Feegles in Middle Earth Part 2

Disclaimer: I. Own. Nothing. Except the odd OC. Much Credit goes to duchess-Susan for giving me the idea and Virtuella who suggested it ages ago.

Elrond sighed, stood up and walked to the balcony. He was going to have to tell the elflings to shut up once more it seemed, as they were causing havoc. Again. Erestor's ears still hadn't recovered from the last time they went wild and he was getting a headache. Then he listened again. The yells were getting louder... Elrond cocked his head on one side to hear better. What he heard was a series of strange battle cries, each unique to whatever creature was uttering them. "There can only be one t'ousand! Git a heid full o' heid, ye bigjob scunner that yez are!"

Then one cry rose above them all, taken up by many throats; "!" and swarm of small blue things broke into the last homely house. He heard Erestor screaming and Glorfindel bellowing some strange battle cry, and then the small blue things charged into his study and the last thing he saw was one of the larger blue things leaping through the air and smashing its head with incredible force.

When he came to, one of the small blue things was looking down at him sheepishly, much like Estel used to when he had broken something.

There was another faint scream from Erestor's direction and the small blue thing, evidently the leader, whipped around and yelled, "Big Yan, wud ye stop doin' that to the puir scunner!"

"He's wetter than a wee pair o' Daft Wullies scuggers, Rob."

"I dinnae care, stop doin' that!"

Elrond watched from his prone position, judging it safer than sitting up in the present circumstances.

The leader, Rob, turned to Elrond, then turned back briefly and yelled as an afterthought, "Wullie disnae even hae scuggers ye great fool!"

He then resumed his conversation with Elrond, or rather, monologue.

"Ahm sorry we broke yon wee hoose, but we fixed it be we could. Ye see, we thought yez were evil, cos elves where we're from are no' guid ye see?"

Elrond nodded, if only out of self defence.

"Guid. No' feegle here means ye any ill will, 'cept for Big Yan, but he disnae like anyone much, and he wuz the one what nutted yez. He isnae sorry, but he will be when we git back." At this last sentence he glared at a particularly large feegle.

"Ahm no frit of ye Rob."

"No? What aboot Jeanie, wit' the tappin' o' the feets?" This was said with as much innocent malice as the average feegle could muster, which is to say not very much, as far as Elrond could tell.

As one the feegles all went "Oh, no' the tappin' o the feets! And the pursin' o' th-"

"Will yez idiots no' shut up?!" roared Rob

In the background one feegle carried on, regardless.

"Oh waily, waily, waily!"

Rob's voice went icy. "Daft Wullie, whut ha' I said aboot the times when ye shouldn't be doin' the wailyin' to yez?"

"Aye Rob?"

"That was one o' those times, ye ken?"

"Aye Rob."

"Guid." He turned back to Elrond, "We ha' better be goin' noo."

And the feegles disappeared in a blue blur.

Elrond got up and dusted himself off. It had been a very strange day.