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Tai/Sora/Matt - seniors

Izzy/Mimi - juniors

Yolie - sophomore

Kari/Tk/Davis - freshman

"Kari, wake up!" Tai said shaking his little sister furiously.

Kari opened her eyes and looked around the room. The new room. Feeling her heart sink and realizing that it was her freshman year and she would not be with her friends she curled back up under the covers and closed her eyes.

Tai glared at her. "Will you get up I'm not being late on our first day!"

Kari glared at him. "How can you be so happy about this? I hate this! I don't know anyone at this school or this town and I'd rather lay in bed all day."

"Don't be such a drama queen!" Tai argued. "Seriously this is my senior year! I can make an awesome first impression by trying out for the soccer team and becoming the star player within the first week." he smiled in mid day dream.

Kari sat up from her bed and looked at him with her eyebrows raised. "Well don't you have high expectations for your first day?"

"Yup now get up." Tai said heading out of Kari's room.

Kari sighed, so far she wasn't a fan of this town. Her and Tai had lived outside of the city for their whole lives and now her dad got a new job and she was forced to move to Odabia. Definitely not the way she wanted to start her first year of High School.

She got up and looked into the mirror. Short brown messy hair and tired eyes staring back at her. She opened the drawer to see what she had unpacked during her denial days in this new home…not much. She took out a pair of blue jean shorts and put on a nice red short sleeve shirt with one of those overlapping fabric necklines. She clipped back her hair to avoid it from getting in her face and walked into the kitchen.

Tai was busy shoving cereal down his face before their mom could walk in and offer to cook up something. Let's just say she wasn't any top chef. Her cat Miko was busy licking his bowl clean and of course to finish off the scene was unopened boxes crowding the room. They had only moved in a week ago and there was still boxes everywhere.

Tai looked up and wiped the milk off his face. "We should go I need to scope out the girls." he said jokingly and Kari just rolled her eyes.

"Mom we're leaving!" Kari shouted as her mother walked in disappointed.

"But I didn't get to make you a first day of school breakfast." she said pouting.

"Trust me we're so nervous we would have thrown it up." Tai said running out the door. But Kari knew what he meant was 'We would have thrown it up anyway.'

Once outside she smiled at the slight breeze and warm air surrounding her. She jumped down from the steps and Tai took the wheel of their fathers car.

"How you got dad to agree to letting you take the car is beyond me." she told her older brother while staring out the window of the new town.

He shrugged. "Dad knows it's important for me to look cool on my first day."

Kari relaxed herself on the seat feeling a nervous vibe travel through her.

"Mimi!" a young blonde girl came running down the hall as the brunette turned to see whom was calling her. She saw her friend Erika with a magazine in her hand and excitement on her face.

As her friend stopped panting she held up the magazine practically shoving it in her face. "Look at the uniforms the principal is letting us get! Mimi new uniforms! We've been working for this for so long now!"

Actually they had only been working on getting new uniforms for the cheerleading team for the last two months at school but she really didn't feel like mentioning that to her friend. Instead she smiled.

"They're so pretty! This must be a good luck sign you know that we'll make it to states this year for competition." Mimi said feeling excited herself.

Erika nodded excitedly. "Wow this is going to be the best year ever. We're juniors, new uniforms, what else could we ask for?" she said happily as Mimi laughed neither of them watching where they were going until Mimi tripped, felt someone yell 'ow', and her toppling over them.

"Mimi are you okay?" Erika asked concerned looking down at her friend who had fallen over some red haired boy clearly not pleased.

"Yeah I'm fine…" she muttered getting up.

"You really should watch where you're going nerd." Erika told the boy who looked up at her glaring.

"Me?" he said. "She's the one who's walking down the halls with her head in space. Tell her to look where she's going."

Mimi sighed annoyed. "It was an accident"

The boy got up and looked at her. "Usually people apologize for accidents." Then he grabbed a computer bag he had been carrying and headed off.

"Wow that kid is such a nerd." Erika said laughing.

Mimi just stared in space offended that he didn't apologize to her. Guy's ALWAYS apologized to her. She was popular and pretty. She did not understand this kid's problem. "Who even is he?" she asked more to herself.

"That's Izzy." said a voice and Erika and Mimi turned to see their friend Kelly. "Haven't you ever seen him before? He's been in our grade for years now."

The two shrugged clearly never noticing the boy while they were in their own little world.

Sora came into the locker room after going for a run around the track field before school. She took a quick shower and changed into some jeans and a tee shirt. She had been working really hard all summer in hopes to help her soccer team become champions this year.

She grabbed her bag and her senior schedule to take a look at what her home room was. She groaned at the sight of Calculus.

Once she finally entered the room she looked around to see if any of her friends had this class. Sighing as she didn't see any she sat down in a seat and waited for the teacher to come into the room. Instead she saw her friend Izzy come in. He was a year younger than her but a super genius explaining his enrollment in a Senior class. He sat down next to her. They had met when he was in her science class last year and had become friends.

"Hey Izzy." she said. "First day going well?"

He looked at her not pleased. "No stupid popular Mimi nearly tackled me in the hallway then had the nerve to blame me for it."

Sora sighed. "Well what do you expect the girl gets everything she wants."

"I hate people like that." he commented and Sora nodded her head in agreement.

Kari walked into her English classroom nervously. She looked around the room and some people looked back at her. She was the new kid after all but the whole ordeal made her extremely uncomfortable.

She saw an open seat in the back and took a chance for it. She passed some boys and one spoke up to her. "Hey"

She turned to see a brown haired boy standing with a group of friends. One blonde she thought was kind of cute but shook it off. "Yes?" she said politely.

"I'm Davis, I thought a pretty girl like you should know that."

Jerk radar went off in Kari's headed but she smiled politely anyway. "Thanks" she said not really thanking him then turned to see the blonde boy of his friends looking at her. She looked at him then looked down quickly and walked to the seat in the back.

Davis punched the blonde in the arm after Kari had taken her seat. "Gee Tk stop staring at her already I've placed my dibs." he said making their friends laugh.

Tk turned his head and sat down in his seat taking one last glance at the brunette in the back.

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