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Full Summary: Takeru Takemoto opened up his heart up to an angel, one that loved him in return, only to have fate snatch her away from him. He's begun living his life as a regular student, a year after her departure. But what could that bright familiar light he saw in his dreams mean?

Main Pairing: TakeruXHikaru Other Pairings: RyoXAkari, one-sided MariXTakeru Warnings: Hmm, mild cursing (damn and hell), and a little limes, but nothing serious. I will keep the characters in character as best as I can. (Who am I kidding, they'll be just like in the anime)

Disclaimer: I do not own TUYBW or any of its characters. I only wish I do, cuz there would be a second season.

Chapter 1: Forever Means Forever~

Takeru shot up in bed, sweating profusely. He breathed heavily, his eyes darting all over the room. [It was...just a dream.] He had been having a reacurring dream about him and Hikari reuniting, only for a dark shadow to snatch her away from him. He cringed as he remembered her frantic screams and calls for him. Takeru glanced at the clock, which read 3:44. He groaned as he realized how early it was. He knew that he was still in love with Hikari, and he often lied awake at night hoping that she thought about him. His heart ached painfully as he thought about her laughter chiming like soft bells.

Takeru usually found himself lying awake at night, wondering if she would ever come back. Every girl that asked him out were turned down, always for a stupid excuse he made up. His heart belonged to someone else. He got out of bed and sat on the windowsill, staring up at the night sky, the stars clearly visible. A lump appeared in his throat as a light flashed across the sky. [It's just a shooting star. Calm down, baka.] But the light didn't fade. It split into two and headed towards the forest where he met Hikari.

His cell phone began to vibrate rapidly. His eyebrow raised as he looked at the caller id. [Ryo?] He answered it. "Yeah?" he answered. There was a shuffling in the background. "Takeru? I saw the light! The one when we first saw Hikaru and Akari!" he spoke frantically. Takeru's eyes widened slightly. He didn't reply. "Takeru?" Ryo said uncertainly. "Ryo, don't get your hopes up, it could turn out to be nothing," Takeru grumbled darkly. Ryo chuckled, "Well, it's too late now. I want to go see. Meet me there if you change your mind." Ryo hung up and Takeru stared at the phone.

[Well, I guess I have nothing to lose.] He got dressed and decided taking his bike instead of his motorcycle would be much quieter. He hopped on his bike and started riding towards the forest. [I hope Ryo is right.] He got there in 2 minutes and hopped off his bike and ran in the forest. He spotted a bright light. The bushes ruffled and he gulped. It was Ryo. "You ready?" Ryo asked, giving him a wistful smile. Takeru nodded, not wanting to wait any longer. The two 18 year olds got to a clearing where they saw a almost blinding bright light. "Is that you, Mr. Takeru?" a familiar voice chimed. Takeru's heart thumped painfully as the girl he dreamt about stepped out of the light, nude. Hikaru didn't notice his embarrassment and ran to him, hugging him. Takeru slowly returned the embrace, not believing that it was real.

Akari stepped out second. She softly smiled at Hikari and Takeru, then her attention went to Ryo. "Big Brother!" she squealed as she ran to him. Ryo held out his arms and they hugged, Akari clutching Ryo tightly, never wanting to let go. Akari was also nude.

"I missed you so much, Mister Takeru, I begged Akari to let us come here," Hikari spoke, her angelic voice sounding relieved. Takeru's chest lurched as something awful occured to him. " long are you staying?" Takeru asked. "As long as you'll let us," Hikari smiled, kissing him again and again.

Ryo smiled as Akari kissed him on his cheek. Akari grinned, "I have good news. Takeru, you won't have to worry about any transformations. Big sister is the same as always and Yami-Hikaru won't come back, I promise." Takeru let out a sigh of relief and Hikari giggled. Then he blushed. "Err, you guys need clothes," he said, a blush painting his face a bright red.

Hikari and Akari both looked down at their naked bodies. "I knew something was wrong since it was strangely very cold," Hikari commented. Sunrise approached quickly as they walked.

"Do I get to go back to school?" Hikaru asked as Takeru carried her on his back, offering her his leather jacket. "Sure, if you want," Ryo answered. "Yay!" Hikaru squealed childishly. Akari pouted, wearing Ryo's shirt, "Ne, what about me?" Ryo smiled warmly, "You can be in Kimi's school if you'd like." Akari's face lit up. "Really?!" she asked hopefully. Ryo nodded and Akari hugged his neck, since she was on his back. "Arigato, onii-san!"

Mari's face was priceless. "You two...are back?" she asked incrediously. Takeru knew that Mari had a crush on him, but he knew he only loved one person. Besides they were cousins. It was impossible.

Hikari's face broke out in a sweet smile. "Mari, I've missed you!" she exclaimed, giving her a hug.

Mari was surprised, and briefly patted her on her back. "Uh, hey. I...missed you too," she said hesitantly. Mari really did like Hikari, but she would admittedly like Hikari a lot better if Takeru wasn't in love with her.

Hikari looked a lot more beautiful, if that was possible. Mari didn't wear braids anymore, claiming it was dopey now. (A/N: They were 'dopey' when she had them the first time.) She wore her hair in a long ponytail and she wore more classier clothes, secretly wanting to look as sexy as Hikari did. Now Hikari was back, she knew it was back to trying to win Takeru's heart the old fashioned way.

The room suddenly got quiet. "Soo, where is she sleeping?" Mari asked, crossing her arms. "Why can't I sleep in my old room?" Hikaru asked Takeru. Takeru looked startled. "Well, that room is being turned into Aunt Sumi's office," Takeru explained.

"Why doesn't she just sleep with you, Mari?" Ryo suggested.

"No way!" Mari and Takeru both said simotaniously.

Mari's thoughts: I need my space.

Takeru's thoughts: Mari would be mean to her.

Hikari's face turned thoughtful. "I would like to sleep with Mister Takeru!" Takeru sweatdropped, "Uh, you can just call me Takeru." Hikaru mused, "Hmm, how about Takeru-kun? And you call me Hika-chan." Takeru said, "Sure, you can call me Takeru-kun. But I'd rather call you Hikari." Hikari looked disappointed until Ryo spoke up, "I'll call you Hika-chan." Hikari smiled and hugged Ryo. Ryo rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. Akari said, "Hey, call me Kari-chan!"

"Okay, Kari-chan," Ryo and Hikari said in unison.

Mari interrupted the happy moment. "She can't sleep in Takeru's room," she protested. "All in favor of Hikari sleeping in Takeru's room say 'aye,'" Ryo said.

"Aye!" Ryo, Akari and Hikari called out.

Ichiro and Sumi came in. "What is with all the racket?" Ichiro grumbled. Mari told them what happened. Ichiro groaned, "She can sleep whereever she pleases, but I expect Takeru to be mature. Am I clear, Takeru?" Takeru chuckled nervously. "Of course, Uncle Ichiro," he replied.

"Good," he said, leaving. Sumi smiled, "Nice to see you two again, Hikari, Akari." Hikari and Akari said, "Nice to see you too, Miss Sumi!" She chuckled and left.

"But Dad--!" Mari protested. Takeru sighed, "I guess it can't be helped. Wait till Daichiro and the others hear about this." Hikari cheered, "Yay," and wrapped her hands around Takeru's neck, kissing him sweetly. After she pulled away, Takeru was blushing. Mari was blushing, but felt a pang of jealousy.

Hikari said, "Well, it's early, so I would just like to get ready for school." Takeru's eyes widened, "Damn, I forgot about school! We stayed up all night." Ryo stood up, "Okay, Akari, you can start school today, but we have to get home so we won't be late, okay?" Akari nodded, "Yep!" Ryo and Akari prepared to leave. "See you guys in school!" Ryo called out. Akari giggled, "Bye, Hika-oneechan! Bye, Takeru-san and Mari-san!" Hikari smiled, "Bye, Kari-chan, bye Ryo." After they left, Takeru quickly went in his room to get dressed. Mari got Hikari's uniform and gave it to her. Hikari changed into it and twirled in a nearby mirror. Her hair was in the same two ponytails, except it was longer.

Takeru finished getting dressed (Hikari used the bathroom, he used his room) and saw Hikari patiently eating breakfast. [Takeru's thoughts: She is so beautiful...] Hikari looked up and her face lit up. "Umm, Takeru-kun, can I talk to you in private, please?" she asked.

Takeru nodded, "Sure." They went back to Takeru's room. Takeru shut the door and Hikari took a deep breath. "I wanted to ask if what you said was true," she started. Takeru gave her a confused look. "Uh, what did I say?"

"That you loved me," she said gently. Takeru blushed, "O-of course it was true. I do love you, Hikari." Hikari smiled softly, "I knew it. I love you so much, Takeru-kun." She ran into his arms and kissed him again, this time deepening the kiss. Takeru blushed, but responded quickly, kissing her back. Hikaru pulled back, "And I want to stay with you forever..." Takeru said, brushing her hair out of her eyes. "Yeah..."

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