A/N: For those that are interested, I know that the in-game translator is not a 'true' translation. Probably, these aren't the words a Draenei would use. However, I needed to give the sense of the language being in-comprehensible, and this is what worked best for it. The languages are Dranei, Eredun for the blood elf's first speech, and Thalassian for her second.

Chapter 3

Ammen Vale, Azuremyst Isle

"Kiel te!"

Lee groaned, trying and failing to push himself up onto his hands and knees. He didn't know what this person wanted, but it sounded horribly important. He coughed, shaking his head to try and clear the ringing in his ears. Pushing his torso up so he was resting on his elbows, Lee turned, cracking his eyes open against the harsh light.

"Gah!" The pain that had been keeping him still before took a back seat suddenly as he jerked away, surprised and startled at the creature that was crouched next to him. It was a large and very blue man, far taller and broader than any man Lee had encountered in his life. He didn't look quite like a man, though, except a few anatomy basics.

Its forehead extended up like plates, with small horns and ridges along the middle and at the crown, with a short black beard trailing down the sides of his long square face. His eyes were glowing a deep azure blue, and on either side of his head long pointed ears stretched upward. To top of the look of a daemon, whatever this thing was it had two long tentacles coming down from its chin, two more extending like horns passed the back of his head, and its huge legs were shaped more like a goat then a man, with massive hooves bigger than Lee's head instead of feet. And a tail, from the look of it. A large muscular looking tail.

The only thing even remotely familiar about it was the fact that it had face, two arms that ended in large hands, and was brown vest with pants like clothing.

Slamming his eyes shut, Lee put his head back on the ground, muttering to himself as he did so. "I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming."

There was a hard rapping on the back of his skull, making colors momentarily dance behind his eyes. "Orah az no maez shi faramon kamil! Zar ashj raka xi belankar me gul enkil tiros zenn zar danashj. Daz zar buras o melar, nagas?"

"I do not understand you," Lee shouted back, pushing himself all the way up so he could scoot away from the creature. Except his legs got all tangled when he tried, and he tripped over his hooves, landing harder than he meant to.

Wait a minute, hooves? He didn't have hooves.

Except looking down at his feet—and he knew they were his, because he could move them—all he saw were large black hooves and powerful animal looking legs with near teal hair covering them. Jerking back even further was the only reaction Lee could think of, running the large, thick fingered hand over the chest he was only now realizing was bare, his face, and the new pointed ears and high plates that ran along his forehead. "Ah! What happened? What did you do to me? Why am I like this?"

Was it a genjutsu? If it was he was in big trouble. Breaking out of genjutsu was one of his biggest struggles, and usually he had to count on his teammates to break him out. Hopefully, they'd get him out of here quickly, because this place was really starting to get to him.

Lee yelped again, falling over his unusually long and awkward limbs, as a green glowing dagger landed by his hand, and several arrows fell right where his head had been.

A new creature appeared on the ridge, distinctly more human but perhaps three times as scary. She, as she was very clearly female, had skin that stood out bright pink against the mostly teal and blue fauna around them. Her hair, a shade of pale blonde Ino would envy, was tied in a high ponytail, long pointed ears that reached skyward, and her eyes flashed a brilliant green. Just looking at her made the hair on Lee's arms prickle.

"Selama ashal'anore! Enkil ul lek maz karkun Thorje Kael'thas!" She hissed, a sort of manic joy crossing her face as another volley of arrows launched from somewhere down the ridge behind her.

The large rough hand of the first blue creature clasped Lee's shoulder, pulling him roughly out of the way and throwing him to the ground as he blocked several of the arrows with the large sword that had previously been strapped to his back. "Zila thorje az orah, man'ari belankar, shi zar revos veni az lek parn!"

"Ash dorini neph'o aman," she shrieked, unsheathing a second dagger as several more of the fair skinned creatures appeared, wielding more weapons than he knew TenTen to have in her arsenal. "Anar'alah belore! Shan're su Ishnu!"

Whatever was happening, it seemed clear to Lee that whoever this blue guy was, he meant him no harm and was vastly out numbered by the red things that seemed intent on making him a pin cushion. If they were going to survive, blue guy needed help.

His legs wobbled as he pushed himself up, and his thin arms flailed wildly for a minute until he managed to gain his center of gravity. Until he got used to this new body, he didn't know how much kicking would be possible. Good thing he also trained his fists. And, new body or otherwise, some things were still the same. He hoped.

"Ante arakal me, nagas, ril you'll be gulamir." Blue-man dropped into a low stance, raising the sword in his hand as the pale things charged down the ridge at them. They were barely a meter away when the blue man launched himself forward, swinging his blade with expert precision and cutting off one of their hands. It shrieked, stumbling back, and several more rushed to take its place.

Blue-man was doing everything he could to keep them from getting passed, but Lee wasn't about to let him face this alone. He charged forward, cocking back one fist and channeling his chakra too it for an extra boost. "Leave my friend alone!"

His fist collided with one of their faces, throwing it back and nearly toppling him off balance. It would definitely take a while to get used to this body. What better chance to learn though than here, where he would need to test it's limits the most? Already he could hear Guy-sensei's voice in his head, telling him that if he could not master this new body by the end of the battle, he would need to run fifty laps around the biggest thing he could find here.

"Maev me you belan zar ril doing? Me you veni te die? " Blue-man shouted over the various incomprehensible cries of the creatures they were fighting. Lee ignored him, jumping up to kick one of the creatures in the head. His tail, which he hadn't really noticed before, hit a second, and both went sprawling, and digging the tips of his hooves into the dirt kept Lee upright enough to slam his fist into the belly of a third.

A green bolt of something that crackled shot passed Lee's face but he ignored it, turning to elbow the person that has thrown it in the stomach, the flipped his arm up to hit their nose. Human or otherwise, those areas were still sensitive.

It seemed that these people, while used to hand to hand combat, were unfamiliar with his style, and he felt several more in rapid succession. Though this body was powerful, it probably wasn't enough to kill them. Just enough to remove them from the battle. By the time he'd gotten through figuring out how to kick up only one leg, all of them had either been sliced with a sword or knocked into unconsciousness.

A large blue hand clapped him on the shoulder, and Lee turned to find his companion chuckling and grinning broadly. "Lok bad, child. Maev az your name?"

"I'm Rock Lee." The answer was automatic, and Lee blinked several times as it dawned on him that he could actually understand some of those words. How was that possible? Even moments ago the man might as well have been speaking gibberish, and now he could almost make sense of it.

What was this place?

"I am Tolaan." He was speaking slower, and almost like magic the trouble Lee had been having vanished. "Rock Lee is a very strange name. You are not from this area, correct?"

He shook his head, frowning as the familiar sensation of his hair on his forehead wasn't there. At least it felt like his eyebrows were still there, that was comforting. "I'm from…" Tolaan was looking at him expectantly, but the words wouldn't come. He could smell damp earth and feel brilliant sunshine when he thought about it, but what it was called he could not remember. "It-it's on the tip of my tongue…"

"You took quite a fall from the sky." Tolaan's smile softened a little as he removed a rag to wipe his blade. "Perhaps after some rest, it will return to you, little halfling."

Halfling? Well, that was as good a name as any for whatever body he was in. "How did I fall from the sky?"

A shrug from his companion. "I was spying on the blood elves you helped me to defeat when you all but landed in my lap. You remember nothing from before this?"

"I have friends." That much he was certain of. Guy-sensei, Neji, and TenTen. They were his important people, and the fact that he could picture their faces and their names made him smile. "But everything seems to be half-hidden in a haze…"

Tolaan nodded in understanding, putting his blade back in the sheath by his side. "I suppose we should take you back to Vindicator Aldar. He might know what to do with you, as well as have some clothing you can borrow. I suppose you don't know what happened to yours either?"

He shook his head. Lee hadn't really thought of himself as naked, since this body was so foreign from his own, but if Tolaan said it was than clothing would probably be best.

"Come along then, little Halfling. It seems my work is done here anyway. For now. Follow me and we'll get this mess sorted out."