Small Promises

Sakura Hanamoto

Disclaimer: I own none of the concepts, characters, or plot of Pandora Hearts. All rights belong to Mochizuki Jun.

Gil knocked on the door to Oz's study. There was no answer from the blond. Gil slowly pushed the wooden door open only to see his master hunched over his work, fast asleep with a pen still in his hand. Gil smiled softly at the sight and approached the desk silently. He brushed aside some of Oz's unruly hair and the blond scrunched his nose in response to the light touch.

Since The Incident – as the house staff had come to call it – their relationship had gone far beyond that of simply master and servant. Not that Gil minded, he never paid much attention to the whispers that floated about, and Oz was simply oblivious to them.

The dark haired servant carefully placed a hand on Oz's shoulder and shook his gently.

"Master Oz, wake up," he murmured. Oz groaned and shifted his head. The pen slipped from his slack grip and left a trail of ink across his face. Gil restrained a chuckle before again attempting to awaken the other man. "Dinner is ready master Oz, if you would like to eat soon, I suggest you wake up."

Oz mumbled something before opening his eyes and blinking owlishly.

"Did I fall asleep?" he asked with a yawn.

"You did," Gil replied. Oz pushed his chair back and rose to his feet. He stretched and groaned in satisfaction as joints popped and loosened. Somehow, Gil managed to keep his eyes on Oz's face rather than wandering down to the shorter man's body. It was a lot more difficult to do than he anticipated.

"Gil?" Oz struggled to regain the brunette's attention. "Gil? Is something wrong?"

Gil snapped from his stupor and smiled at Oz.

"Everything's fine," he answered. "We'd best get going; your dinner will be cold at this rate."


The pair made their way from the study and headed for the dining room.

"How much work were you able to complete?" Gil asked. Oz blushed.

"Um, a page, maybe two?"

"Are you asking me?"

"Uh, two pages. I think. It's so boring I fell asleep," Oz said, his blush deepening.

"I'm sure," Gil murmured.

They were approaching the dining room now and the smell of roast beef touched their senses. Gil reached for the door handle only to be yanked into a dark alcove of the hallway.

"Master Oz?"

"I told you, no calling me that when it's just us around," Oz chided. He rose onto his tip toes and pressed a kiss to Gil's cheek. "I promise I'll have all of that paper work done by tomorrow so we can spend some time together, okay?"

"I look forward to it Oz," Gil responded before wrapping his arms around Oz, holding him close. "Now, get to dinner, you missed lunch and tea."

"Oh, all right," Oz said in a slightly whiny voice. He detached himself from the dark haired man and slipped into the dining room. He paused on the threshold and turned back to give Gil a wink before disappearing from sight.