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Won't say a word

Nami reclined into her deckchair and stretched sleepily. It had been a hard day sailing a first, but now the wind had dropped, the currents stabilised and the sun was shinning brighter than it had in weeks. Time to do nothing more than take a well deserved break.

Over head the gulls cried and the gentle sounds of the waves lapping against the hull soon started to lull her in to a light sleep....


Startled, her eyes flew open as she sat up quickly to see what was going on. What she saw made her wish that she hadn't bothered moving at all. Luffy had only gone and lodged himself head first in the mast again. Soon the cries from Chopper and Usopp, (who were trying to tug him out by his ankles) were drowned out by the sounds of a fast approaching, and pissed off, Franky.

Usopp and Chopper ran for cover while Luffy desperately tried to wiggly himself free.

"Mugiwara! What do ya think you're doing!" Franky yelled, yanking Luffy out in one almighty pull. Throwing him on the floor, Franky continued to lecture Luffy.

"I only mended this last week because you did EXACTLY the same thing!" he roared, picking him up by the neck in an attempt to strangle him.

Luffy however, only laughed.

After fixing the mast in about 5 seconds, Franky then stalked off back to his inventing room, muttering insults about his Captain under his breath, some including how so unsuper it was that he kept following this idiot.

Nami sighed and lay down again in order to stop the headache that was inevitably going to happen if this noise carried on.

However, only seconds later, cries of laughter from Luffy playing tag forced her to take action.

"SHUT UP!" she yelled at him as he passed her.

In his shock, he ran into the wall with a crash, leaving a large indent. Franky's cries of, "For fucks sake!" could be heard from below. Nami boiled over. That was the LAST straw.

Groaning, Luffy stood out from the dent in the wall to looked at an now extremely angry Nami.

"Can't you just be quiet for just, ONE, SECOND!" Her sentence started in a whisper, by grew in volume with every step she took towards him, so soon she was shouting again.

"The last few days have been so stressful, and the one day we could maybe take a break, YOU JUST KEEP MAKING NOISE!" she yelled, her voice rising in pitch.

All the crew were on deck now and in the background faint cries of "Usopp's ketchup boshi!" could be heard in case she got bored of Luffy and moved onto someone else. Chopper was seeking refuge on Zoro's head in his guard point form, so now Zoro was fighting a losing battle in his attempt to remove him.

"What have you done to Nami-Swan you shit head!" said Sanji charging out of the kitchen to join Nami's side on whatever she was arguing about.

"Oi girly, calm down a bit would ya", reasoned Franky, comming up from below deck, "It's easy to fix, no biggy".

"I don't care about that!" she shrieked, "What I care about is that every single day we have to put up with this, every day filled with that stupid loud laugh of his, everyday something breaking, everyday I get a headache from his constant yells for food or whatever else! I'm sick of it!" she continued, pointing a finger in Luffy's direction.

"I can be quiet if I wanted to!" Luffy retaliated.

There was a pause for a second, but then the whole crew suddenly roared with laughter, except for Robin who stood watching from afar with a smile playing on her lips.

"You!" Usopp spluttered, finally getting up, deeming it safe to stand near Nami again.

"You couldn't stop talking even if you tried!"

"I could too! I can stop whenever I want to for however long I want to!"

"Fine then Luffy" smirked Nami, a wicked aura seeming to be cast off from her. "If you can go a whole month without making a noise, that includes laughing by the way, then I will never yell at you for being loud again."

The rest of the crew had gone silent now, waiting to see how this turned out.

"Fine!" said Luffy "I wont make one noise for a whole month starting from now!"

"I'm sorry Luffy, what was that, I didn't hear" said Usopp with a confused look on his face.

"I said I wont make another noise for a whole month starting from right now"

Usopp burst out laughing "Baka! You just spoke! I knew you couldn't do it!"

Luffy scowled at him, but said nothing. He then turned to stretch out his arm towards the top of the figure head. Retracting it inwards, he pulled himself onto the top so that he sat facing the ocean.

Chopper, now deeming it safe again had relaxed his hold on Zoro, allowing him to pulled off. Placing him on the floor, Zoro spoke, "Oi Nami, don't you think that was a bit harsh?"

Nami smiled and crossed her arms, "Nah, he will only last a few days at the most, a few days of rest, the back to normal."

"You know just as well as I do that he always keeps his promises."

Nami shrugged, "this is Luffy not talking, either way, we'll be better off right?"

Everyone looked at each other. A few days wouldn't be that bad, would they?


On the head of the Sunny, Luffy was thinking. He knew that they didn't expect him to last, but he was going to prove to them that he could. He could last as long as he wanted.

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For anyone who this does not make sense to, when Usopp says "Usopp's ketchup boshi" is his name for when he fakes his death with ketchup. In the anime at least.