(Bella's POV)

I stared at myself in the mirror. The black dress was short and flattered my curves. Alice stood behind me and worked at my hair, having to stand on her toes.

"Alice," I said, tugging at the hemline of the dress in a desperate attempt to lengthen it, "is this really necessary? It's just another night out with Edward."

"It's not just another night out, Isabella," she scolded. "It's your one year anniversary. It's exciting."

"That's true but….." I broke off and carefully touched my stomach where the dress was tightest. "I'm nervous. I don't want to tell him. And I really don't want to tell Charlie." She finished my hair and set the curler on the vanity.

"It's going to be fine," she promised. "I've already seen this happening, Bella. He's going to be okay with it."

"If you've already seen it then he already knows," I argued.

"No he doesn't," she replied. "I've been very careful about not thinking about it around him." I sighed and let her finish working on me. When Edward got there I was so happy that he couldn't read my mind. Because at eighteen and engaged to a vampire….I was two months pregnant.