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6 Months Later

"I'm not ready to do this...I'm too young to do this!" Tai said panicing pacing around the school's football field.

"Tai, it's graduation...you're not dieing." Matt said.

"I mine as well be! I'm going off to college, how will I survive?" He said still panicing.

"We're going to the same college Tai, I'll help you survive." Sora said smiling. "Plus we're what? An hour away from this town? You will survive."

Tai had gotten his acceptance letter to TU (Tokyo University) (A/n I don't know if that even exists) with a scholarship for soccer. Sora had been planning to go there all along so it worked out great for the both of them.

Matt was also going away close but in the opposite direction of Tai and Sora.

The last couple of months had been going well. Erin was sent to an anger management camp and had yet to be seen or heard from. Izzy and Mimi and Tk and Kari had all been doing well as couples and the drama had calmed down for the remaining half of their year, except for the time Izzy forgot to tell Mimi he liked her new hair cut...

"Tai!" Kari said skipping over to her brother with her friend next to her.

Matt blushed at the sight of her. "Oh hey, it's Jill right?"

Jill nodded. "Yeah, hi."

"Jill's staying with us while her parents are on vacation." Kari explained to Matt. "So ready to graduate big bro?"

"He's panicing." Sora said.

"Shut up..." Tai muttered under his breath.

"You'll be fine. Well we're going to go get our seats good luck big brother." Kari said hugging her brother and heading off with Jill but not without Jill and Matt giving eachother another glance.

"She's cute." Matt commented.

Tai looked over at his friend darkly. "Stay away from my little sister. She's dating your brother!"

"Not your sister, stupid! Her friend!" Matt said rolling his eyes.

"Oh okay." Tai said lightening up. "Then go right ahead."

Matt rolled his eyes again at the boy before turning to see Kari's cheerful friend laughing and talking to Kari and Yolie, who had just arrived. He just smiled.


"Hey Kar" Tk said taking a seat next to his girlfriend.

"Hey Tk, where are your parents?" Kari asked.

"They refused to sit together so I refused to sit with them." Tk said shrugging. "You're not sitting with yours either."

Kari shrugged. "My mom invited so much of our family I'm pretty sure they won't notice that I'm not even over there. Oh I don't think you've met Jill have you?"

"Hey" Tk said shaking her hand.

"Hi" Jill said then looked towards Kari. "He's Matt's brother right?"

"Yeah" Kari said smirking and looking at Tk. "Jill and Matt met when I ran away." She gave him a knowing look.

"Ahh." Tk said smirking understanding what was going on.

"Wait for us! It didn't start did it?" Mimi asked dragging Izzy over to the younger teens.

"No it hasn't started." Yolie said. "Looks like we all made it in time."

"Davis isn't here." Tk said looking around. "He worships Tai and said he had to come to his graduation."

"Davis is never on time." Yolie said rolling her eyes. "Are we really surprised at this?"

"It's starting!" Izzy said pointing to the graduates lining up while the principal got up and started speaking.

"Welcome familys and friends to the Graduation for the Class of 2004." the principal stopped and squinted towards an object in the back.

Yolie turned in back of her and whispered "Oh my god..."

The others turned around and looked to see Davis running at full speed towards the ceremony.

"This is..." Izzy started.

"Embaressing." Mimi finished.

"Mr. Motomiya please take a seat and next year come on time!" the principal yelled clearly annoyed.

"Sorry!" The boy said out of breath taking a seat next to Tk. "Whew I made it."

"What you made was a scene." Yolie commented.

"Guys be quiet they're continuing with the ceremony." Kari said shushing them.

"Anyway we'd like to bring up the class's valedictorian Lauren Peerson." The audience clapped as the girl walked up and started to speak.

Soon the principal came back up to the stage and started annoucing names. They went through the beginning of the alphabet finally arriving at Matt.

"Yamato Ishida" Matt stood up smiling as he took his dipoma and Tk stood up clapping and cheering for his brother.

Four seniors later it was Tai's turn.

"Taichi Kamiya!" Tai stood up and waved to his parents posing as Mrs. Kamiya took a picture.

Sora was a longer wait but they finally came to her. "Sora Takenouchi!"

Once everyone's names had been called the principal said his last words. "Congratulations to the Odaiba High School's Class of 2004!"

Sora, Matt, and Tai threw up their caps along with the rest of their graduating class. Kari and Tk jumped up clapping for their older brothers.

"I can't believe this everything's changing." Kari said sadly to her blonde haired boyfriend.

Tk shrugged. "Yeah but we'll still see them."

"But it's the end of all the good time's we've had this year. We'll the second half anyway."

Tk looked at her smiling. "No it isn't Kari. This is just the beginning."


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