A Good Day

Tali and Shepard Short Story

Tali approached the helm of the SR-2 Normandy wiping her oily hands off on a stained rag. Shepard stood behind Joker's chair gazing out the window at the planet that was floating off in the distance. Its grey surface was half blackened as night time cruised over the city of Nos Astra. White, purple, and yellow pin pricks of light dotted the surface with looked like a fiber optic bonanza. Joker and Shepard were quietly joking to each other as Tali snuck up behind them. She looked at her rag and grinned. Unfolding the dirty cloth, she threw it over Shepard's eyes from behind and pulled it tight. He fell back from Tali shifting his center of gravity and leaned against her.

"Guess who," she whispered in his ear. He let loose a warm snicker.

"I don't have a clue…Miranda?" He turned around as Tali wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I'm telling you commander, you need to be careful of Quarians…they are sneaky little bastards," Joker kidded

"Uh…gah Tali," Shepard amusingly yelled running his hand down his scruffy cheek wiping off black goop. Tali giggled as Shepard wrestled with her hands trying to grab the cloth and get revenge.

"No no you bosh'tet," she yelled in defeat staring at the black streak running down her purple mask. Shepard laughed spitting globules of the thick lubricant out of his mouth.

"Anyways commander," Joker started with and awkward grin on his face, "what are we doing here anyways?" Shepard grabbed Tali's arm and pulled her up next to Joker.

"We are going to meet up with Liara and have a couple drinks to celebrate our victory over the Collectors," he told his friends in and excited voice.

"Uh, I don't think Jack is going to want to come or Grunt for that matter," Joker quietly said looking around the Normandy. Tali smiled.

"Actually Jack is going to come. She said that she wants to get a, what did she say…'a big facking tattoo of a dead collector'," Tali informed him. Joker and Shepard both erupted in laughter over her pronunciation of the human curse word. She smiled like a dumb child confused about why they were laughing. "What?" Shepard wiped a tear from his eye and shook his head.

"Nothing," he said through bulbs of laughter erupting from his throat. Must have been something I said. Whatever, I have learned that ignorance is bliss, or however that phrase goes. She smiled and looked out the Normandy's window spotting the brightest cluster of lights on Illium and guessed that is Nos Astra.

"Okay guys, we have forty minutes before we should meet up at the bar, what was it called again Miranda," Shepard asked with confused lines on his forehead.

"Pulsar Lounge Shepard," she said through her accent crossing her arms.

"Miranda, you need to calm down. Have a little fun," Garrus commented on her rigid pose. Miranda dropped her shoulders a little and uncurled her fists.

"Come on Grunt," Jack aggressively said punching the krogan in the arm, "You give me 500 credits of I don't say a word while getting this tattoo."

"Yeah…you humans are weak. I am going to win this bet, you just watch." The two walked away from the bare docking bay they were standing in. Jacob, Thane, and Samara wondered off heading out on their own. Zaeed and Garrus both smirked at each other and ran off obviously having some sort of thought out plan. Miranda and Kelly walked off talking to each other followed by Mess Sergeant Gardner who had a duffel bag thrown over his shoulder.

"So Shepard…what are we uhm, going to do," Tali asked playing with his hands.

"Hey commander, can I tag along with you guys," Joker asked carefully walking up behind them. Tali spun around startled looking at her old friend.

"Yeah Joker. Any time, just like the good old days, right?"

"You got that right except we won't have any Geth chasing us around or Saren," Joker paused mid sentence looking around, "Where is Legion?"

"EDI suggested he stay in the Normandy."

"Haha, yeah good idea," he mentioned with relief. Tali grabbed her commander's hand and they began walking down the docking bay. Tali looked to her right at the enormous sharp looking buildings off in the distance. The Asari architecture impressed her.

"Shepard, what do you think of the buildings around here?" He looked out over the vista of Nos Astra, his eyes drawing a line up the mega-structures. The purple lights reflected off his blue eyes and a warm breeze rippled through his loose shirt.

"They are awesome in my opinion. I have a thing for architecture you know," he distantly said watching the last strand of yellow light fade behind the beautiful city. Tali squeezed his hand respecting his opinion and loved finding out new things about him.

"Can't agree with you more on that Shepard." Joker stopped and leaned on the railing looking over the edge peering thousands of feet down. "Commander, come here." Joker looked up with a devious smile on his face. Tali looked at Shepard seeing him return a crafty smile. He let go of Tali's hand putting his two on the railing and leaned over the edge.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking," Joker asked in a sly manner. Tali looked over the edge and her stomach lifted into her chest as she noticed how far up they were. But a few stories below them she was a balcony jutting out from what looked like a VIP section of a night club. Joker made a horrible guttural gurgling noise and puckered up his lips. Revolted, Tali squinted her eyes as a thick strand of mucus and saliva crawled its way out of Joker's mouth. Shepard held back some laughs behind a fist as Joker released the horrible glob dropping it on the defenseless people below. Her eyes traced it as it fell, landing on a well dressed Turian. Joker died from laughter as the turian put his hand on his head and looked at the sticky substance draped across his fingers. His head shot up towards the group and he shouted at them

"Run," Shepard yelled laughing as he scrambled away from the edge. Tali looked around not used to getting in trouble as her heart raced.

"I can't run you idiots," Joker bellowed as he hobbled away from the railing. Shepard disappeared around a corner and Tali followed exhilarated by this new game. She found her commander hugging the wall breathing heavily. Tali pressed her back against the smooth metallic wall of the purple lit hallway. She slid down it, folded her arms on her knees and laughed hysterically into them.

"Wha…what was that," she asked Shepard who was standing above her his face red and his eyes tearing.

"You jerks, way to leave a crippled boy behind," Joker yelled entering the hallway with a grin on his face. Shepard tried to get his breath back, but he started to laugh through dry heaves and a throaty squeak. Tali's eyes were closed as her cheek muscled flexed from her large smile.

"I…need…to…calm down," Shepard panted wiping his eyes. Joker put his hands on his on Shepard's shoulders.

"Come one, come on…one…two…three. In and out, in and out," he said mocking a nurse talking to a woman giving birth. Tali stood up and looked around the hallway. Music pulsed from around the corner along with the buzzing of conversation. She sighed and stopped laughing getting curious. Shepard grabbed Tali's hand noticing her curiosity spiking along with her quarian instinct to want to socialize.

"Shall we," he asked. Tali nodded her head and began to walk forward.

"Gah, Joker! What are you doing," Shepard yelled bursting out into laughter again throwing his right hand in the air.

"I want to hold hand too!"

"He is mine you bosh'tet!"

Joker grinned and followed them out into the bustling market street. The smell of food, perfume, and smoke filled Tali's helmet. Lights illuminated the wide street which had a median of exotic pink trees that were bioluminescent. Holographic advertisements danced and twirled over the shops advertising their goods. Asari, trogans, turians, salarians, and humans all walked along the street made specifically for pedestrians. The ground was a shiny metal that kicked all of the vibrant lights back up into the air. Shops all had glass storefronts with fiber optics built into the glass streaming pulses of light through them attracting the eye.

"What a place," Shepard commented looking around.

"Oh my God, bacon sandwiches! Look Shepard," Joker hollered over the streets music and chatter pointing at a stand swarmed by humans, "I'm buying one right now!" Joker hobbled off following the white columns of steam rising from the stand.

"Follow me Tali." Shepard began walking forward towards something he saw off in the distance. Tali was dragged along swiveling her head in all directions drying to soak everything up like a parched sponge that was left to under a hot star to bake.

"This place is incredible Shepard! I…I am speechless!"

Shepard fought through the quake of humans and aliens as the smell of seared meat plowed into her helmet. They walked past an asari perfume shop; Tali squeezed Shepard's hand and held her ground as she peeked through the window putting a splayed hand on the blue tinted glass. White streams of light shot through the glass tunneling their way through the fiber optics built into the window. Her helmet cracked against the window as she stared into the store in amazement.

"You wanna go in and check it out," Shepard asked wrapping an arm around her waist amused by the way Tali acted from the culture shock.

"If it is okay with you…then yeah," she said not taking her gaze away from all the vials. Shepard approached the door and it opened.

"Welcome to Askaria this fine evening, how may I help you two," a dark blue asari asked with fluorescent green paint ostentatiously placed on her friendly face. Tali looked around the store. The lights had an aquamarine shade to them showering the interior of the shop with a pale blue appealing hue. The glowing sharp angular shelves held vials of different colored liquid. Fascinated, Tali walked over to them looking at the curvy bottles which emanated a different color.

"Shepard, come here!" She turned around and she saw him whisper something in the asari's ear. He waved a friendly thanks and meandered over to Tali. "Look at these!" She carefully reached a hand out and grabbed one of the bottles that looked like a sail. The metallic cap sent a purple light into the vessel holding the potent liquid. Small particles that drifted in the perfume reflected the purple light. Tali gasped from amazement, the light caracoling across her mask. She turned it over in her hand analyzing the bottle.

"Smell it," Shepard said. Tali glanced over at him with a confused look. "Here." Shepard grabbed the flask from Tali and grabbed her hand twisting it so her wrist was facing the ceiling. His finger quickly tapped a circular pressure sensor and the cap sprayed a fine mist onto her wrist. "Smell it." Tali put her wrist up to her mouth and inhaled, but she started to cough violently. Embarrassed, she put her face into Shepard's shoulder trying to smother her coughs.

"That is strong," she said through a constricted voice. Shepard grabbed her delicate wrist and inhaled.

"Aw, my eyes!" He shielded his face with his hands and hummed. Tali laughed and eyed an asari that came from behind holding a small blue bag that had Askaria written on it with white text.

"That is krogan perfume by the way," she chuckled handing Shepard a bag.

"Damn," he wheezed blinking his eyes taking the bag from her blue fist. Tali looked at the bag confused. Shepard smiled and put it behind his back.

"That is for later Miss 'Zorah."

Tali blushed and for once she was happy to have this barrier between her and Shepard. He wrapped his heavy arm around her shoulder and exited the store.

"Vis famwich is so freakin' vood," Joker spat coming out of nowhere clasping his sandwich like a defensive hamster. I wonder what's in the bag. As they walked down the street saturated with people, Tali tried to peek inside of the small sack Shepard kept behind his back, but her view was blocked by what looked like glowing white steel wool set over whatever was in the bag. She leaned her head into Shepard's neck as they walked along the street.

"Here we go."

Tali looked up at a holographic sign spinning above a store front. A knife? The three entered the store looking around. Cutlery was hanging on all walls, cooking knives, pocket knives, ceremonial swords, daggers, and so on. A vid was playing on the far back wall showing an asari dressed in a crisp white outfit cutting vegetables advertising a cooking knife.

"Hey there, how may I help you," a light blue asari asked taking her black leather boots off the counter and getting up from her lounging stool. She eyed Joker who stuffed the last piece of his sandwich into his mouth.

"Forry," he mumbled waving his hand. The asari crossed her arms and shook her head. Shepard dragged Tali over to the counter, his blue eyes pierced the thick glass of the counter which showed off the finest blades.

"I'm looking for a ten inch chef's knife…you know a good one." The asari turned around and opened a cabinet taking out a wooden box. Tali eyed it with curiosity.

"This is an asari made Shuntoki, best of the best." She pushed it towards Shepard with one finger. He opened the box and looked at the knife. Tali looked over his arm peeking into the box. Her eyes flashed with interest as Shepard picked it up. The handle was an electric blue resin and the blade was wavy silver. Tali looked at the knife her eyes caressing its blade that showed off its layers. "Made with VG-64 high carbonate steel," she started. Her pinky stretched out and drew a line across the blade, "These white lines you see are diamonds, so you can cut through anything."

"It truly is beautiful," Tali murmured entranced by the tool.

"How much," Shepard asked.

"Twelve fifty." Tali got excited and poked Shepard in the arm.

"That is a deal!" Shepard grinned.

"That is twelve hundred and fifty credits Tali." The asari eyed Tali slightly amused.

"Oh…oh! That is a lot!"

"I will take it along with that multi-tool," he said pointing through the glass. There was a loud crash and everyone turned gazing at Joker who was picking up what looked like a krogan sword.

"Sorry, sorry," he whispered scrunching up his shoulder innocently. Shepard handed over his credit chit and the asari scanned it while bagging up his items.

"Is that all," she asked innocently. Shepard nodded taking the bag from her and exited the store.

"You know Shepard, I could have bought a ship with that amount and sent it back to the Flotilla," she joked. Shepard's hand rifled through the bag and he pulled out the multi-tool handing it to Tali.

"Here you go, you can have this instead." Tali starred at the folded metal object and gasped.

"Keelah…what is it?" She looked into Shepard's face like an excited child.

"A multi-tool, here look." He took it from her and opened it up. "It has twenty-three tools in one. Pliers here a wire clipper between the pliers along with wire strippers, a knife here, a serrated saw, bottle opener, a file, and so on and so forth." Shepard handed it back to her and she stood still in amazement looking at the tool. She gripped it in her hand and gave Shepard an explosive hug.

"Fank ouh," she sincerely said into his shoulder. "That means a lot to me." There was a flash off to their right that startled both Tali and Shepard. A salarian took their picture with his omni-tool.

"For five credits is can sell you this picture. Yes?"

"Here!" Joker handed him five credits and uploaded the picture to his onmi-tool.

"Joker, what are going to do with that," Shepard asked slowly approaching him.

"Nothing," he fired back smiling. "We should get to the bar soon, shouldn't we?"

Tali giggled and pulled her commander away from Joker.

"We should get moving."

"These trees are something else," Joker commented on the bioluminescent trees standing sentinel in the middle of the avenue. Tali stopped walking to watch Joker approach the tree. He put a greasy hand up to it feeling the trunk. "Awhuh, Commander, come here!" Tali smiled and followed Shepard to the tree. She craned her neck scrutinizing the fifteen foot plant. Its husky stock was around two feet thick and it shot up in the air where light blue tendrils sprouted out of the top gracefully sloping down like an arch. Little white beads glistened at the tips from each of the thin branches. A warm breeze surged though the tree and the lights got brighter. Tali gasped watching the spectacle unfold. Shepard reached a hand out to touch it but he quickly pulled it back surprised.

"What," Tali asked letting go of his hand approaching the tree. Her three gloved digits lightly brushed against the tree; her fingers pushed inside of it its soft outer layer. "It's squishy!" Blue dots remained where her fingers were and slowly dissolved into its pink trunk.

"Look," Joker said pointing up at the trees extremities. The white light grew more intense as it sucked in Tali's finger prints.

"You know what, it kinda reminds me of a really big Hanar…doesn't it," Joker asked Tali licking his teeth.

"Yeah, except it doesn't shout at you when you walk by it," she remarked gazing up at the tree with hands on her hips. Tali looked around and saw several locals staring at them as they observed the glowing plant. The music suddenly changed pace to a slower beat setting the mood for the crowd. A skyscraper lit up in the background to a brilliant light purple then slowly changed to a deep blue. The crowd all turned around to watch the building go through its mood swing. Tali stepped off the grassy knoll where the tree takes residence and laced her fingers in with Shepard's. She leaned against his arm melting into it as she focused in on the beautiful sail shape building cycle through its colors.

"Beautiful," she whispered in quarian making sure her translator didn't pick it up as she leaned her head against Shepard's broad shoulder. Suddenly, there was some shouting that raced up the avenue. Tali, Joker, and Shepard looked towards the commotion and saw a human and a turian that fit the description of Zaeed and Garrus sprinting out of a club that had a holographic asari dancing above it. The three burst into laughter as they saw a volus running after them with a stick that had a sparking tip on the end.

"I really hope one of them gets tagged with that," Shepard remarked keeping his laughter down in his gut. "Come on, the bar is down this way…it think."

"You don't know where we are supposed to meet Shepard," Tali asked looking into the side of his face.

"No, not really," he shot back with a grin.

"Oh Keelah, you can find your way out of a Collector ship but not around a town."

"Yep, that's right!"

She shook her head and sighed. Thick skull, but Keelah do I love him.

"Hey Shepard, I will give you ten credits if you go ask that elcor over there for directions," Joker bribed him through a snicker.

"Uh uh, no way!"

"Oh come on, do it commander…for the cripple boy."

Tali let out an amused chortle and pushed him towards the massive alien.

"Tali cut it out!"

"Curious, can I do something for you human," it asked in its deep voice that Tali could feel in her chest. The smile under her helmet went from ear to ear as she watched Shepard scratched the back of his neck fumbling over his words.

"Uhm, yeah. The human, I mean uh…can I have directions for the Pulsar Lounge?"

"Startled, yes. Confidently, walk down here for one hundred meters and you will see it on your left. Politely, have a nice evening friends," he concluded and set his hoof down from pointing.

"Thank you," Shepard's said slightly bowing with the tips of his ears red. Joker and Tali strangled their laughs until they were out of ear shot.

"Bahah! Shep-Shepard, why did you bow to it," Joker howled over the mood music coursing down the street.

"I…I don't know, what did you want me to do," he spat out clearly flustered. "And you Tali, that was not funny," he shouted with a grin on his face viciously prodding his lanky finger at Tali who was laughing with the light in front of her mouth flashing.

"What are you talking about, you did great," she said punching his arm where his blue t-shirt sleeve cut off.

"I'm gunna get you back," he grumbled biting his lower lip digging a knuckle into her side.

"Oh no you aren't," she yelped slapping his arm away playfully.

"Hey look, I see the bar up ahead," Joker exclaimed pointing his finger at a large blue holograph in the distance.

"I'm excited to see Liara, aren't you Shep," Tali asked grabbing his warm paw again.

"Yeah, especially since last time I said my goodbyes. I didn't think we were going to make through the mission," Shepard said but was cut off by Tali's finger pressing against his lips.

"For tonight, let's just focus on the present," she whispered loud enough to be heard over the stirring motion of the bustling avenue. Shepard nodded and put on a big grin.

"Oh man that smells good," Joker announced craning his neck to the left staring another stand of food.

"Joker, just wait until we get to the bar; I'm sure you can order some chicken wings with blue cheese and celery," Shepard bantered.

"Yeah, right."

"Celery and blue cheese," Tali curiously repeated the two new human words.

"Yeah, it's food."

"Blue cheese," she asked again more interested in this word, "Sounds weird."

"Nah, not at all, it is actually quite tasty. It is a delicacy though, but abundant on Earth," Shepard educated her. He was getting an odd stare from Tali and Joker. "I don't know if you guys know this, but I'm kind of a food nut. Someday I am going to have to give Gardner a run for his money."

"Welcome to the Pulsar Lounge," an asari greeted them as they approached the door. She was wearing a casual dress that was a little bit too revealing for Tali's likes. They walked past her and entered the lounge. Slow rhythmic asari music was playing setting the perfect mood for the room. The ceiling soared several stories into the air and had a black coating on it. Small fiber optics dotted the ceiling causing the effect that one was under the night sky. There were sail shape columns that supported the roof and had a light projecting on it painting them a light blue. There were massive windows that were open letting the Nos Astra's warm breeze swell into the cavernous room rippling the fabric curtains that lined the pillars. Lights shot through them from yet some more fiber optics making them look like they had viscosity The Pulsar Lounge had a gorgeous view looking over the magnificent city letting subtle purple and blue light into the room. The floor terraced up into the room leading to a crescent shaped bar that was illuminated by lights inside the counter.

"Impressive," Joker declared after a long whistle.

"I see some familiar faces at the bar," Shepard mentioned taking Tali's hand leading her up the terracing floor. The floor had the appearance of still lake water at night. Tali bravely took the first step and the floor rippled; the "water" illuminating an ethereal blue pushing the ripples out in all directions. Her heart started to race like a snare drum from excitement.

"Shepard, we have to dance later!"

"Remember how you tried to teach me at Flux two and a half years ago? I didn't do too well, did I now." His eyes narrowed. She closed her eyes and remembered that night; the night he slipped her Flux's soundtrack.

"Okay, I respect that," she responded through the form of a lie.

"Shepard!" Liara's airy voice skipped across the room as she stood up opening her arms.

"Liara, how is it going," he asked embracing her through a warm friendly hug. She opened her icy blue eyes and peered over Shepard's shoulder looking at Joker and Tali.

"Tali, Joker!"

She released Shepard and embraced each one of them.

"Liara, what's up?"

"Aw, nothing. Busy with work. This is great to unwind and catch up with some old friends," her dreamy voice said without the chill it had the first time they met. "Come sit down," she lead them towards a table. "I found Garrus here out of breath and I met your new friend Zaeed," she eyed the bar and Tali noticed the asari bartender pouring a fluorescent green liquid into a stout cup. "Right here," Liara motioned them towards a table that Garrus was seated behind. "All we are missing is Wrex and Ash," Liara whispered with a frown on her face as she properly sat in her chair. "Have you seen Ash or heard from her Shepard?" Tali got an awkward constricting feeling in her chest. She looked away from Liara and paid attention to something else.

"Met her on Horizon and got a letter from her. She is doing fine though," he responded keeping the conversation light. A hand wrapped around Tali's from under the table reassuring her. Tali curled her leg around Shepard's showing him her feelings.

"Shepard, I…I don't believe it," Joker stuttered pointing at the holographic advertisements behind the bars counter. "They have Coca-Cola," he shouted almost falling out of his chair. Tali shot a glance at the holographs and saw a red and white banner.

"What is that Shepard?"

He looked back over at Tali who sat strait in her chair expecting an answer.

"It is a human beverage that tastes amazing." Shepard pressed a button under the table and a holographic menu appeared suspended over the black topped table. "Liara, I suggest you try one of these. Joker, I am guessing you want one too." Shepard tapped the button three times and waved his hand over the menu and it dissipated into hundreds of orange orbs that floated up in the air like glowing ascending snowflakes. Seconds later, a purple friendly faced asari walked over and set three glasses down on the table causing the ripple effect again. Shepard smiled looking at the reflection of the "water" on Tali's mask as she watched the three ripples collide into each other. They changed their color into an empyrean green as they hit each other. Shepard grabbed his tall chic glass and sipped the brown liquid.

"Shepard watch out," Tali yelled trying to hit the cup out of his hand, "It's boiling you bosh'tet!" Shepard grinned then glanced down at his cup.

"Thanks Tali; that would have hurt." Liara and Joker both stopped and gazed at the dark liquid confused. "Give me fifty credits and I will drink it while it's still boiling." Joker put on a devious smile.

"One-hundred credits," Garrus added throwing credits on the table. Shepard put the bubbling liquid to his lips and chugged it.

"Shepard stop it," Tali ordered him. Liara's eyes went as big a saucers watching Shepard down the hot drink. He slammed the empty glass on the table with a grin.

"I don't believe it," Garrus murmured with his jaw dropped. Tali looked at the solidified cubes of water residing at the base of the glass. What?

"It was carbonized water Garrus," Shepard cruelly informed him picking up his credits. Liara took her first sip and she jumped.

"It is biting my mouth," she said startled putting a blue hand up to her lips. Joker downed his glass and exhaled setting his glass on the table with a clank. Shepard let go of Tali's hand and stood up.

"Liara, this is the rest of my team," Shepard announced extending an arm towards the group of people. Liara set down her Coke and stood up.

"Hello Liara, I am Miranda. I have heard a lot about you," she introduced herself extending a hand. Liara shook it and nodded gulping down her mouthful of the icy human beverage.

"This is Jacob, Grunt, Professor Solace, Samara, Thane, and Jack," he introduced all of them in rapid succession knowing Liara would have their names burned into her memory. "Please you guys sit down," Shepard offered to them motioning to the tables around them.

"Please, order anything you want, I will take care of the bill," Liara respectfully told Shepard's crew.

"You owe me some money Grunt," Jack fiercely said looking at her new tattoo of a mutilated Collector drone.

"Shepard, can I talk to you for a moment," Tali whispered in his ear. He swiftly nodded to her and stood up from the table.

"Excuse us for a moment Liara." Her eyes quickly looked away from her Coke as she cautiously sipped it again. Tali lead Shepard towards the railing looking over the transcendent vista of Nos Astra. A ribbon of red was all that was left of the sunset. The cooling planet sent invigorating chilled air around Shepard's body.

"What is it Tali," he breathed into Tali's ear. She grabbed his hand and nervously began playing with his fingers biting her lower lip.

"Does Liara know about…you know us?" Shepard cupped her hands in his and shook them.

"She told me that she knew you loved me back on the SR1 Normandy…she could see it in your eyes and your body movements."

"Wait, she told you this all those years ago?" he voice was high pitched and nervous.

"No, right before we left Nos Astra she told me…then Kelly said something about it right after that."

Tali blushed and didn't know what to say. The music picked up its pace as people began to trickle in the club. Tali wrapped herself in Shepard's arm and leaned against his chest looking out over the city. She closed her eyes as his chest filled and deflated threatening to rock her to sleep.

"Have you seen Kelly, Gardner, or Chakwas around," Shepard asked getting a little worried. Tali opened her eyes and looked around.

"Chakwas is right there, she took my seat," Tali pointed at her silver hair that stood out. "The rest might have gone back to the ship or they are shopping." Tali clenched Shepard's hand and dragged him over towards the dance floor.

"No Tali, no. I am not doing this," she whined making his body heavy to drag.

"Come on you big bosh'tet!"

He sighed in defeat and followed Tali. The beat grew faster and faster along with Tali's heart beat. Her foot contacted the dance floor sending colorful ripples racing in all directions. Tali could feel all of the crew's eyes on her as she took both of Shepard's hands. She looked into his nervous face as beads of sweat gathered on his brow.

"It looks like we have an audience," she stated as she began moving her hips. Shepard's head swiveled around and saw his team's eyes burning down on him.

"This really isn't a good idea," he complained gripping Tali's hands and nervously starting to shift. Tali twirled around him like liquid. Oh come on Shepard! I need to get him motivated. She grinded her backside into his waist trying to get a response from him. Whistles shrieked from the crowd.

"Okay, I see how it is Tali," he whispered into the side of her helmet putting his warm hands on her waist.

"I knew that would get you," she whispered back leaning her head into his neck. The floor lit up with brilliant colors as they picked up the pace. Tali looked off to her right and noticed Liara and Chakwas start to dance

"Liara, I didn't know you could dance," Tali yelled over the throbbing music. Liara winked and the floor beneath her lit up as her and Chakwas danced. Tali tore her gaze away from the two and starred deep into Shepard's face. She draped her arms over his shoulders twisting her hips. Thirty minutes later, Shepard and Tali walked back to their table both gasping for air.

"You, you see…I told you that you went that bad," Tali yelled over the pulsing music. Shepard whipped his brow with his blue sleeve; a grin was sprawled across his lips.

"Thanks Tali…that means a lot to my morale you know," he joked. Tali took her finger and drew a line on the table sending blue waves crashing into the opposite edge. The music slowed down to a crawling pace as the building sensed its patrons loosing energy.

"One more," Tali asked Shepard as he drank some water. He cleaned off his upper lip with the back of his hand and laughed.

"I am almost out of energy. I…I can't." Tali stood up from the table and grabbed Shepard from under his arms.

"No, leave me alone!"

Liara, Joker, Garrus, and Chakwas all started to laugh. Shepard grabbed the pole under the table.

"Go away Tali you beast," he shouted as she playfully snatched his chair from under his bottom. "Now I have nowhere to sit," he playfully declared looking at his chair that Tali gave to Grunt and he used it as a leg prop. "What am I going to do," he questioned with a grin. Tali leaned in close to him.

"Take me for one last dance Shepard," she whispered in his ear stroking the back of his head, his buzzed hair feeling like velvet. She led him out to the dance floor and they both took it easy. Shepard's legs were about to buckle, but Tali kept him up having an unimaginable amount of energy. They danced for another hour than sat back down with Liara and caught up for another three. Zaeed was passed out laying his head against the bar and Jack had the same issue. Thane was entertaining himself with Samara, Grunt was just scanning the crowd with his blue eyes, and Jacob plus Miranda brought their table next to Shepards and were listening in on the entertaining stories Liara, Tali, Joker, Shepard, and Chakwas were telling. Mordin was scanning some shot glasses with his omni-tool probably experimenting.

"So Saren picks Shepard up by the neck, but…but then Shepard hits him in the face with a fist," Joker yelled finishing his story. "We lost Kaiden that day though…"

Miranda and Jacob quickly lost their smiles and looked at the table poking it.

"Shepard. Zaeed and Jack have alcohol poising. Must return to the Normandy," Mordin informed him pointing at Zaeed and Jack who were passed out. Shepard smiled and ran his hand through his hair.

"Okay Liara, I think it is time to pack up. I bet you have to work early in the morning, right?"

Liara opened her onmi-tool to look at the time, "Yes, in thirty minutes," she said putting on a meek smile looking at Shepard with red eyes. They hugged one last time.

"When can you join us Liara," he questioned.

"Soon Shepard, very soon."

They all said the farewells began to walk back to the Normandy.

Tali punched Shepard's chest pleading to be release as he scooped her up in the elevator leading to his cabin.

"Your mine Tali." His voice was scruffy and seductive. The door opened and he approached his bed throwing himself on it along with Tali in his arms.

"No, I surrender," she teased pushing a white pillow into his face. Tali laid on her back trying to fend off Shepard playfully. His pillar like arms were on either side of her though…she was trapped.

"I'm gunna get you." His voice was hoarse yet playful. She felt his hand run up her thigh sending shivers shooting through her body. Then he was still.

"Shepard," she asked. He didn't respond so she looked over at him. His mouth was ajar and a deep grumble was being expelled from the deep. She laughed and pulled the blankets over her and pressed her head deep into the pillows. Today was a good day. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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