Wooo, finally started my UlquiHime drabble series! *hearts* I looove UlquiHime (along with IchiHime and IchiRuki. Don't hate me for loving all three!!) Hopefully I can think of other prompts soon, but please don't hate too much, as this was my first time writing UlquiHime. XD


Her brilliant brown eyes remained unfocused on the friend in front of her, her mind going a mile a minute. Somehow, something didn't sit right with Orihime as she remembered the fourth Espada turning into ash in front of her. It was more than just feeling compassion for even an enemy, definitely more than that...

As her heart continued to ache for an unknown reason, her face fell, her own hands become blurry in front of her.

"Inoue-san?" Ishida spoke up, noticing the girl's sudden sorrow. Raising her head to meet her eyes with his, she tried to fake perkiness and enthusiasm.

"Yes, Ishida-kun?"

"You..." He stared hard at her while feeling his arm and stomach being restored. S-She's getting stronger... He mentally noted. "Are you alright?"

"Oh yes, quite fine! I think it's you that should be the center of worry, considering you got your arm-" Orihime chirped, trying to feign happiness, when a heavy reiatsu began to overcome them both. Eyes grew wide and Ishida swallowed thickly, recognizing the owner's pressure from another time.

Once his limb and abdomen were healed, he stretched his fingers casually, impressed by her work. But he knew as much as he wanted to comfort the sadness she was trying to hide, he had to help out down below. The others were strong, but one more person could always make the difference.

"Inoue-san, I must go down below. But you stay here, as it's safer," he told her firmly and gently at the same time. Usually, Orihime would've protested to go along, but this time, she merely looked towards the spot their enemy previously stood. It was a moment later that Ishida had gone down below, and the healer looked at the dome in sorrow.

Why does it hurt so much? She wondered, bringing up her hand and looking at it softly. Deep down, she felt she wouldn't be hurting so much if she had taken an earlier step and actually touched Ulquiorra's hand with her own.

An unexpected sob escaped her, sending a shudder through her body. It was weird, she noticed, that even though she hadn't been here more than a day, she still felt some good intentions from that Arrancar. Even while she was down, he had his own, unusual, but still unique way of making her feel stronger and keeping her that way.

Pushing herself off the ground, she began to stand, eyes growing half-lidded as she moved towards the spot he previously stood.

I-I want to...

Licking her suddenly dry lips, she smoothly brought her hands up in a quick motion.

"Santen Kesshun."