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Shadow and Light

Chapter 1:
Aldrassil, Shadowglen

Everything ached, and in spite of her efforts to hold back a groan it escaped as she shifted her aching muscles as a reflex to waking. How long she had been unconscious, she didn't know. She was not even sure how she had come to be in this place—where ever it was.

Tsunade-sama had said…had said something about the power of the object they were guarding. About how it was mysterious, and people had been vanishing around it. The priests suspected foul play, and they had been looking for bandits or someone abducting the people.

That's where things got a little fuzzy. There had been words in the dark, then a flash of blinding light. Someone, maybe Neji, had wrapped pulled her tight, while somebody else yelled her name. Now she was slowly coming ton consciousness somewhere.

Okay, so, maybe opening her eyes would help answer a few questions.

She expected to be dazzled by bright hospital lights, as usually happened when she woke like this. Instead she found the world around her bathed in a purple twilight. It wasn't a room she was familiar with, either. Where there should have been white walls, there was only wood and book shelves lined with dusty smelling volumes. She turned her head, blinking slowly, and the smell of leather filled her nostrils. In response to the sudden change in the air, she coughed, leaving a rough scratchy feeling in her throat.

iAlright, so opening my eyes didn't help a thing,'/i she thought bitterly, blinking twice more. This room looked like nothing back in Konoha. Worse, none of her friends where there with her. Only once before since she had become a ninja had she woken up alone, and those circumstances had been dire.

Her throat closed tight with worry strong enough to nearly make her head spin. Last time Lee had been nearly killed, his future as a ninja placed in jeopardy. What could have happened this time?

"You should be still, little one," a smooth baritone voice spoke as a cold cloth was placed to her forehead, "whatever happened to you caused some damage."

Turning her head even further revealed a creature unlike any she had ever seen before, and her heart leapt with surprise and some terror. He was tall, taller even than Jiraiya-sama, with a thick bushy beard and high pony tail, both a shade of teal green. More alarming than even that, however, was his skin, which was a shade of dark lavender, and the long ears that extended far beyond his head until they came to a point.

She couldn't get away from his eyes, though. They were glowing like flashlights in the dark, a sort of amber gold light that was as enchanting and inviting as a campfire on a winter's night.

Looking at him, the only word that came to mind was one for the fairytale books Guy-sensei had read her as a child. Elf.

"Wh-What happened?" Her voice was horse, as if she'd been screaming or it hadn't been used for a long time. "Where am I?"

A cool, cork like spout was pressed to her lips by a large purple hand, "drink this, first, then we'll talk."

She was instantly suspicious of the drink. Years of training had instilled in her the feeling that nothing from unknown sources was to be trusted at risk of death, and it was not so easily ignored. Some of the liquid splashed on her face as she turned it away, but at least it didn't burn.

"Suspicious, I see. That's to be expected in these troubled times." The elf sighed, pulling the canteen back slightly. "My name is Tenaron Stormgrip. I am a druid, and you are a guest in my home. You are in Aldrassil. Is this name familiar to you?"

She shook her head, auburn bangs slipping down into her eyes. That was the funniest name for a person, or place, that she had ever heard. It certainly wasn't anywhere she knew of, and that wasn't exactly encouraging. Geography had been one of her best subjects in the Ninja Academy, along with history, and as far as she knew this place had never existed. At least not in the world she knew.

Because, up until today, she'd never seen an elf in the world she knew either.

Tenaron sat back in his chair, looking her over with a small frown on his face. "Your head injury must be most severe in deed for a half-elf to forget her homeland."

"Half-elf? I'm not…" but the hand that reached up to brush the bangs out of her eyes was not her own. It was similar, but the usual bright pink of her skin tone was cooler now, the fingers longer and more delicate than her own. This didn't bode well.

She hesitantly reached her hands up to the side of her head, wincing as she found unfamiliar long and pointed ears. They didn't feel quite so long as Tenaron's looked, but they were the little round ones she was used to either. No doubt, if she were able, her face and eyes would probably have changed as well. Was it possible the thing they'd been guarding had caused her to change bodies with someone somewhere?

Possibly. It wouldn't have surprised her over much, at any rate, with the way their luck usually went.

"You seem very confused," Tenaron patted her hand gently, picking up the canteen he'd set down once more. "I promise you a sip of this will make you feel better. I mean you no harm, child. Surely you can sense this."

Begrudgingly, she had to admit she could. Something about the way he moved so gently in spite of his large size, the calm air around him…it reminded her of Guy-sensei. A wave of homesickness engulfed her as she nodded, allowing the elf to half raise her head so she could drink. The water was cool, soothing the itching in her mouth, and it was with some reluctance she parted from it as the elf pulled it back.

"Feeling a little better now?" He smiled at her as she nodded, and he tucked some strands behind her new pointed ears in a way that made her homesick for Guy-sensei all over again.

Was he here somewhere? Were the boys?

Tenaron set the canteen down on a low stump looking table beside the bed, which already had a small wood bowl on it. "Now, I suppose, since I already introduced myself, it would now be your turn."

She opened her mouth, ready to give her name, but found she couldn't think of it. She recalled the last moment before waking up here, focusing on the yelling voice. She knew, deep in her soul, that they were yelling to her, but what the word was she couldn't make it out.

Swallowing back the desire to panic, she closed her eyes, trying to push passed the sudden throbbing headache. She had a name. Everyone had a name. All those others—Neji, Guy-sensei, Lee—had come to her so easily, why couldn't she recall her own?

It was a light name. Airy, Neji called it. As a child Lee had teased her for always climbing trees, saying that she was destined to turn into a monkey because the characters it was written with looked kind of like a tree that touched the clouds. What was the reading? The same reading. The same syllable repeated. It sounded like Tenaron's name, but not all of it. Just the first part. Was it?

"TenTen," the word came out in a rush, and it sounded right so she clung to it. That was her name. That had to be it. "My name is TenTen."

She opened her eyes, smiling, to find Tenaron waiting expectantly, like there should be more. There wasn't, though. If she had a second name, she didn't know it. TenTen didn't think she'd ever had one.

After a moment, Tenaron blinked his pale glowing eyes, seeming to accept that no more information would be forthcoming. "A strange name, but I dare say human's do have those. I wouldn't say the name Wyrnn says anything about what the man should be, do you?"

At a loss, TenTen shook her head. Now that she had managed to recall her name, the sharp pain in her head had subsided, and she sat up part of the way very slowly. For the first time, she realized she was naked under the blanket, and in some panic she clung to it, wrapping the soft leather tight around herself as she sat up.

If Tenaron noticed or thought this strange he did not say so, instead just sitting back further in his low chair. "What do you remember about how you came to be here, child?"

"Nothing." She shrugged, one bare shoulder touching her cheek as her head tilted to the side. "I remember being at a shrine with my friends, protecting it, and then waking up here."

Nodding like this was to be expected; the elf leaned forward, resting his chin on his hand. "You fell from the sky, a falling star in the day time. I've never seen anything like it before. A great flash over head, the broke off into three pieces. One headed north, toward the isle of the Draenai, and the other to the Eastern Kingdoms. I watched you fall, and retrieved you from you landing at the far side of the glen. You're fortunate the Nightsabers chose to leave you alone."

Again, TenTen could only shrug. What was she supposed to say to that anyway? It wasn't like she was an angel or something.

"I don't suppose you remember the name of the thing you were protecting?" Tenaron didn't look like he expected her to, so she didn't feel to badly shaking her head again. "It must have been important, I'm sure we can find it. What is your area of study?"

"Study?" She studied a lot of things, frequently, just because it was fun. She knew more random facts than just about anyone in the village. Neji and Lee even had a special look they gave her when they'd reached the too much information point.

"Yes, are you a druid? A warrior? Priestess? Perhaps even one of the human Paladin…" He trailed off, probably from the blank look of confusion she was giving him. None of those sounded like what she and her friends called themselves.

She just couldn't remember what the word for it was.

"I have weapons. Lots of weapons. Swords, pole arms, knives, so many weapons. And I can use them all." It didn't tell what she was, but maybe it would be helpful to him? "I never miss. I'm a good tracker too."

For the first time Tenaron smiled broadly, nodding in a slow satisfied way. "A huntress. It suits you well, though I must say it is unexpected. Amber eyes usually indicate a great destiny and strong perchance for magic."

Did she have amber eyes? She usually thought of them as the color of mud, but maybe if they were glowing like his it would result in a similar color. Maybe.

"Now, the question remains of what to do with you." Tenaron frowned a little before he stood up, heading over to one of the bookshelves, his eyes trailing over the volumes aimlessly. "I've never heard of anything like this before, I dare say. If Malfurion were here…no. Perhaps Fandral will know."

He was dropping names as easily as her brain was, but these meant nothing at all to her. No faces appeared, no feeling of familiarity. "Fandral?"

"He is the current archdruid, in Darnassus," he trailed off again as he turned around, the grim set of his jaw softening slightly. "None of this makes any sense to you, does it?"

"I'm afraid not." TenTen wasn't sure which was worth, the confusion of all this stuff Tenaron seemed to think she should know, or her inability to recall certain things she knew she should.

"Well, little one, I suppose the first thing to do will be to get you properly clothed and fed. Then we shall discuss the best way to get you where you need to be." Patting her head one last time and handing her the canteen, Tenaron started toward the door.

"Wait," she must have been picking up his habit of asking questions with answers that were already expected, but she had to, just in case. "I had two friends that were guarding with me. Do you think they were the other two lights you saw?"

"It is possible." For a moment, the elf looked as though he wanted to say more, but instead he simply shook his head. "Rest now, child. I will be back soon."

The request was more like a command, and soon her worries about her friends started to dim in the haze of sleep. TenTen felt her eyelids dropping before she once more slipped back into the realm of unconsciousness.