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- Low

A few days have passed since the incident. Of course no one spoke of it, since it seemed to bring out the dark side in everyone, especially Usopp and Chopper. Chopper because he'd never been as nerve wrecked as he was now. Luffy had always gone back on his feet as if everything was A-OK. This time he didn't. And Usopp. Well, he was another story.

Franky sighed at the thought of his friends. His crewmates were going through a very rough time. They all expected their captain to go back to how he used to be; filled with energy and enthusiasm. Franky hadn't seen him, and he didn't want to, but he knew if he were to see him, he'd be sorely depressed. From what Usopp would tell him, Luffy's face was gaunt. His breathing would be labored from time to time, as the tips of his fingers would twitch. It was as if Luffy was expressing his pain through his fingers.

This not only caused pain to him. Franky had noticed that their navigator was even more depressed than Usopp. She looked like a walking zombie. There were dark circles underneath her eyes, and she had a dangerously thin body from the lack of food.

Chopper had urged her to eat, and he wasn't alone. Zoro had threatened to force feed her, as well as Robin. Usopp cried, shaking her shoulders while she stared at him blankly. Franky told her he'd never share his cola with her if she didn't eat. Even Sanji, who'd never raised his voice at Nami yelled at her.

"I'm not hungry," she'd told him while he stood in front of her, leaning on his clutch.

Franky remembered how he felt at their encounter. He knew Sanji was mad from how tightly he held onto his clutch, taking in deep breaths to calm his nerves. It didn't work though.

"If you have an ounce of love for that man in there, you would nurture yourself." He'd told her through gritted teeth. "He'd be furious at how you're treating yourself and wouldn't even be able to look at you. I can't even look at you without getting mad." Sanji had snapped at her, turning his back against her in the end.

Tears had filled her eyes with what he'd said. It was then her turn to turn her back on them and then run to the girl's quarters.

Sanji's words left an awkward silence hanging between the crewmates. Nami loved Luffy? Franky was surprised at this, and when he had looked over at Usopp and Chopper, they looked surprise as well. However, when he had looked over at Zoro and Robin, waiting for them to say something, he noticed they weren't surprised as they were. Had they known, he wondered.

Sighing, he shook his head from the vision and kept on hammering the deck's floors. After that storm, the ship had taken some damage. It was true the ship was made from Adam's wood, which made it invincible. However, he had to check the ship over and over to see if it had any lose boards. The nails and ropes were not made from Adam's wood.

Things will turn out just fine, he thought to himself as he drowned himself in his work once again. Things will turn out just fine.

"If you don't eat, I might have to stick a needle into your arm." Chopper murmured dully to Nami as he began checking on Luffy. He'd told her countless of times, but each time she'd shoot him down with a stupid reason.

"I'm not hungry."

"You don't need to be hungry to eat."

Nami sighed, pressing her fingers against her temple. "I'm not hungry, Chopper. End of discussion."

"Fine then, I'll go and tell Zoro then." Chopper threatened. For the past day or two, Zoro had been forcing Nami to by throwing her out of the infirmary and refusing her to enter until she ate.

Nami eyed Chopper suspiciously. She didn't want to be tormented by Zoro again. The first time he'd thrown her out had been a nightmare. Never again was she going to leave Luffy's side.

"Alright. Just… just let me stay for a little longer, please."

Chopper observed her for a moment. One of the things he'd learnt about Nami was she was a fantastic liar. He didn't want to fall into her trap again.

"Please, Chopper."

Even if she had lied this time, he couldn't refuse anyway. The way she had been holding Luffy's hand every time he saw them was heart wrenching. He was too much of a sweetheart to say no.

"Alright. Just for a few moments and then you'll go eat."

"Thank you."

Nami turned her head away from Chopper and looked down at Luffy, her hand squeezing his, reassuring her that she was here by his side. He needed to know that, and that he was all that mattered to her.

His fever has had its ups and downs the past few days, and she had been there to witness every single one. She couldn't handle the pressure, but she forced herself to. She'd hold a wet towel and place it against his forehead, and then neck to make him feel comfortable. She'd tell him how she was here. She'd tell him how much she missed him.

And at nights, she'd tell him how much she loved him. How a fool she had been for not realizing this sooner. She'd cry by his bedside, begging him to come back to her.

Two days ago, he'd been mumbling, giving her hope that he'd wake up. It had only been gibberish words that Chopper said might be from his fever. Nami had cried herself to sleep that night.

She knew she wasn't feeding herself properly, but she was afraid that if she turned away from him for one second, something terrible would happen. Last time she had left the infirmary to help with the storm, and he'd gotten himself sicker. Never again will that happen.

Usopp had been affected deeply from that incident as well. He'd come to the infirmary, sitting beside her and facing Luffy. They had been silent for a few moments, before Usopp himself began crying.

"I had promised you that I'd be stronger. I'm sorry, Luffy. I'm so sorry," he'd sobbed.

Now Nami sat there, staring at his lifeless body. It was starting to feel normal, and that terrified her. She was starting to forget his energetic self. She squeezed his hand tightly and took a deep ragged breath at that thought.

"Luffy," she breathed out; her heart feeling like it was a million years old. She was hurting. Badly.

She hadn't realized Chopper left the infirmary until she looked away from Luffy, wanting to ask him to look over so she could get some food as she promised. Realizing that Chopper might have gone to get Zoro, Nami stood up from her stool and took a step away from Luffy.

Then she suddenly froze on spot. Her eyes were wide from shock and her breaths basically stopped. It was all because of one thing. One whisper.


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