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Bonus chapter- The first days of speech

Probably because he'd been bottling up all his thoughts throughout the month, Luffy had a lot to say. Once he did start speaking again, it was like a whole dam had broken, leaving way for a torrent of babble that seemed to never end.

Though the crew was happy to hear his voice and laughter after such a long time, they found out that Luffy talking also had a few negative points, aside from the obvious headaches. These mainly seemed to be things he remembered and couldn't tell them during the challenge rather than things of the current time.

On his first day of speaking again, Luffy let slip many things that he should have probably have kept to himself.

"Ne, Usopp, you know when you were fishing a few weeks ago? Well there was this HUGE fish that you could have got, but you didn't see it. That's a shame, because I did! Sanji may have been more relaxed about letting you in his kitchen again if you showed him that!"

After the gluing himself to the chair episode, Usopp had been trying hard to get back into Sanji's good books. Experimenting with new inventions was added to the list of 'banned things to do at the dinner table'.

"Oi Franky, you know that screw that you lost? Well it rolled under this cabinet in the store room, so I guess you didn't need to borrow money from Nami to buy a new one after all!"

Franky glared while Luffy laughed loudly to himself. If only he'd known that, he wouldn't be 2ooo belli in debt right now. The bolt only cost him 30! Zoro had warned him about something like this happening, so not supah...

Because of course, being silent meant you heard a lot more things than usual, as people seemed to assume you didn't care or couldn't hear.

"Robin, it was Brook who lost your favourite book-"

Brook 'eeped 'and edged away from Robin who was glaring at him whilst emitting a mysterious, dark aura from her body. Brook kept seeing flower petals follow him for a few days after this announcement.

"And Nami, Sanji took that lacy thong you thought was missing! It's in the top draw of hi-"


"Hey Zoro-"


A few hours of angry glares and Captain bashing later, the crew returned to normal. These little outbursts from Luffy happened at random for the next few days whenever he remembered something, obviously completely unaware of the chaos and pain he was unintentionally causing.

. . . .

Nami sighed and eased herself into a more comfortable position in her deck chair, clad in her favourite bikini. Hyperactive laughing echoed from all around the ship, rebounding off of the walls so it seemed like the owner was everywhere. Luffy found that tag was much more fun again now that he could laugh, though he seemed to have gotten worse at hide and seek.

Robin saw her and lay down besides her.

"Seems like Luffy has mastered the art of voice throwing" She turned to look fully at Nami. "Not missing the peace and quiet Nami-San?"

A crash from down below followed by a howl and loud laughing, floated up through the floor boards. Franky swearing soon followed.

Nami took a sip from her drink and smirked. "Nah, much better this way. The more crashes and accidents they cause, the more damage repayments they owe me"

Robin shot a knowing smile at her friend. "Of course Nami-San."

No matter how annoying and inconvenient Luffy sometimes was, they loved him for who he was, every single part of him. However someone needed to teach him how and why some things needed to be kept a secret.

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