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It was a very sunny day as Thousand Sunny cruised along the vast blue ocean. Small waves hit the ships' front as if trying to stop it from moving. That, however, did not stop Sunny from moving. The great big ship continued on its journey. A journey it had promised its young pirates.

And there sitting on the figurehead of Sunny was its captain, Monkey D. Luffy. Usually he would be sitting up straight, grinning wildly as he searched for a new island for them to disembark. That or he would be looking back at his crewmembers and joke around with them with his stretching abilities. To put it simple, he would be doing something active, which was the opposite of how he was at the moment.

He was feeling sluggish, having his shoulders slumped forward. It was probably because he didn't get enough sleep yesterday, even when he was well aware he slept like a baby yesterday. Maybe it was the lack of nutrition in his body? No, that couldn't be possible. Luffy must at least have five meals a day and he had already been through two meals. Well, whatever this feeling was, it will soon pass. The black-haired boy smiled weakly and stared ahead, hoping to find an island soon.

It wasn't long before his vision started to blur. Was there a storm coming? The boy looked up and frowned when it turned out that the sky was clearer than ever. This was odd. Blinking, he placed his hands on the figurehead and leaned a little forward. Luffy felt a little tired than usual at that moment and it wasn't really like him to feel like this in the middle of the day. His vision continued to blur, and he felt even more and more tired.

Nami was standing at the helm, her eyes looking up at the captain. She wasn't usually the one at the helm, though for some reason, she felt that she needed to be today. The orange haired girl took her eyes off of her captain for a few moments to look at the deck down bellow. There slept the swordsman, with his legs crossed, arms folded and his katanas on his lap. Right there on the swing was Chopper and Ussop, playing whatever game they were playing. Franky was probably somewhere around the ship building something. And knowing Robin, she'd be at the library expanding her knowledge even more. Everyone practically knew Sanji was in the kitchen, so she didn't need to even think about him.

She smiled and took a deep breath, the smell of the ocean filling her nostrils. Thankfully today was a peaceful day. No marines, no weird pirates, nothing was going to disturb this lovely day of theirs. To her this might sound like heaven, but she knew that to the captain this was extremely boring. Looking up at back, she called him, "Luffy?" He didn't seem to answer her, which lead her to believe that he maybe thinking of something and was deeply engrossed in it.

Who was she kidding?! This was Luffy for heaven's sake! Nami chuckled under her breath at that ludicrous thought of hers and decided to call the captain again, "Ne, Luffy!" And again it happened. She frowned. Was he playing some kind of game with her? A silent game? Then again, Luffy can't stay quiet for even two minutes. This raised another issue. Luffy hadn't spoken up since this morning.

"Luffy…?" Nami called cautiously, wondering what her captain was really doing. Before she could even back away from the helm and move up to the figurehead, she started to notice Luffy's body slowly slipping off of the large figurehead. Her brown eyes widened with shock. How reckless could he be?! She was about to call out his name again when she realized that he was probably playing a game with himself, falling off and then stretching to rocket up to the sky. He had done this many times before, so why wouldn't he do it again?

Though something was off this time, and Nami could feel it in her blood. "Luffy!" She yelled after the captain, desperately wanting to catch his attention. This however only caught the attention of the crewmates that were on deck. Before Nami could call out to Luffy again, he had finally slipped off the figurehead. "Luffy!" the girl screamed, running over the edge and looking down at her falling captain. He didn't seem to be moving, which terrified Nami. "Luffy stretch, you idiot!" she screamed after him. Her only response to this was the boy hitting the water, only causing her heart to painfully grip.

"Zoro!" She shouted at the swordsman who was already grumbling about not having enough sleep. Ussop and Chopper stopped playing and looked up at Nami, frowning at her. Wasn't she calling Luffy earlier? They had all assumed that she was yelling at him for eating something that was hers, or maybe touching her tangerines. "Zoro, Luffy fell off of the ship! Help him, Zoro!"

The words 'Luffy' and 'fell' quickly registered to Zoro, quickly causing him to stand up and jump off of the ship, diving in after his captain. Chopper was about to follow suit until Ussop grabbed him and murmured, "You can't swim, Chopper. It's best to leave Luffy to Zoro." Although that didn't stop them both from going over to the side where Zoro jumped off.

Sanji hearing the commotion outside of his kitchen came out to investigate, a frying pan in his hand and the cigarette securely locked between his lips. He was in his 'I-will-kick-your-shitty-ass' mode, ready to attack anyone at sight. To his surprise he only found his crewmembers, all of them looking over the edge of the ship. That shitty marimo wasn't there as well as the captain.

"What's going on?" He asked casually, a hand reaching up to pull the cigarette away from his lips to puff while he used the other one to flip the fish he was frying on the stove earlier. Chopper was the only one to look up as Ussop headed off to bring a rope for Zoro to climb up from when he would emerge with the captain in his arms.

"Luffy fell off!" The young reindeer squeaked, his voice apparently hinting worry. Sanji only scoffed, "That idiot," and went back into the kitchen to set down the frying pan on the stove. After doing so, he reached for the Den Den Mushi, alerting the other members that their captain has once again fell off of the ship. Honestly, how could that idiot be so damn reckless? Taking a puff from his cigarette, Sanji put back the Den Den Mushi and headed out again only to find Zoro laying Luffy down on the grassy deck. The cook noticed that the swordsman's face carried an expression of annoyance, causing him to smirk. With Luffy falling aboard so many times, he couldn't blame the marimo if he was getting sick of it.

"Damn hammer." Sanji heard him say as he approached the group that was surrounding them both. The blonde casually stood beside Nami, his eyes resting on his captain's lifeless body for one minute. Of course he couldn't keep the bubbling feeling of joy that he was standing beside the gorgeous woman, so he clasped his hands together, wiggled his body and squeaked, "Namiiiii-swaaaaan~! I've made a special lunch for youuuuuu, Namiiiii-swaaaan~! It expresses my utmost love for you! Oh Nami-swaaan~!"

However, Nami was not listening to a word he was saying. Instead, she was looking at Luffy, eyes filled with worry. What was up with him? Before she could even do something, Chopper pushed between them and kneeled beside Luffy, hands on his chest as he began to resurrect his captain. It wasn't long before the captain started to cough up water, causing his nakama to sigh. He really is an idiot, Nami thought absent minded as she turned to look over at Sanji, who didn't seem to be even paying attention to Luffy.

"Thank you, Sanji-kun."

"Noooottttt a problem, Namiii-swaaan~!"

They were all soon going back to what they were doing until Zoro spoke up. "Oii, Chopper. Is it me or does Luffy look a little flushed?" He asked the doctor, his eyes slightly narrowed as he glanced back at Luffy's face. Nami turned to look and was a bit surprised to find that his face was indeed flushed. Not only that, but Luffy wasn't grinning. He didn't even say 'Ahh, that was close. I thought I was going to die.' In fact, his eyes were still closed, his breaths were fast and ragged and it did look like his body was shivering a bit.

He didn't look like himself at all.

The crewmembers looked at each other worriedly as Chopper quickly kneeled beside him again. Once his hove touched his forehead, his eyes widened. "He's burning up," the reindeer muttered. None of them heard him at first. Well, they did, but they didn't think they heard him right. Luffy burning up? That didn't make sense at all.

Before any of them could ask Chopper a question, Luffy's eyes began to flutter open. And when his eyes were finally open, the crew could tell that something was very wrong. His eyes seemed glassy to them, his cheeks now redder than ever. That however did not stop Luffy from smiling weakly once he realized who he was staring at. "Heh. I fell in again. Sorry."

"Luffy, you have a fever! Why didn't you tell me you weren't feeling well?" Chopper quickly asked, his brows furrowing with disappointment. He shouldn't be surprised that the captain hadn't told him. Heck, all of the crew thought they could withstand their injuries when obviously they couldn't. This even goes for Zoro.

Luffy blinked and looked at the reindeer, his smile slowly growing. "Eh? Fever? What are you talking about? I don't have one. I feel just fine! Maybe a little weak from the seawater, you know?" That excuse, however, wouldn't last long.

"Luffy, you fell off the figurehead you idiot! What does that tell you?!" Nami hissed, her blood boiling with anger and worry. He didn't even want to admit he was feeling a little under the weather?! What was wrong with him?!

"Huh, so that's how I was in the water. Shishishishi!" The captain laughed before lapsing into a fit of coughs. They weren't average coughs as well. They were the kind that sounded like they could damage the lungs pretty badly. The whole crew was now looking down at their captain who tried to keep his coughs under control.

"See, you are sick!" Usopp accused, his finger pointing at Luffy's nose.

"I--*cough*--am not! I'm fine! It's all the water! You should all know this!" Luffy justified as he started to push himself up a bit.

"Luffy, I need to check up on you. You have a fever and you're coughing. Who knows what else you have? Let me check up on you!" Chopper urged, hoping for Luffy to agree. But everyone knew that Luffy agreeing to this was out of the question. Their captain was the most stubborn creature in the world. The second would be his first mate.

"Chopper's right, Luffy. A check up wouldn't be so bad." Usopp murmured, crossing his arms over his chest. With all the time he had spent with Luffy, he had never seen him get sick. Maybe his sickness would come after some battle, but never out of the blue. And strangely, this worried Usopp even more.

"I'm fine, really! I can even prove it!" And before they could even stop him, the boy pushed himself up into a standing position and placed his hands on his hips, pushing his chest out as if he was saying 'I am the strongest man alive!' Zoro looked up at his captain and noticed he was sweating more than five minutes ago.

"Luffy don't over exhaust yourself! Sit down!" Nami told him with her bossy tone. "Zoro, do something!"

"The captain does what he wants." The swordsman shrugged, knowing what he was saying was the wrong thing. However, he could tell what was going to happen to the captain in a few minutes. So why should he be bossing him and telling him to sit down?

Sanji even knew what was going to happen and he stood there, smoking his cigarette casually as if nothing was happening. It was that moment did Robin and Franky appear on the deck.

"Oiii, what's going on here?" Frankly asked as he saw everyone surrounding Luffy, who apparently was still holding onto his stance. "Didn't you say the captain fell off the ship?"

"Aye, he did. Now he's trying to act all tough when he's sick." Sanji pointed out. His eyes then landed on the older woman and did the same thing he had done with Nami. "Robinnnnn-chwaaaan~! I made you a yuummmmmmmyyy lunch! It expresses my utmost gratitude and love for you!"

Robin chuckled under her breath. "Why thank you, cook-san. Although, shouldn't we paying attention to the captain right now? It doesn't seem like he's going to hold on much longer."

It was true. Luffy's feet seemed to wobble under his weight. Annoyed, the boy looked around at his crewmembers and scoffed. "I'm fine! I'm fine! Now let's go have some lunch!" He declared, even though he wasn't feeling that hungry himself. But like he was going to tell that to anyone.

The members exchanged worried looks between them, minus Sanji and Zoro. How could Luffy still insist he was fine when he couldn't even stand up properly. Nami's eyes softened as she saw Luffy slightly stagger as he tried to make his way up to the kitchen.

That idiot.

What happened next was an instant. Luffy stopped moving, his arms swinging slightly from left to right before his legs decided to give up on him, causing him to collapse. Nami gasped. Usopp called out his name as well as Chopper. Zoro sat there immobile. Robin and Franky stood there, arms crossed over their chest. Luckily, the boy didn't crash onto the deck. Sanji being the closest one to him managed to grab him. "You shitty idiot. You're sick." The blonde mumbled as he pulled Luffy up a bit. Placing his hand on the boy's forehead and winced. "Damn, he's really hot. Oii, Chopper, now's your chance to check up on. And do it fast. His fever seems to be rising."

"Got it." The reindeer then transformed into a human. He walked up to Sanji and took Luffy from his arms, cradling him in his own as if he were a child. "I'll take care of him, I promise."

"Never doubted you, Chopper." Zoro spoke up from where he was sitting. "Now go before that idiot of a captain wakes up again."

And with that the crew watched silently as their captain was carried into the sick room, each of them wondering what the hell was going on with their captain.


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