the first one, but Circe gave it a strength and speed upgrade. It will move almost as fast as the Flash!" Toyman shouted with Glee. He smiled and pushed the on button on his remote.

The robot's eyes switched on and began to glow a deep green. Powering it by Kryptonite had been Luthor's idea and it seemed perfect. If old Supeman got to close he would become so weak that the robot could rip him in half. Toyman worked the controls and soon the robot was launching missiles, firing explosive nerf darts, and crushing anything that got in its way.

Not far from the destruction a dark knight watched. His eyes narrowed and soon he and Robin the boy wonder was swinging toward the on coming battle.

(Seaboard City Laughing House – November 1961)

"And the squirrel said I don't care what you're going to do with your nuts I'm going to 'bury' mine! Come on that's funny!" The Laugh said as he looked over the audience. He grumbled and switched on the house lights. All through the comedy club every single audience member had been killed. Each had a smile carved out on their face.

The Laugh smiled as he looked them over and bowed. It was as if he could hear their applause inside of his own head. He raised his hands and walked forward.

"Ladies and germs it's been a life and a half. Thanks for letting me wow you with my personality and thanks for the generous donation." He said as he lifted two heavy canvas bags full from the house safe.

He ran outside and could hear the sound of a motorcycle racing toward where he was. His eyes became vicious. Catman was going to try and ruin his fun. At least it was Catman this time and not 'Nightshade'. He hated fighting her. Oh he wanted to be the one to kill her. Making her die laughing, but he didn't like the idea of a girl actually holding her own with him.

"Stop right where you are Laugh!" Catman shouted as he jumped from the motorcycle and landed in front of the Laugh.

"Stop? Why I just got started Catman!" Laugh said as he jumped back and pulled out a rubber chicken.

Catman watched him. He knew better than to just run up on the Laugh without some kind of plan. Suddenly the Laugh pulled the head off of the chicken and it began to spark and smoke. Instead of tossing it at Catman he tossed it into a near by park.

"Me or the kiddies Catman!" the Laugh said as he watched Catman run toward the park.

"Putz." Laugh said as he laughed and ran off with his new found fortune.

(Thirty minutes later – Jack and Jill Toy Factory)

The Laugh looked at Ali Kazam and Yellow Light. Growling he threw his canvas bags on the floor and watched the two other super villains. Ali Kazam walked forward and smiled. Her miniskirt leaving very little not scene she bent over knowing that Yellow Light was watching. Her hand touched one of the bags and soon she found herself facing a growling Laugh.

"Get away from my stuff!" Laugh said as he looked at her.

"Come on now. I just wanted to see what you cleared." Ali Kazam said as she tried to touch his face. What she received was a slapped cheek and a knife pulled out and held even with her face.

"Push me Ali, I dare you." Laugh said with an evil grin.

"Laugh you know that we're working together. You, me, Dr. Cold, Ali, and Johathan are all part of the same team now." Yellow Light said as he floated forward.

"My earnings are my earnings! No one else gets them!" Laugh growled and then stepped back from Ali Kazam.

He knew that if he pushed it too far Yellow Light would use that yellow power ring of his to put him in a cage, or even kill him and be de with it.

"So how do you like looking like a yellow copy of Green Guardsman? That working out for ya'?" Laugh asked the blonde hared member of the Yellow Light Corps.

"Just because I look like a member of that do gooder team doesn't mean that I am. I am a member of the Yellow Light Corps. We stand for spreading fear and hate everywhere we go." Yellow Light said as he looked at the Laugh.

"Children let's not argue. It's time to take out the Justice Guild and thanks to taking over another company I was able to quire the technology to build this." Johnathan Briggs said as he lifted a huge looking energy weapon.

"What is that Briggs baby?" Ali Kazam cooed as she walked toward him and touched the metallic shaft of the weapon.

"It's a universal polarizer! With it I can send the Guild into a universe of fire and pain. They'll never know what hit them!" Briggs said.