First and foremost, this is not chapter. It is an announcement- one I should have made long ago, but which I've been hesitating to say.

I'm toying with the idea of releasing the Prometheus Rising ending, because I'm also toying with the idea of restarting.

"Restarting?" you ask, utterly flabbergasted. "But you've already restarted once! You promised you wouldn't do it again!"

And that, my dears, is very true. However, that promise was also one I could never have kept, just because of who I am. It was stupid of me to make it, honestly, and I do regret doing so.

This is my story, though, and as such it is mine to poke and prod at, to utterly tear to shreds and rebuild from the bottom up. What is "published" right now is not good enough, not nearly good enough- the ending might seem to come from left field, and it shouldn't, because there are some key factors that you should be well aware of by this point in the plot that are not coming through. Only one thing should take you off guard- that's intentional, and hopefully you know what I'm talking about- and even then you should realize with varying degrees of surprise that yes, I was hinting at it all along.

I need to fix this. What has been out so far are drafts, I suppose, the first two drafts of a story that could be wonderful but is floundering due to its author's negligence. It needs to have its wounds reopened, to have its bones rebroken, to deal with the necessary pains of repair. Because this will be a good story. Hell, maybe it will even be a great story. It just can't skip the steps necessary to get there.

Believe me when I say that I appreciate every bit of support my friends and readers have given me, and believe me when I say that I expect varied reactions to this announcement. Say what you want- I'll take it all. But most of all, believe me when I say that as amazing as you all are, and as grateful as I am to all of you, I will not force myself to continue this solely to please you. This is my story.

I don't know what shape Prometheus Rising will take in the future. It may have a new name. It may have new characters, new obstacles, new destinations. Certainly it will have a new life.

It's not over.

Only changing.

I can at least promise you that.