Legends Never Die

Chapter 19 "Home coming"

(Justice Guild's Earth – December 1961)

Ana stood in the training room where she had been practicing. Her shoulder was still hurting, and she found that she was having a harder time of breathing. Still she couldn't let these little things get to her. She heard the door open and saw Hippolytus step inside. Her face flushed for a moment as she watched the tone muscles in his back as he stretched.

"I thought that Fredrick said you shouldn't be training." He said simply as he turned toward her.

"Gothic needs me. Besides I know my body, and Nightshade can have no limits." Ana said as she stretched.

She felt him next to her in less than a second. She couldn't help how he made her feel. There was a sort of peace around her when he was near her. It was almost as if the gods wanted them together. She moved slightly not wanting to lose footing or time in training.

"Do you mind if I spar with you?" He asked.

She smiled and the two of them faced each other. Within moments they were engaged in a match of skills. She was amazed at how fast he moved, but his attacks seemed too straight forward. In a matter of minutes she had him pinned.

"My point." She said as she stood.

"Let's see if I can even it out." He said as they faced off again.

Several moments passed and he finally had her pressed against the wall. He held her shoulders and pressed his body against her back. She felt a little shiver run down her. She tried to move, but he held her fast. He leaned forward and softly whispered into her ear.

"I believe this is my point." He whispered.

He released her and she silently wanted to feel him pressed against her again. She studied his harden body. There was traces of scars, and the well defined tone of his muscles. His skin was slightly golden from the tan he had from the desert. She felt a shiver of pleasure run through her. She couldn't have this. She couldn't be feeling anything toward anyone. Tal, Catman they showed her that relationships didn't work.

The excuse seemed false though. She could see nothing but honesty in his eyes. She felt him pin her again and this time his breath was warm, sweet, and a little fast.

"Something wrong?" She asked before she felt the slight pressure of what he was feeling.

He moved off of her and stood back. His eyes closed and he shook his head.

"I'm sorry… I…" He stammered as he tried to find the words for it.

She walked to him and realized how innocent he was. There was confusion and uncertainty there. She could see a hunger inside of him and realized that like herself he wanted to experience her, but he was confused about it. She took his hand and brought to her cheek. He looked at her for a moment.

"There is nothing wrong with being attracted to a girl." She said softly.

"I don't want you to hate me… The men in my sister's history…" He started to say.

"They were evil men. They did horrible deeds. I know that you are a honorable man." She said before she stepped back.

"I don't want you hating me." He said as he looked at the ground.

"I don't hate you. But I don't want to rush into anything either. Let's start as friends and see where it leads us." Ana said as she smiled at him.

He didn't know, but the smile was a real one. Ana normally didn't smile, or at least give a real smile unless she truly liked someone. She hugged him and felt him hug her back.

(In Nightshade's Lair.)

Bruce and Diana sparred together and each felt the other gaining an advantage for a moment before it was lost. Their sparring had lasted longer this time than normal and it was because of something the Dark Knight had been thinking about. He caught Diana back the wrist and pinned her against the wall. She tried to kick off, but there was no leverage. After a few moments she started to stop moving hoping to get him to slack off a little and then turn the advantage back to her. Instead he held her there.

"Bruce you know I'm not going to give." She said as she struggled.

"I know Diana, I don't expect you to. I do expect to hear why you went and faced Ali Kazam with only Hippolytus." Bruce said trying to avoid what he really wanted to ask.

"She hurt you Bruce. And she had some of Ana's blood. We got it back from her." Diana said honestly, but keeping some of the information from him. It wasn't lying. He just didn't ask the right question.

"Fine what was you thinking?" Bruce asked as he held her there.

Diana muttered a curse and closed her eyes. She didn't want to discuss this. It hurt her to know that Ali had planted a memory of her and Bruce together. She didn't want to believe that Bruce could fall for the spell, but both of them had been avoiding the name of the sorceress for some time now.

"I didn't want her to hurt you Bruce. You know how much I care for you. Hera, you know that I love you." Diana said as she felt him move closer to her. She tried to ignore the way he made her feel. The pressure of every piece of him against the back side of her.

"You feared that I might fall for the false memory." Bruce said softly.

Diana felt the slight pain that came from the conformation that Ali really did implant the memory.

"Yes. It's not fair… She… Bruce…" Diana said unable to find the words to express herself.

She felt herself sudden turned around to face him. He pushed his mouth to her own and she let out a surprised squeak. The squeak soon turned into a moan as he began to softly touch her tongue. He pulled back and looked at her.

"She couldn't get a reaction out of me as herself Diana. She had to become you." He said as he looked at her.

Diana stood there slack jawed as she heard his confession. Ali, in all of her magic and illusions couldn't get any pleasure from him as herself. That's why she called him her boyfriend. She had to take her form to get Bruce's mind to accept it. She felt his hands around her waist as he pulled her close to him again.

"Diana… I'm not really good at expressing things, but I hope that you get the idea." he said as he pulled a small black box from under his armor.

She opened it and everyone through out the manor could hear her happy squeal.

(Seaboard City)

Kara flew with Scott as they looked for the Laugh. Ana and Bruce had been searching Gothic on the chance he returned for supplies. Even with her xray vision she couldn't find him. They had found one of his storage areas for some older explosives, but it was almost as if he hadn't planted anything. They finally landed and Kara felt Scott touch her hand.

No one else knew except for Ana that she and Scott had started seeing each other. He was a caring and kind man, and damn was he good in the sack. Last night she had orgasmed six times. He was a little old fashioned and hinted at marriage. She wasn't sure about it, but it was starting to appeal to her. Her mind flashed toward the world they left behind. She started thinking that she didn't want to come back.

"So do you want to grab a bite to eat?" Scott asked as he held her hand.

"That sounds good. Let's change into our civilian clothes and go to that Chinese place you told me about." Kara said with a warm smile.

They flew to the Justice Guild headquarters and quickly made their way inside. Instead of heading into different locker rooms they both slipped into a guest room and began to change. She felt his eyes on her and a small smile crossed her lips.

"See something that you like Mr. Mason?" She asked.

"Of course Miss Kent. Kara… Have you thought about what we talked about?" he asked.

"I have Scott. I want to be with you. When they find a way home I'm going to stay. I just don't want to leave you." Kara said her eyes shining brightly.

(Christmas Eve – Wayne Manor)

Diana looked at the man laying in the bed next to her. Everything had been set for their ceremony tonight. Ana had agreed to allow them to wed at the Manor and only those close to them would be there. She felt a joy that she couldn't express as she looked at the engagement ring on her finger. The law wouldn't be part of the ceremony. After all Bruce Wayne didn't even exist in this world, but that didn't matter. He was binding his heart to hers.

She quickly stood and dressed. She tried to sneak out before she heard him turn and sit up.

"Not able to sneak off am I?" Diana asked softly.

"No, not ever." He replied.

"You're not supposed to see the bride before the wedding." She said teasingly as she turned toward him.

She watched how gracefully he stepped from the bed and covered the distance to her. He pulled her next to him and kissed her passionately. She felt herself melt in his hands. His hands softly pulled her closer to him. The dance they had been doing for years now becoming something more real. She felt his breath as he pulled back. The sweet smell of him filled her nostrils and she had to try very hard not to upset the tradition that both Ana and Bruce were use to.

"Bruce… I need to check in with Ana. She said something about making sure everything was ready." Diana said as she softly pulled away.

He could see how much she wanted to stay with him. She didn't want to leave any more than he wanted her to. The both of them would rather just meet with a justice of the peace and be married, but somehow that just didn't seem like what would happen.

"It's alright 'Princess' I have a few things I need to take care of as well. I want to check in with Mason and Kara. They may have found where Laugh has been hiding." Bruce said as he smiled at her.

He let her look at him a moment more before she turned and walked out the door. He quickly grabbed a few articles of clothing and walked down to the cave. The moment he entered the cave he grabbed his communicator that the guild had given him. He knew that when he contacted both Scott Mason and Kara that there could be a little tension. After all the couple had been sharing a bed for the last few weeks.

(Seaboard City – Scott and Kara's Apartment)

Kara heard the bell ringing from their communicators and grumbled as she slowly left the bed. Scott had took them both out to lunch, and then when she realized how dirty she was they had stopped by the apartment. One thing led to another and soon they had found themselves wrapped together in the bed and going at it a couple of rabbits. She knew that one person would be calling them right now.

"What do you need Bruce?" Kara asked as she felt Scott scoot up behind her.

"Have you found anything that might indicate where Laugh is at?" Bruce asked over the communicator.

"Sorry, but there is almost nothing at all. Bruce it is possible that he is using some kind of enchantment that Ali gave him before Diana caught her. If that is the case then Scott's ring and my Xray vision are next to useless. Unless you want to send Diana out here with us. She could wrap the Lasso around me and then I could check. That would keep any illusions from working on me." Kara suggested knowing that he wouldn't want to send her right now.

"Perhaps after the ceremony. You are coming aren't you?" He asked

"Of course I'm coming… Oh Scott… Ummm… Look I got to go.." She said as she turned off the communicator and turned around to face Scott Mason.

"You are so getting another round." She said seductively before pushing him over.

(Later that evening.)

Tom Turbine, Scott Mason, Kara Kent, Ana Wayne, Fredrick Pennyworth, Olliver Grant, Donna Vance, Dinah Grayson, Walt West, Bart West, and Hippolytus watched as Bruce waited for Diana to come down the aisle. Fredrick suddenly disappeared and soon was walking Diana down to where Bruce was standing. They looked to see Tom walk toward the front and he smiled at the two of them.

"This is not a normal wedding. That shouldn't surprise us since nothing we do is normal. The villains we face, the lives we lead are in extremes. Still when two people can find something more than the chaos that lives outside it is a reason to celebrate. While I am not a pastor nor am I a man that can say if there is a God or gods I can tell when I see love. I see it now on the faces of our friends. With that allow me to help begin our friends on their life's journey." He said as he looked over everyone.

"She looks beautiful." Kara said to Scott as she felt his arms around her waist.

"So would you." He said.

"You really want to do this? Scott…" She started to say as she felt something gently pushed into her hands. She looked at it to see a beautiful gold ring with a small diamond.

"I'm not a billon heir like Ana, but I know that I can make you happy." He said as he smiled.

"Yes you can, and yes I will." She said as she kissed him.

They turned their attention back to the ceremony happening.

"As I said there nothing as beautiful or powerful as love. Love has launched wars, and brought peace. It has helped survive horrors and caused nightmares. It is my belief that in the right hands love can be more beautiful than the greatest works of art, and I believe that I see the right now we are witnessing the right hands. So if there is no objections." He said as he waited.

"Then I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Tom said as he watched the two of them kiss passionately.


Hades looked at Hippolyta and Shayera. The two of them stood before his throne and he rubbed his chin. He knew what had happened on the Guild's earth. Like the other gods and goddesses he existed in every single universe. Hippolyta was very worried about Diana to even attempt gaining access to Tartarus to cross into the Justice Guild's universe.

"It won't work you do know that." Hades said as he stood and walked for a moment.

"You say that because you don't care for our daughter." Hippolyta said as she watched him.

"That is incorrect Hippolyta. I actually care a great deal for Diana. I might not always show it, but I do care for her. In fact often I am keeping ancient and quite angry enemies of yours from attacking her. Not to mention that I saved her in the other Universe." Hades said as he looked at her.

"I read what happened in that graphic novel. You saved her after she was raped. Why couldn't you be there when it happened?" Hippolyta asked.

"For the same reason I am here in this universe. I tried to gain power over Zeus and he punished me by sending me into Tartarus. I came when I had enough power to escape and that was thanks to Ares and Hera. Like it or not I am telling the truth. If you travel to the other universe then you will arrive in this time and date. It will do very little to help her. Not to mention that in that universe Themyscira is deep under water." Hades said as he looked at them.

"What do you suggest we do then?" Hippolyta asked.

"There is a head of a staff that belonged to Cronos. Being that he is time the staff controls that power. The head focus it. Find the head of the staff and return here. When you do it will allow you travel back in time, but you will still be deep under water. Perhaps you should contact the members of her team and see if they have made any head way." Hades said as he watched them turn.

"She turned out well in the other universe Hippolyta. Our daughter is a good queen and has followed your example. She makes me very proud." Hades said as he watched Hippolyta leave.

(Justice Lord's Universe - Batcave)

Donna arrived back at Batcave with the head of the staff of Cronos. She handed it to Bruce who nodded. He turned to Diana who was still full of the power of Ra. She touched the staff and it glowed a brilliant red.

"Donna I'm going to activate the gate and you are going to go back to the date that the other Bruce dies. It is about a week after their marriage. When you arrive don't wait go straight to Seaboard City and stop the Laugh. Batwoman on the other side should be able to tell you the exact date." Batman said as he watched her walk through the gateway.

(Justice Guild's universe present time.)

"I'm here to help." Donna said.

Batwoman nodded and pulled up a date on the super computer. She looked at it and nodded. She held the staff head and focused on the date.

(Justice Guild's Universe – January 1st 1963 – Nightshade's Lair)

Donna didn't wait to see if anyone saw her or not. She shot into the air and followed the directions that Bruce had downloaded into her navi computer. The trip took a little less than three minutes and she arrived in time to see an insane man laughing and heading into a warehouse. Behind him was Batman and her sister Diana.

"Don't go in there!" Donna shouted.

Both Bruce and Diana stopped. They looked into the sky to see another Wonder Woman, but this one looked different.

"Donna? What are you doing here?" Diana asked as she stepped toward her sister.

"I'm not your Donna. Diana I come from the Justice Lord's universe. We've been working with the League. Our Batman asked me to get the Staff head of Cronos. I came back to tell you that Bruce will die if he chases after that man. It's not the Laugh, but rather it is a construct made from an enchantment. The real Laugh is inside of the comedy club. He's getting ready to set off the bombs." Donna said as she relayed all of the information that Batwoman and Bruce had given her.

Without a second to lose the two heroes rushed toward the comedy club. The sound of someone yelling in protest could be heard and then a crashing sound sent Laugh through the wall of the club. He landed on the street his arm broken and a couple of teeth knocked out.

"What now?" Bruce asked.

"You come back with me. We'll send you to your universe." Donna answered truthfully.

They nodded and looked at Kara who arrived a few seconds after they had found Laugh.

"Kara we're going home." Diana said excitedly.

"You guys go… I think that I could do more good here. Besides… I'm getting married" She said as she showed Diana the engagement ring.

(Two weeks later – Justice League Universe – Watchtower)

John walked in with a projector and a recorder. He sat both down and passed a letter along to everyone there.

"I found this in my late husband's old things. It 'appeared' and I believe it was meant for all of you. It is the only episode made of the Justice Guild animated series and it is entitled Epilogue. Please… Don't destroy this, but treasure it." Liz Kane

John turned on the machines and they watched as the film started. The first scene was of Kara and Scott Mason's wedding. They were married in the Hidden City of Ra and Queen Diana over saw their ceremony. The scene changed to Hippolytus and Ana beginning to date and perform the same dance that Diana and Bruce had done for so long. They watched as Ana grew closer to Hippolytus and at the same time she became more distant to Tal. Finally Tal Ghoulish and his mother where both caught and placed into the Asylum.

Oliver Grant and Donna Vance both married, remained married, and nearly busted up three times. Each time was over Oliver slipping up and finding a girl on the side. Tom Turbine became the first member of the original Guild to become a member of congress. He still worked with the guild, but often his work inside of the law held more precedence.

Kara gave birth to her first born a little girl she named Lois Hope Mason. They watched as Ana and Hippolytus was finally married and then three short years later after she had given birth to their daughter Bella she was possessed by the goddess Hella. The film slowly started winding down and they watched as it ended. Clark looked as though someone had slapped him.

"She stayed behind and married?" He said as he looked at them.

Diana couldn't control the fit of laughter as she looked at her friend. For a reporter he was clueless.