I woke up to my mom shaking me. "Max, c'mon, this is important."

I groaned and looked at me alarm clock. "Mom, its 12:30 in the morning!"

"Maximum! Your father is sending someone after you."

That definitely got me up. My dad hated me from the day my mom left him. He said I was the reason she left. Now, I was famous. I was the actress/singer/guitar and bass player/black belt/baseball player, Maximum Ride. Now, my dad was after me. And he wouldn't stop until I was dead.

I bolted upright. "What?"

"C'mon. We're moving you to live with a friend of mine. You're going to Keene, New Hampshire. Right now, we need to get you in you private jet." she told me.

"Since when do I have a private jet?" I asked.

"Since now! Come on!"

I jumped up, pulled on some jeans, changed into a t-shirt and grabbed my wallet.

Mom held out her hand. "Credit cards?"

I put them all in her hand and she gave me a HUGE wad of cash. "There's more where you're going. I've been keeping a lot there just in case. Now come on."

She drove me to the airport and I got on the jet. "Goodbye, Maximum. I'll see you when you are safe."

I wiped away my tears. Mom needed me to be strong, "Bye, Mom."

~Hours later~

I got off the jet and saw someone with a sign that said 'MR,' probably me. I went up to the guy. He looked at me then gave me a big hoodie. "Put the hood up."

I Put it on and did as I was told. He led me outside and to a car with dark windows. Mercedes, I believe. He opened the passenger side door for me and I got in. He then went around and got in before starting the car. "Miss Ride, I am Erik. I will be posing as your adoptive father. Your name is now Alexis or Lexi Gegy. (Pronounced Gee gee) I am Erik Terilliance and my wife is Shayla Terilliance. She is not actually my wife, but it is part of the story. You were abandoned by your parents and have been in foster care all your life. You will be going to Keene Middle School, eighth grade, and you are from Harrison, Ohio."

"O-okay." I whispered.

He looked at me. "Hey. I know it's hard. But when the police find your dad, you'll be safe and you can go back to LA."

I nodded. We were in Connecticut and had to travel quite a bit before we were in Keene. As we passed the sign that said 'Welcome to New Hampshire' Erik said, "Oh! I almost forgot!" then reached into the back seat and gave me a bag.

I looked into it. There were some green colored contacts and black hair dye. "I'm sorry, Max, but no one can know who you are."

I nodded in understanding. A little bit later, we were pulling into the driveway of a small house. It was brick on the bottom part and white on the top. There were two porches and the windows had blue shutters. There was still a bit of snow on the ground, though it was late April.

"C'mon, Lexi. I'll show you your room. The closet has what your mom said you like to wear when you aren't on stage." I nodded and followed him. It would be hard getting used to people calling me Lexi. (A/N: if you're one of my friends who has been in my house, you can skip the descriptions) He took me inside and I saw a kitchen on one side and a dining room on the other. The kitchen had a stainless steel fridge and an awesome gas stove. There were purple granite countertops and above the stove was a nice microwave. I completely LOVED the kitchen!

Erik laughed. "Your mom told me you liked to cook. You can cook whatever, here. Fully stocked fridge. The basement has another fridge and many game consoles. He pointed down the hall and into a room that's the office. He led me through the dining room and I saw a nice living room with two comfy-looking couches. He led me up the stairs that separated the dining and living rooms and showed me this HUGE bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub and shower. The room that was right outside that was the master bedroom where Shayla slept and a little bit away from was the guest room where Erik slept. Right by that was my room. It was medium-sized and a light blue. There was a giant queen sized bed that looked like heaven. I took the hair dye out of the bag.

"I'm gonna go dye my hair." I told him. He just nodded and I went to the bathroom.

~skipping this part 'cause I've never dyed my hair~

After taking a long, steaming hot shower, I wrapped a towel around me and walked to my new room. I opened the closet door and saw a lot of comfortable pants and t-shirts. I pulled on a plain bright blue tee and some gray sweatpants. When I opened my door back up, I smelled bacon and burgers. Yum. I went down stairs and there was a kind looking lady putting bacon cheeseburgers on plates. After a minute she looked up and smiled.

"Hi, you must be Max, err, Lexi, I'm Shayla. You like bacon cheeseburgers?" she asked kindly.

"Yeah," I replied, "I love 'em."

She handed me a plate. "There are mashed potatoes on the counter behind me."

I got some then sat at the dining room table and ate quietly. When I was done, I put the plate in the sink and headed upstairs. "Wait, Lexi!" I heard Shayla call from the couch. I went back down.

She patted the seat next to her so I went and sat down.

"Tomorrow you are starting school, here. I know you'll make friends and you'll be fine. Here's a cell phone, but you can't contact anyone from LA. You can't e-mail ANYTHING. I'm sorry. My and Erik's numbers are already in there. You can call any friends you meet at school or anything. Unlimited texting. Tomorrow, and the rest of the week I can drive you to school, but after that I'll be at work and you'll have to walk."

I nodded. "I understand." I took the phone and went to my room. I sat in my window seat with my head resting against the window and thought about everything that was happening. I missed my mom. I was crying freely, not caring who saw. It was around 8 at night and it was already getting dark. I knew I was on the verge of sleep, but I couldn't bring myself to move to my bed.


I jumped about a foot in the air. Something had just hit the window. I looked down and there was a guy, about my age, looking up at me. He threw something again. I opened the window.

"Who are you?" I asked.

He smirked. "I'm Fang. You're new. Never seen you around before."

"Yeah, I just moved. I'm M- Lexi!"

"Nice to meet you M-Lexi. Are you sure that's your name?"

"I'm Lexi. Lexi Gegy."

"So why did you come here?"

"The Terilliances adopted me. I've been in foster care all my life."

"You going to the middle school, here?"

"Yeah. Eighth. You?"


"So why exactly did you throw something at my window?" I asked him.

"Well, sleeping against a window doesn't seem so comfortable. So, I thought I'd wake you up so your neck didn't hurt like hell for your first day here."

I laughed. "Well, thanks. I'm really tired, though. See you at school tomorrow?" I asked hopefully.

"Yeah. See you then." He waved and walked away. I closed the window and went to bed, smiling.


I woke up refreshed and ready for my first day. I changed into gray skinny jeans and a really light gray Pink Floyd baby tee. I put in my green contacts and put on black eyeliner. I always wore eyeliner when I was pretending to be a normal girl. I went to the bathroom and brushed my now black hair. I looked at my self. It wasn't enough. Big fans could still tell it was me. Thank god Fang had been so far away last night. I took some scissors and cut about 4 inches off my hair and cut side bangs. They ended up looking pretty good.

I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. I poured myself some Applejacks.

Shayla came down and looked at me. "You look completely different, Lexi. Erik is at work already. You ready for school?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready."

She handed me a backpack and gestured me outside. She showed me the way I would walk next week and dropped me off in front of the school. "Have a good day, sweetie." I nodded and got out.

The crosswalk lady stopped the cars for me to pass. As I crossed the street, I said to her, "Thank you, have a good day."

She smiled at me. "You're welcome. You too."

I walked across the parking lot and into the school. The lady looked up at me. "Hi, I'm Lexi Gegy. I'm new here." I told her.

"Oh! Yes, come on in." I went in and wasn't sure where to go next. Soon enough, an old, but not like ancient old, woman came up.

"Hi, I'm Mrs. Frazier. The school principle. Here's your schedule and I'll show you to your homeroom."

I nodded and followed her up a whole bunch of stairs before stopping at a door. She brought me in and brought me to the teacher.

"Lexi, this is Mrs. Wilson-Tucker. Have a good day." she left and I was the only one in the room.

"Hi, Lexi. I'll be your homeroom and reading teacher. We don't have any spare lockers at this time, so you will have to keep your stuff here." I nodded. "You can sit anywhere. The rest should be here soon." I sat in the back at one of the desks and put my stuff down.

After a minute or so, people did come in and most of them gave me weird looks. I took out my schedule and looked at my classes. First, I had computers, then P.E. then English, Science, Reading, Social Studies, Lunch, Math and finally Focus Study Group, Whatever that was.

"Oh and Lexi," Mrs. Wilson-Tucker called, "They gave you all your classes with one of the students in my homeroom. She isn't here yet, but you'll like her. Everyone does."


I looked at the clock. It was 7:49. One minute till bell. Would she be here?

Just as the bell rang, a girl rushed in. "I'm here, Mrs. WT!"


She smiled and headed towards the back of the classroom. She gave me a funny look and sat next to me. "Hi! I'm Sarah. You must be the new girl."

I smiled at her, because she had the decency to talk to me.

"Yeah, I'm Lexi."

Sarah was wearing dark blue skinny jeans and a baggy black sweatshirt. She also was wearing a lot of eyeliner along with black flats. She was pale, about 5'6" with a kind smile and wide brown eyes. I could tell she was pretty cool. She had a stack of stuff in front of her. A binder, a green folder and a notebook labeled Poetry.

"So, the school made sure we had all the same classes, so I'm gonna show you around and everything."

"Oh. So that's why you're talking to me. You have to show me around," I said.

"Oh, I would have talked to you anyway. I always give an effort to keep new people away from the people who are just looking for more people to admire them."

I smiled. "Well, thank you."

"No problem. My pleasure. I'll warn you, a lot of people are going to come up to you, and only some of them will be sincere," She said seriously.

I nodded.

"Meg! Stop talking and listen to the announcements!" Mrs. WT commanded.

"Are we supposed to be quiet?" I asked.

She shrugged. "I never get in trouble. Teachers love me." I laughed. "I'm gonna have to introduce you to my friends. They might scare you at first, but they're pretty cool. They're the most loyal friends you could ask for. I'm so thankful for them."

"Why would they scare me?"

"Well… they are a bit…odd. And loud. And just plain crazy."

I laughed. "Sounds cool."


Sarah smiled. "They're always like this. You get used to it. Just wait till Sam's here. He doesn't get involved as much, but it seems like it's always worse when he's here." Did I imagine that flash of sadness when she mentioned him?

"Are they some of the insincere ones?"

"Well, Sam's pretty cool, but the others, they probably won't talk to you if you aren't popular."

This was so much to take in. I hadn't been normal in so long.


We got up and headed towards the door. We waited against the brick wall for a little bit before two girls and a guy came up.

"Lexi, this is Alicja, Kayla, and Marcus. They are some of my best friends." We continued to stay there for a little bit longer until another two guys and two more girls came. "Lexi, Peter, Noah, Caitlin, and Livi. Now we got to get to class." As we were leaving, another guy came up and gave Sarah and Alicja high-fives before leaving. "That was Kevin. He's pretty cool. A lot of people don't like him because he's bi."

We headed down some stairs and we met up with two more girls. "This is Kelsey and Quincy, the last ones on our journey." We then continued down the stairs where Alicja broke away from us to go in another direction and we went in the other. We went down a couple hallways until Caitlin went in a classroom and we went only a bit further and into a room filled with computers.

Sarah walked me up to the teacher. "Mrs. Frankel, this is a new student, Lexi. I'm told she needs to stay with me so she needs to work with me."

"Alright go ahead girls." She brought me to her seat and gave me the extra chair.

She logged in and opened a file. She added my name to where it said hers and saved it before exiting out of it. "Oh hey look we're done." she said, grinning at me. She opened the internet and immediately I saw the ad.

'Maximum Ride: Dropped off the face of the earth? The multitalented girl is no where to be seen.'

"Oh my God." Sarah said. "I wonder what happened to her." She actually seemed concerned.

"What happened to whom?" Quincy asked.

"Max Ride. She disappeared."

"What? Does that mean no CD?" she asked.

"Probably." She turned in her seat. "Livi!" The girl looked up. "Maximum Ride is missing."

"What?! That's terrible!"

"Yeah, she just disappeared." Sarah looked really worried for Max's (my) sake. She doesn't even know me, yet she's still really scared. I decided I really wanted to distract her.

"Hey, Sarah. Do you know a Fang that goes here?"

"Lexi, everyone knows a Fang that goes here. He's the guy every girl likes. I've never met him, though. He keeps to himself. Doesn't really interact with anyone."

"Really?" I asked, disbelieving in my tone.

"Yeah. Wait. How do you know him??" she asked.

"Well, I kinda met him last night."

"WHAT?!?!" She said, very loudly, I might add. Mrs. Frankel looked up and Sarah smiled innocently.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Frankel. I thought I saw a spider," she said, widening her eyes and looking ashamed.

"Oh, that's quite alright, dear. I dislike spiders, too."

Sarah rolled her eyes and smiled at the (very badly dressed) teacher.

She turned to me. "Now what's this about you meeting Fang last night?" she asked, dead serious. The people right around us stopped typing to look at me.

"He saw me falling asleep against my window and threw a rock or something at it. We talked for a little bit. It was nothing, really." I said. The others turned around. She went to the search bar and typed, 'you WILL tell me.'

I blushed and looked down. She then just went onto some typing site we had to do and I sat there, watching.

A little bit later I heard someone calls my name. Well, my alias. I turned to see Livi. "Lexi, come here!"

I looked at Sarah. "Don't just look at me; she's your friend now, too."

I went over to her, and felt a bit uncomfortable. Sarah was the only one I really trusted so far.

"First, I want to show you this epic picture, right here." She gestured to a picture on her computer and it said, 'You just lost the Game.'

"Sorry, chica. I won the game a long time ago."

"Aww. You too? So did Sarah and Alicja. Anyway, also, I wanted you to meet Sam." She gestured to a really tall guy. This kind of confused me. Why didn't Sarah introduce me to him? She introduced me to the rest of the people. Why not him, the one she said was pretty cool in homeroom.

"Hello." I said quietly.

"Hey!" he said. I went back over to Sarah. I was much more comfortable there.

"You meet Sam?" she asked tensely.

"Yeah, do you not like him or something? Didn't you say in homeroom that he was pretty cool?"

"I like him well enough."

"What happened? I asked

"Eh. We went out. Didn't end how I thought it should have."

"You okay?"

"Yeah. Fine. It's almost time to go." She logged out. "Now. We get to go experience the joys of gym class. How are you at floor hockey?"

"Umm…I've never played."

"Well then…good luck." We waited for the rest of the group and left.

We went to the girl's locker rooms where Alicja was waiting. She had also taken out Livi's and Sarah's clothes. Alicja looked at me.

"Your pants, my shirt?" she asked Sarah. She just nodded and capris and a baggy t-shirt were thrown at me.

Sarah laughed and I fumbled for the clothes. "You're almost as bad as Ali, here. Almost." Alicja glowered at her. I quickly changed and we all headed out into the gym. Mr. Tiani did attendance and had us practice passing. I was okay, I guess.

After gym I had quickly changed and Sarah brought me to English, then science, then reading, then social studies. Then we went to lunch and there wasn't enough room for everyone. I was being a burden.

"Lexi, we'll just move its fine." Sarah insisted.

I opened my mouth to protest and then Alicja and Sarah's eyes widened. I turned and saw Fang along with another guy.

He smirked at me. "You want to sit with us? Plenty of room for you, and one other person."

I looked at Sarah hopefully. She was still the one I trusted most.

"Oh, fine. C'mon." she sighed jokingly. I smiled at her as we followed Fang and the other guy to an empty table. Sarah was across from me next to the other guy and Fang was by me.

"So, M-Lexi. This is Iggy. And it's nice to meet you, Sarah."

"Mmhmm. Ditto," she mumbled, eating the first of her three boxes of raisins. I laughed at her. "Like raisins, much?" I asked.

She smiled at me. "Mmhmm!" and then she just went back to eating them. I saw Iggy lean in and whisper something in her ear and she blushed, still eating.

"So how's your first day?" Fang asked me.

"Pretty good, as far as first days go. I've met some pretty cool people. Oh, and you too." I added jokingly.

He made a face at me. "Oh, I'm not cool, huh?"

"Nope!" I popped the 'P'

"You didn't seem this cheerful last night."

"Well, I was half asleep, plus the fact you scared me half to death."

"True, true." He admitted.

Someone came on the speakers and announced that students could, 'Go on up for snack.'

"Be right back." Sarah told me.

"Me too." Iggy added and they went towards the lunch line.

"So Lexi, tell me a bit more about yourself."

I shrugged. "Foster care all my life, not much to tell."

"What's your favorite color?"

"Green, you?"


"Why?" I asked.

"Well," he started, "without black, you can't see the colors."

I thought about that. "Wow. I've never thought about that before."

He smirked. "Most people wouldn't. I think a little differently."

I smiled.

"What you smiling about, chica?" I jumped as Sarah sat back down with an ice cream and Iggy sat next to her.

"Jesus, Sarah."

"What?" She asked innocently. I almost fell for it. Almost.

"You know perfectly well, what."

"Yeah." She said, shrugging and breaking a piece of her ice cream bar off for me.


"You know what that means?" She asked, shocked.

"Yeah, thank you. German." Germany was my favorite place to tour. I loved Berlin.

She looked impressed. "Well, then. Gern Geschehen."

"English? Please?" Iggy asked.

I laughed. "Sorry, Iggy."

"So, M-Lexi. What class do you have next?" Fang asked me.

"Math. I hate math," I sighed.

"Well, at least you have it with people you know. I have it too."

I smiled. "Cool."

"Yeah, he and Iggy and Alicja and Caitlin, plus Zoey, who you'll meet." Sarah added in. "Oh and he's in our Focus Study."

"You say that like it a bad thing!" Fang accused. "What's wrong with me?"

"Nothing's wrong with you. I'm just stating a fact." She looked at him with her puppy-dog, please-please-believe-me eyes.

"Don't look at me like that. The only puppy dog eyes I fall for is my little sister's." Sarah's bottom lip quivered. "Oh, fine! Just stop! Please!"

She smiled. "Every time! I love my superpowers!" Fang glared at her.

"Alright! Go to your next class!" someone on the microphone said.

I got up and grabbed my binders. "Wait a second Lexi; we gotta wait for our people."

Fang looked at me. "See you in there."

The minute he left, some girl came up to me. "Hi! I'm Hannah! I hear you have math next? Me too, let's walk there together!"

Sarah widened her eyes at me. "Sorry, Hannah? Was it? I'm gonna be walking there with my friends."

"Are you saying we can't be friends?" She glared at me. "Because I know some people who can make sure you're not so pretty by morning."

I smirked down at her. "You can go ahead and send them. I'm a black belt. They couldn't even mess up my hair."

"Yeah right. Lie, much?" she shoved me and walked away.

"Umm… Lexi, do you really have a black belt?" Sarah asked.

"Mmhmm. I got it two years ago." I replied casually.

We went to math and then Focus Study Group (which is just study hall) then, finally, got to go home.

I went into Mrs. WT's room and grabbed my bag. I took out my phone.

"Hey Sarah, what's your number?"

"375-4393." she told me. I put it in and saved it.

"Okay, I'll text you later."

"Alright, bye!"

I walked outside and looked for Shayla's car. Once I spotted it, I headed over.

"Hey sweetie, how was your first day?"

"It was great! I met a lot of really nice people." It was really nice out. "Hey Shayla, are there any parks around here?" I asked.

"Yeah. If you'd like I could drop you off at one and you could walk home from there. You'd have to wait until three o'clock, though, because it's a school and they haven't let out yet."

I nodded. I'll probably just walk there too. Or run. Once we got home, I went to my room and changed into shorts and a purple spaghetti strap camisole. I then went back downstairs. "Where's the school? I'll just walk there."

She gave me directions and I was off. When I turned the corner I heard, "Lexi?" and looked up to see Sarah and Kayla.

"Hey guys! You live around here?"

Kayla pointed to a house. "That's mine."

"And I live around the corner but I felt like walking with Kay Kay."

"Really? I live around the corner too. I'm just going to go to the school and hang out."

"I'll come with for a bit! Bye, Kayla!"

"See ya!"

Sarah and I walked towards the school in silence. Well, for the first two minutes. "You like Fang, don't you?" Sarah asked, grinning.

I blushed. "Maybe a little. But what about you? I saw how you were looking at Iggy! You like him!"

"Alright, maybe I do! I'll admit it!" We both laughed.

"Well, yeah I like Fang. What's not to like? He's hot, plus he's nice," I told her.

"Well, I can't very well argue with you there," she agreed.

I stuck my tongue out at her. "He's mine."

"Who's yours?" I whirled around and there was a boy, around 11-ish. "Woah. Who are you?" he asked.

"Brat, be nice. This is Lexi. Lexi, this is my little brother. Kev, give me the trombone." Sarah said.

"One, stop calling me a brat. Two, thanks." He said, giving her the big case in his hand.

"See you tomorrow, Lexi."

"Bye, Sarah." I smiled and she left with her brother. I turned and continued to the school.

I was looking down when someone bumped into me. "Oh! I'm sorry!" I said. I looked up to see Fang with a little girl on his shoulders. "Fang?" I asked.

"Oh, hey, Lexi. This is my sister, Angel, and my brother, Gazzy. Guys, this is my friend, Lexi. She just moved here. Be nice."

The little girl smiled at me. "Hello! You remind me of someone… someone famous…," she told me.

I laughed a bit nervously. "Sweetie, if I was famous, I wouldn't be here."

She nodded sadly. "So what are you doing over by a school, Lexi?" Fang asked me.

"It's nice out. I figured I would come and hang out for a bit," I told him honestly.

"Cool. Do you know how long you'll be here?"

I shrugged. "Two or three hours, probably."

He nodded. "I might join you. See ya."

"Bye." I sighed as I continued walking the ten feet or so until the school's field.

I saw swings at the other end, so I sprinted there. I sat down and swung. I love the swings. When you're swinging, you can just think. It's…peaceful. I missed my mom. And LA and my friends there. Why did my dad have to come in and ruin everything? It's not fair! Nothing is fair. Why did this happen to me? What did I do wrong? What gives Jeb (my dad) the right to hate me so much? I didn't do anything to him! So mom left him. That's because of how he treated her! He was always terrible to her, and now he blames me. Why can't everything go back to normal? I want to be in LA, talking to my mom and hanging out with my friends. I want my hair to be dirty blond, and I want everyone seeing my brown eyes. Not green. And-

"Lexi? You okay?"

-I want to be far, far away from this guy I'm starting to like so much.

"Lexi, what's wrong?" I opened my eyes to see Fang. I wiped at the tears rolling down my cheeks.

"I'm fine."

"Lex. I might not have known you long, but I know that crying does not mean you are fine. What's wrong?"

"It's nothing you need to worry about. I'll be okay."

"Okay, I won't pry, but I do want you to know that you can talk to me. About anything."

I really wanted to tell him. I hated keeping it a secret. "I can't tell you, Fang. I want to, but I can't."

"Is it you're foster parents? Do they…hurt you?" he asked, looking truly concerned.

"No! Of course not! I love my foster family. It's just that- I'm not who I have to say I am."

"So you're not Lexi Gegy? Who are you then?"

"I-I'm not allowed to tell. If I do, I'm in danger. No one can know. I wish I could tell you."

"So what? I'm not worthy of your trust?" He asked, sounding hurt.

"No! It's not that! I can't tell, Fang. You can guess, but I can't tell you."

"Angel was right," he murmured.


"When she said you reminded her of someone famous, she was right. That's why you got all nervous. Before I left, she warned me that she could tell you were hiding something. Then again, she's always right. I really should stop doubting that girl." He walked forward until he was right in front of me. I lowered my head. He moved it so he could see me better. "Ride," he whispered.

I pulled my head away and nodded. "You can't tell anyone. Not Angel, not Gazzy, not Iggy."

"I know. But why are you in hiding?"

"My dad. He hates me and is sending people after me. Mom sent me here to live with her friends."

"I'm sorry."

"No. Don't be. It's not like you even know my dad."

"Still. You need a hug?" he asked, opening his arms. I nodded and got up, stepping towards him, before tripping, sending us both to the woodchips. "Well, I was expecting a hug, not a tackle, but okay." he chuckled.

"Oh shut up! I didn't mean to!"

"Oh sure, that's what all the girls say." I stuck my tongue out at him. I went to roll off him but he held me there. I looked at him questioningly. "I'm kinda comfortable here. Why don't you stay?" I blushed. "C'mon, Max, stay here for a bit longer."

"Fang, you can't call me that. All it takes is one little slip and I'm either dead or being shipped somewhere new."

He brought has hand up to my cheek and looked into my eyes. "Hey, hey. You can trust me. You won't regret me knowing. I swear on it."

"I do trust you, Fang."

He smiled up at me. He had loosened his grip so I rolled over and hopped up. "Hey, get back here!" he said sitting up.

"Catch me if you can, sucker!" I called, taking off. I heard him groan and I looked back to see him up and starting to run. He chased me around for quite a while before he finally caught up with me and threw me onto his back. "Fang! Put me down! Now!"

"How do I know you won't just run from me again?" he asked. He had a point, there.

"You don't. Cant you just trust me?"

He looked back and smirked at me. "Which one of you am I supposed to be trusting? You or Lexi?"

"Me! Now please let me down!"

"Well, since you said please." He bent and put me down before turning to me and cupping my cheek. "You're beautiful, you know that?" he whispered, almost to himself.

I blushed. "This isn't me. This is Lexi Gegy. The 'normal' girl from foster care."

"Well, your hair and eyes might belong to Lexi, but you are still beautiful. You'd be beautiful no matter what form you'd be in. Black hair, blond hair. Brown eyes, green eyes. That all doesn't matter. You're still you, and that's what matters."

I grinned up at him. "Thank you. That's very sweet of you, Fang."

"No problem. Now, Lexi. Would you maybe like to go out sometime? Maybe for a movie?" he asked, hope shining through his dark eyes.

"I'd love too," I told him, grinning widely.

"Great. How's this Friday?" he asked.

"Sounds great."

"Do you have a facebook?"

"Lexi does not have a facebook. But I can make her one today."

"Cool. I have to change my relationship status. Because, now, I have a beautiful, beautiful, girlfriend."

"Really?! Who? Would I know her?!?" I asked, pretending to be really excited.

"No, she just moved here yesterday. She has been in foster care all her life. She has black hair and green eyes. She's in two of my classes, plus lunch and the other gym class."

"Wow, she seems great. But wouldn't she be a little mad if she saw us up here, with you so close?"

"Actually, I think she would like it, though she's too stubborn to admit it. But hey. That's one of the things I like most about her."

I looked up at him, surprised. "Really?"

He nodded. "Yes. She is wonderful."

I blushed and looked down. "Thank you."

"No need to thank me for the truth, sweetheart."

Just then, the sky started pouring down rain, out of nowhere. "Well, I guess that's my cue to go on home, Fang."

"I'll walk you. You live pretty close to me, anyway," he offered.

I smiled and said, "Thanks." And with that, we started on our no-so-long journey home. I was getting a little cold, since I was in a cami and shorts, but I loved the feeling of the rain against my skin. I looked up and unintentionally started humming one of my songs and twirling around. It was very cliché, but I was dancing in the rain and I loved it. 'Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.'

I opened my eyes and saw that Fang was staring at me with a small, barely noticeable smile on his face. I blushed and looked down. He put his finger under my chin and pulled it up. I looked into his eyes. "Don't look so ashamed! That was…beautiful. There's no other way to describe it. Just… beautiful."

I blushed harder. "You're doing that on purpose!" I accused.


"You keep making me blush! It's aggravating me!" I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest.

"I'm sorry, M-Lexi. I can't guarantee that it will stop, though. Now let's go. I don't want you catching pneumonia or anything." I nodded and we walked all the way to my house. He walked me up the porch and all the way to my door, then kissed my forehead. "See you tomorrow, Lexi."

"Bye, Fang." I said and he turned around and left, after glancing over his shoulder and smiling at me.

I walked inside and started up to my room. "Wait a second, Lexi." I heard. Damn.

I walked back downstairs and sat on the couch next to Shayla. "You came in with a blinding happy glow. Who is he?" she asked with a smile.

I blushed. "His name is Fang."

"And? Is he a friend, a crush, a boyfriend?"

"He just asked me out not that long ago."

"And you said yes?"

"Hell yeah!"

"Alright, you can go."

I ran upstairs and sat on my bed. Picking up the pillow, I screamed into it. I picked up my phone and scrolled down to 'Sarah' in the contacts.


Sarah: WHAT?!

Me: Fang asked me out!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah: (Duplicate) WHAT?!



Me: You know what, I don't know, and the movies.

I heard a knock on the door and a second later, my door flew open. Sarah was standing there for only a second before she cam and tackled me.

"OhmyGod! OhmyGod! OhmyGod! What happened? I need details!"

"Okay okay! Well, when I kept on walking after you left, I ran into Fang, who had his sister, Angel on his shoulders and his brother, Gazzy, at his side. He asked what I was doing there and I told him I was going to the school to hang out. I went up there and was swinging and I started cry, thinking about how my life has been, in foster care, going from place to place. He came up and asked why I was crying so I told him. He asked if I needed a hug so I got up and tripped, falling on top of him. I tried to get up, but he put his arms around me and said 'I'm kinda comfortable, why don't you stay here?' Eventually, he let go and I got up and ran. He chased me and slung me on his back. He let me down after awhile and said I was beautiful. I told him I wasn't and he asked me out. Then it started pouring rain."

"AWWW!!!!" she cooed. I flipped her off. "Do you have a facebook? I couldn't find you on there."

"I'm about to make one. Fang asked me the same thing. Said he wanted to change his relationship status."

"AWWW!!!!" she repeated. I repeated my previous gesture.

"Lexi!" Shayla yelled. I ran downstairs. She grinned. "Look what just came for you!" she held up a Dell box.

"No way! THANK YOU, SHAYLA!!!!" I hugged her.

"There's a camera in your desk upstairs."

We sprinted up and opened the box. I took out the brand new shiny purple laptop. Sarah got out the charger and plugged in into the wall. I plugged it in and pushed the on button. Sarah went to my desk and took out a camera box. She ripped it open.

"I wish my parents would get me this kind of stuff!" She turned on the camera. "Smile!" I looked up and smiled as she took the picture. "Damn. You're really photogenic! Not fair! The camera hates me!"

"I'm sure that's not true. Here, come sit." She came over and I took the camera. I held it above us and pressed the button. As I looked at it, I saw that she actually did look really good in the picture. Just as good as me. And I'm a professional! "You think the camera hates you?! You look frickin' hot in this!" I showed her.

"I think you're looking at the wrong one, there, Lexi. You're the one that looks hot! I look like the girl that is trying to be you! I mean, besides the tan, we do look a lot alike. Except you're a lot prettier, too."

"Wow. We do look a like. But the only difference is the tan. You're just as pretty as me. If not prettier than me."

I went on the internet and started to make a facebook for 'Lexi.' When I got to the profile picture part, I uploaded the one of me and Sarah. "Hey! I didn't say you could do that!" she said. I just grinned at her. I went to the search box and searched 'Fang.' And there was His page. No last name, just Fang. I knew it was his because the picture was of Angel and an older woman, presumably his mom. I clicked 'Send Friend Request' and searched 'Sarah Hendrickson.' I did the same thing with her. A notification popped up. 'Fang has accepted your friend request.' I grinned when a chat box popped up.

Hey, Lexi. I see you made your fb, whats up?

Not much, hanging out with Sarah

Ah. Does she know?

Yup. To say she was happy for me is an under statement. She practically barged down my door.

Haha. I can believe that. Hey, Sarah.

She says hi.

"I did not!" she yelled.

"Yes you did. I don't know what your problem with Fang is, but you don't need to be mean to him."

"I have no problem with Fang. I just don't want you to get hurt like I did."

"What happened with you and Sam?" I asked.

"He hurt me. I told my friends I was fine because most of them are friends with him. I didn't want them to know that every time they talk to him, it hurts me."

"What. Happened."

"He told me he loved me. Then, three weeks after, he broke up with me via facebook."



No, she didn't. I don't know her problem with me, but it's okay. She doesn't have to like me, or Iggy, if she doesn't want to.

Oh, I'm certain that she doesn't have a problem with Iggy.

And I'm certain Iggy doesn't have a problem with her.

Sarah smacked me.

Haha. Sarah just smacked me

And Iggy just punched me. I'm seeing a pattern, here.

Yeah, me too…you don't think?

Oh, I think.

Haha. That would be amazing.

I know, I think it should happen.

Me too!

"What?! What should happen?!" Sarah yelled.

Hmm…what's Sarah's phone ?

"Don't you dare."


After a bit Sarah's phone rang. "Hello?" she asked hesitantly

"Sarah? It's-um-Iggy." Sarah glared at me.

"Oh, hey Iggy." Her voice was shaky.

"So what's up?"

"Not much. Just hanging out with Lexi. You?"

"Just with Fang."


Sarah's eyes were wide and her cheeks tinted with red.

"Ow! Fang, stop!" He whispered, then said louder, "Sarah, you wouldn't, by any chance, want to go out or anything?" She choked on her spit and I grinned. She coughed and Iggy said sadly, "Is that a no?"

I elbowed her and she came out of shock. "No! Of course not! I'd love to!"

"Great! I'll text you in a minute?"

"S-sure! Bye!"

"Bye, sweetheart."

She hung up, squealed, and hugged me. "THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!"

"Yeah, you better."


Wow. That actually worked!

I know! AH-MAZ-ING!

Hell yeah!


Yup, you want to go to the movies tomorrow, since we don't have school Friday?


Iggy and Sarah can come, too.

Sweet. I'll ask her.

I looked over and saw her texting quickly. "You texting you're lover?"

"Yes, now shut up!"

"Fine, I won't invite you!"

"Invite me where?"

"No, you want me to shut up!"

"Lexi! Tell me!"

"Fine. You want to go out with me, Fang, and Iggy tomorrow?"

"I'll have to ask, but hell yeah!"

I'd say she wants to.



I looked at her. She nodded. "YEAH, SARAH'S STAYING!"


Dinner's here. Gtg.

Alright. Have a good night, Lexi.

Thanks Text me. 375-5475

Ok. Bye.


I turned off the laptop and we went downstairs. We ate pizza and went back upstairs. "Hey can I see your phone?" I asked. She nodded and handed it over. I looked through her pictures, seeing friends and who must be family. But then, I stopped at a picture of a guy that looked really familiar. "Sarah, who this?"

"Oh, that's my Uncle Jeb. He's only visited once, right before he got married. He's been looking for his daughter. Apparently his wife left him like 9 years back and he hasn't been able to see his little Maxine since. She would be about my age right now. He says his wife was a really big bitch and left him for another guy. One that was rich. But my dad says the one time he met her she was really nice, always helping out with my older cousins, who were only babies at the time. And that she was head over heels in love with Jeb. What was her name? Valerie? Something that started with Val."

Sarah. Is. My. COUSIN!

"Oh. That's too bad. But I'm gonna go take a shower and get to bed. It was a long and eventful first day."

"Alright. Night!" I walked her to the door. We hugged and she left.

"Lexi? You look like you just saw a ghost."

"No. Just my cousin."

"What do you mean?"

"Sarah is Jeb's niece."

"What? We have to get you out!"

"No, it would be too suspicious! Besides, he never visits. I'm taking a shower. Night."

"Night. By the way, Erik's already in bed, so try to be quiet."

I nodded and left. I went and took a long, long shower. By the time I was done, Shayla was sleeping, too.

My phone beeped and I jumped. It was Fang.

Hey, Lexi. You ok? I got a bad feeling.

I'll be fine.

You want to meet so you can talk about it?

Sure. I need to get dressed though.

C'mon, you can meet me in what you're wearing

My birthday suit? I just got out of the shower.

Oh. Well then when you're done, I'll be at your porch. Your folks asleep?


Then I'll be there.

I dressed in sweats and a t-shirt and headed down the steps. I unlocked and opened the door slowly and there Fang was, standing, almost blending into the night. He had on black sweats and a black t-shirt. His black hair was perfect as always and his near-black eyes were boring into me. I've never seen so muck black look so…hot. Sexy. Amazing. After closing the door I went over and hugged him.

"What's wrong, Sweetie?" he asked, concerned.

"Sarah is my cousin."

"There's something wrong with that?" He sounded confused.

"It's on my dad's side," I whispered. He rubbed my back.

"Does she know?"

"No. I can't tell her. I'm not sure if she would tell Jeb. She thinks he loves me."

He sat on one of the rocking chairs and sat me on his lap. He tucked me into his chest and started rocking. "It will be ok. I'll be here for you. Thick and thin. I'm falling for you Lexi. And nothing will change that."

I nodded into his chest. He pulled me back a little bit. He looked straight into my eyes. He leaned in until our lips brushed together. "I promise." he murmured before kissing me. It was just a soft kiss, but it meant a lot.

I smiled at him. "I'm falling for you, too, Fang." He grinned. Not smirked, grinned. "I should probably get back inside. Goodnight, Fang."

"Goodnight, Lexi." He kissed me again and I got off his lap. When I got in, I closed and slid down the door, grinning I couldn't believe this was happening!

As I woke up, I thought back to last night. The end was so…perfect!

"Lexi! Hurry, you'll be late for school!" I heard Shayla call. I quickly got up, brushed my hair and teeth, realized my contacts were still in, and ran downstairs, grabbing my bag. Lexi drove me. "Remember, I can't drive you next week."

I nodded, "Oh, and I have a date tonight." She nodded at that and I got out of the car. I went up to the halls where our classes were and saw Alicja.

Going up to her, I said, "Hey, Alicja." She half glared, half smiled at me. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No. Just-don't take Sarah away from me. Please. She's all I have," she pleaded.

"I don't want to take anyone! I'm sorry that she sat with me at lunch yesterday, and I'm sorry that it seems like I want her to myself. That's not my intentions. I just want to survive this school."

"I understand. Just, please, make an effort to keep me in the loop, too?"

"How's this for in the loop? I'm going out with-"

Arms wound around my waist and a silky voice whispered in my ear. "Who are you going out with?" Fang.

"Well certainly not you." I said sarcastically, looking back at him. He grinned and pecked me on the lips.

"Ugh. Please. I'm gonna barf!" Alicja said, finishing in her locker. I laughed.

"You really need to talk to Sarah."


"Oh, she has some news for you. News you really should know."

Her eyes widened and she went in search of her best friend.

"How did Sarah react when Iggy asked her out?" He whispered in my ear, still behind me.

"She practically had a heart attack, she was so happy and surprised. But tell your friend that she's already been hurt and that if he hurts her again, I will castrate him and cut off various parts before letting him die."

"What? Sarah's been hurt?" he asked, concerned.

"Yeah. Her ex told her he loved her and dumped her over facebook three weeks after."

"What the fuck kind of bastard does that?" I shrugged. "I gotta go to homeroom. See you later, babe."

I nodded and he left, and I went to my own homeroom. Sarah wasn't there yet. Of course. Alicja's probably giving her the third degree. "Hey, Lexi. How are you?" I heard someone ask and I looked up to see Sam.

"Fuck off." I said.

"What? I just asked how you were!"

"Sam. Leave. Me. The. Fuck. Alone."

"Fine," he muttered, walking away.

I sat there until Sarah came in and sat beside me. I grabbed her poetry journal and looked through it. "Damn Sarah! These poems are depressing!" then, I got to the part where it was sayings rather than poems she wrote. 'Tears are for tears in the heart.' 'The sinking feeling in my chest just makes every moment I spent thinking about you worse.' 'You said you loved me. You lied.' 'Everyday I have to remind myself that you're not worth it.' 'I knew you were lying, but I trusted you anyway.' 'I believed you until you started ignoring me.' 'I know you're not worth it, but I can't help the tears that spring to my eyes every time you pass me without a second glance.' Everyday I have to stop myself from crying over who I thought you were because I know it was all just a game to you.' 'Is the only reason you went out with me so you could say you had dated every kind of girl, including the one who had kept every other guy away, for exactly this reason?' 'I don't want to be lonely no more, don't wanna have to pay for this.' 'I wish I could cry over him. That would be better than this building feeling in my chest.' 'I want to be able to just wish on a star and every thing would be okay and I could be completely over you.' 'If I know you're not worth it, why does it hurt so damn much?' 'Music is the only way I can drown out thoughts of you that keep me awake at night.' 'It seems as though I never go anywhere anymore without a shadow hanging over me, making my days a little darker and my nights a little scarier.' 'I always wondered why they relate the heart to love until I felt that sinking feeling in my chest.' 'They say hate is a strong word but they throw love around like it's nothing.' 'A girl's daddy is the only man she can trust.' 'Why is it you're in my head more now than you were when we were going out?' and, lastly, 'My chest is sinking lower now that when we pass each other, it's as if I didn't exist. that's what has been pushing me off the cliff that is happiness.'

"Are all these about him?" I asked. She nodded just as Mrs. WT said, 'You can leave.'

I gave her back her notebook. "Did Alicja get a hold of you?" I asked.

"Yes. And then she started screaming when I told her. I'm not sure If she was happy or upset." I shrugged.

It was lunch time again. I was sitting right next to Fang, who kept reaching over to pat my leg or play with my fingers. Every once and a while he would kiss me, and it was always when no teachers were looking. Iggy and Sarah were talking amongst themselves. Iggy whispered something to her as she put the last handful of her raisins in her mouth. She immediately spit them on to her tray and said "Alright. I'm done!" She took her tray up and a laughing Iggy followed her.

"I don't think I want to know."

"Yeah, you probably don't." Fang whispered, kissing me quickly.

"Hey! No kissing!" some teacher said to us. I looked down, blushing.

This time, after school Shayla gave Sarah a ride home too. We were talking in voices way too high to be normal about how awesome our dates would be tonight.

"Oooooh!!! Sarah might get kissed!" I said.

Her eyes widened. "Y-you think?" I grinned and nodded. "B-but- I-I've never…done that before…I don't know what it's like." She gulped.

"Oh, Sweetie, you'll be fine." Shayla said.

When we got back to the house, we ran up to my room and I started digging through my closet. I pulled out gray skinny jeans and a form-fitting black shirt and threw them at her. "What?! I can wear my own clothes!" I looked at her.

"You want to explain to your parents why you're bringing date clothes out of the house? Be cause if I recall correctly, in math you said they would not approve." She sighed and put them on the bed.

I went back to the closet and got out dark wash skinny jeans and a v-neck short sleeved black shirt.

"Alright. I'm calling my mom." Sarah took out her phone and I only heard her end of the conversation. "Hey momma. I love you!…Could I stay over at a friends tonight?…Lexi's…that's because she just moved here…right next door…we're just going to the movies and then hanging out…no, no drugs…no alcohol, either…if you don't believe me, you can come over and check on us after the movie…no, I'm not going to get pregnant…mom. Seriously, it's just a sleepover!…yeah ok. I'll call him. Bye….love you too." she sighed. "Gotta call dad." she dialed quickly. "I love you, daddy!…yes, yes I do want something!…no, nothing bad…I already asked her, she said to ask you…I want to go to the movies and sleepover with my friend…right next door…yeah, we'll have supervision…Lexi…THANKYOU! LOVE YOU!! BYE!"

"I take it he said yes?" I asked.

"Yup!" she replied cheerily. "I'm going to tell them I have a boyfriend tonight. It'll be better than if they found out later."

I nodded and closed and locked the door to change. Sarah sighed and changed, too.

"Why are we getting ready this early?"

"Because, it takes a while to look fan-fucking-tabulous, and I intend to make us both look like that. It's not like you're not nearly there, but still."

"Yeah. Like I could be nearly there." she said sarcastically.

"Dude- you are almost there. Ask Iggy."

"He doesn't count. He has to be nice to me. He's my boyfriend."

"I'm sorry to bring this up, but was your ex nice to you?"

"He was plenty nice! At the time."

"Sarah, you're beautiful. Get over it!

"Whatever." she murmured.

I rolled my eyes and brought her to the bathroom. Under the sink was any type of makeup you could ever imagine, and more. I got out some concealer, the straightener, and some fancy looking de-frizzing stuff. I gestured for Sarah to sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi. She did and I knelt in front of her. "Now we need to get rid of those bags," I said to her.

I took the concealer and spread a fair amount of it under her eyes. Thankfully, it was the right shade. I also put some on the very little bit of zits she had on her chin. I then took the liquid eyeliner and put in both on top and on bottom. I took some mascara and put that on, too, but just a little because she already had thick eyelashes. I decided then to use straightening balm instead of the de-frizzer. I straightened her side bang first, then the rest of her hair. I stepped back and observed her. "Perfect! You look hot, Sarah!" I exclaimed happily.

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah. Sure I do." I gestured to the mirror. She got up and looked at her reflection. Her eyes widened and her hand came up to touch her face. "No fucking way."

"Way. You look hot! I'm amazing! Not that you didn't before. I didn't have to do much."

"You are amazing, Lexi. You need help with your makeup?"

"Nah. Just tell me if I start to look trampy." I put on my own concealer, which was a darker shade than the other one. I also used the liquid eyeliner and straightened my hair.

"You always have to outshine me, don't you?" Sarah asked jokingly.

"Sarah. I do not outshine you. Now c'mon. we need to figure out what movie we are going to watch. And what showing."

She nodded and followed to my room. We went onto the movie website and saw that The Bounty Hunter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, She's out of my League, Alice in Wonderland, and Shutter Island were on. "Alice In Wonderland," we both said at the same time, then grinned. I took out my phone.

Fang, did you have a certain movie you wanted to see?

Nah. Why, what do you want to see?

Me and Sarah were thinking Alice in Wonderland.

That's fine. What showing?


Sure. So how are you, Sweetheart?

Good. You?

Great, now that I'm taking to you.

Awww. that's sweet. Thank you.

: ) so we'll meet at the theaters in 15? Its already 6:15

Looking forward to it.

I'm glad. 3

3 right back at you.

Nice. See you in 15.

Bye, Fang

Bye, sweetie.

I sighed and collapsed back into my bed. Sarah laughed at me. "Oh you've got it bad girl!" she exclaimed.

"Shut it. You'll be like this after your first kiss and you don't want me to make fun of you."

"Touché." I smiled at her and we started to go downstairs.

"Shayla, could you give us a ride to the movies?" I asked.

"Sure. Erik's working late tonight, so he won't get in till later." I nodded and we set out.

5 minutes later, me and Sarah were getting out of the car. I saw Fang and Iggy standing outside the ticket box, looking directly at us. We walked up to the guys, me a little more confident then Sarah. Fang tucked me into his side and Iggy just stared at Sarah, eyes wide. Sarah started to fidget with the hem of her shirt and Fang lifted his hand to smack the back of his head. Iggy shook his head quickly.

"You look amazing, Sarah." She smiled slightly.

"Thanks, Iggy," she said, very quietly.

"Did you warn him?" I asked Fang in a voice just above a murmur.

"Yeah. By the way, he's ready to kill her ex."

I grinned. "That's good! Very good!" Fang shook his head and laughed, bringing me into the theater and paying for four tickets. He also bought us popcorn and sodas. We sat in the back; Fang put up the armrest between us and pulled me to him. I saw Iggy and Sarah in the same position. I'd already seen the movie. Hell, I'd been at the premiere. So I just sat back and enjoyed the warm embrace of Fang. Fang kept leaning down the kiss me at random times.

We were outside the theater and waiting for Shayla while Fang and Iggy were waiting for Fang's mom. Fag was behind me with his arms around my waist. Iggy and Sarah had been walking up and down the side of the theater over and over. The next time I looked over, they were stopped and Iggy was very close. Closer. Closer. Sarah looked down and said something to him. He nodded and whispered something back. Sarah nodded and said something short before turning and continuing the pacing. A car pulled up and Fang whispered 'That's my mom.'

He kissed me quickly and grabbed Iggy and got in the car. Sarah came up to me. "What the hell happened?!" I asked her.

"I couldn't do it. I couldn't even kiss him. I'm terrible. How could I ask him to wait? He should be with someone else. I'm not good enough for him."

"Sarah! Stop! What exactly was said?"

"He was getting so close. I pulled away and said 'I'm sorry. I just can't.' He nodded and said 'I hope you know I'm not like that bastard you dated before.' He was so sincere. I told him 'I know,' and walked away. What's wrong with me?!"

"Sarah, nothing's wrong with you! You were hurt! That's nothing to be sorry about. Iggy understands. He knows you may not be ready yet. And if he has a problem with that, he's not the one for you. Trust me, Sarah, you did nothing wrong!"

She nodded just as Shayla pulled up. We went to my room after we got home and I remembered that I was supposed to have met my friends for dinner and catch up after their tour. Shit. I got on my laptop and went onto . The newest blog entry said this:

Hey guys. I'm not in the best mood today. As I'm sure you all have heard, Maximum Ride has disappeared. She was one of my best friends, practically my sister. Max, if your reading this, Me, Jason, Zack, and even Jeff miss you and hope you're okay. Till next time, David Place

I smiled a bit. Even Jeff. "You've heard of Phone Calls From Home?" Sarah Asked me.

"Yeah. It's my favorite band."

"Seriously?! That's it. I know for a fact Alicja will LOVE you! I'm so calling her." she took out her phone and put it on speaker and dialed.


"Hey Alicja!"

"Hey Sarah. What's up, I thought you had a date tonight?"

"I did. But anyway. You wont believe Lexi's favorite band!"

"No way. You're lying!"

"Nope! When we got back, she checked Dave's blog!"

"Shut up. Is she being serious, Lexi?!"

"Yup. I love Phone Calls From Home."

"Prove it. Names?"

"David Place, Jason Vieira, Zack Gowan, and Jeff Amadei."

"Favorite songs?"

"A Reason to Love, Coming Back to the World, Forget you, and Light the Fuse. Oh, and their Don't Matter."

"Oh. My. GOSH! This is CRAZY! Alright, I love you Lexi. Your now almost on the same level as Sarah." I laughed and turned so Sarah couldn't see the comment I was about to type and post.

Ohmigosh! I'M sorry your friend MAximum RIde is missing. I'M sure she's OKay. Do you know when you'll be coming anywhere near NEw HAmpshire? I hope it's soon!

I signed as Lexi and went to you tube. I type in Tonight I'm Over You and started it. Sarah had hung up with Alicja and was listening with me. Me and Dave had made up a secret code, just in case something happened. 'Even Jeff' meant 'we all miss you like hell' and 'if you're reading this' meant 'I know your reading this, what the hell happened?!' And if you couldn't reveal your identity, we capitalized the first two letters of what we needed the other to pay attention to. My comment read: I'm Maximum Ride, I'm okay. New Hampshire. I went on their my pace page on a different tab and checked their tour schedule. I grinned.

"Hey Sarah?" I asked.


"Do you think you and Alicja would want to go to a concert in Concord on tomorrow night?"

"A PCFH concert?! HELL YEAH!" she took out her phone and texted who must have been Alicja. There was immediate response. "Alicja's in. make that WAY in. so would Shayla be able to take us?"

"Let me go ask." I went downstairs. "Shayla, what are you doing tomorrow night?"

She looked up from her book. "Why?"

"Could you drive me, Alicja, and Sarah to a Phone Calls From Home concert in Concord?"

By the way her eyes showed understanding, I knew mom had told her that Dave would protect me. He was the big brother I never had and he would jump in front of a bullet to save me. "Sure. What time's the concert?"


"Alright. We'll leave at 4."

I ran back upstairs to Sarah. "Yes yes yes yes!"

"Alright. I'm calling Daddy." She dialed the number. "Hey daddy, I love you even more than before!…yes…just to go to a concert-a small one at that…Phone Calls From Home…yes, them…Lexi, her adoptive mom, Shayla, and Alicja…no, no dates…Concord…yes, there is supervision…yup…THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! Bye!" She hung up and grinned at me. Be fore her phone beeped and she looked down. "Alicja just needs her mom to talk to Shayla and she can go."

"What are you waiting for? Call her and then we'll go downstairs and give the phone to Shayla!"

It was 3:30 on Friday. I had told Fang about our plans and he managed to convince me that he and Iggy should be there for my protection. I'm pretty sure that was the reason Shayla accepted, too. All that were going were there, at the house. Alicja had to have felt at least a little awkward, with me and Sarah both having date and her not having one. I hadn't gotten tickets. I had simply commented on Dave's blog again, this one reading 'I'll be at the concert, black hair green eyes, meet me 5:00.' Don't even ask how I got that into a casual comment. But, without fail, I knew he would do anything to meet me outside of the place where the concert was being held.

We're here! Alicja was starting to breathe heavy at the thought of being at her favorite band's concert.

Shayla had gone to the hotel we will be staying at and we were outside the place at 4:55.

"Lexi, did you get enough tickets?" Alicja asked nervously.

"What tickets?" I asked.

"You did get us tickets, right?" Sarah asked seriously.


"Then how are we supposed to get in?!" Iggy exclaimed.

I saw a flash of pink. "Like this. DAVE!" I yelled. He was there, in his bright pink shirt. His head whipped around. And he smiled.

"Lexi?" he asked, a deeper question in his eyes. 'Max?'

I grinned and nodded. He sprinted up to me and hugged me tight. Fang cleared his throat. Dave put me down and I turned. "Dave these are my friends: Alicja, Sarah, and Iggy, and my boyfriend, Fang."

"Boyfriend?" he asked.

"Don't you dare. You do know you are not actually my brother."

He sighed. "I know." Sarah and Alicja were staring, mouths agape. "Are they okay?" he asked me.

"They'll be fine. They're just surprised they get to meet you. They're big fans."

He smiled. "Well come on. We've got some catching up to do." Dave pulled me to the entrance and told the ticket person that we were with him. He lead us backstage where the band was lounging around. "Guys, you remember Lexi."

"Hey Lexi!" they called unanimously.

"Hey guys. How goes it?"

"Pretty good, considering our little sister finally came to see us, though our other little sister is now missing. Sigh. Drama." Zack said.

"I'm sorry guys."

"Lexi has a boyfriend." Dave said. That got them alert. They jumped up.

"What's his name?!"

"What's he look like?!"

"He hasn't pressured you or anything has he?!"

"GUYS! SHUT UP! His name is Fang, no he hasn't pressured me, and see for yourself." I gestured to him and they refocused their attention, glaring at Fang.

"Hurt her, you die," they all grunted. Fang just nodded tensely.

I went over to him and looked up. "Fang, calm down. These guys are my second family. They won't hurt me," I whispered. He just looked down at me and nodded, wrapping an arm around me. "Guys, these two hyperventilating girls are my friends Sarah and Alicja and the guy is Iggy, Sarah's boyfriend.

Dave gave me a questioning look and I shook my head. "Guys, could you go into the other room and get some food and drinks and stuff so we can catch up with Lexi?"

Sarah nodded and dragged Iggy and Alicja to the other room. Fang let go and started to go, too, but I grabbed his hand. "You're allowed to stay." I told him.

After the door shut, we went to the couches and sat down.

"Max, what's going on?" Dave asked in a concerned voice.

"My dad's after me. He apparently sent someone after me. Mom sent me here to live with some of her friends. Fang here figured it out, but I can't let anyone else know. Sarah actually ended up being my cousin on Jeb's side and she thinks he's desperately searching for his long lost daughter, Maxine, so if I tell her, she might think that Jeb doesn't want to hurt me and tell him. Yesterday, I checked your blog and the tour schedule and decided to come here."

"Max, it'll be okay. We've canceled the rest of the tour, since there's only two more stops. We're staying here for the next three months. We'll be here, Max. you think the people you live with will let us move in with you for that time?"

"Yeah. They know you can help protect me." He nodded and I slumped against Fang's chest. He rubbed my back.

"Max, would you feel better if we let you come up on stage with us? You can sing with us!" Jason told me, smiling.

I got and idea. "I'd rather play bass for Dave." I pouted at him.

He sighed. "Fine. You can't say I don't love you, though. And I'm introducing you as my sister. Not like my sister. You are my sister tonight."

I nodded, smiling. "GUYS! YOU CAN COME BACK IN NOW!!" I yelled, and the guys winced. "Really? You should be used to this by now!" I told them. Alicja, Sarah, and Iggy came back in. "Guess who's playing bass for Dave?" I asked.

"No way! You are so lucky!" Sarah exclaimed.

"Davey? Could they come up on the stage?" I whined.

"Sure, anything for you my dear little sister. If I can announce that you have your first boyfriend."

"You are and evil, evil older brother! Fine!"

He grinned at me. "That's my job. Now we have a concert top get ready for! You play, you help set up. I followed them to the stage and helped connect the speakers and all that stuff. At 6:00 everything was set up and Dave was about to go out on stage. One of the people there gestured him out so he and the band ran to where they were supposed to be. "Hey guys! How are you tonight?" Dave yelled. There were a lot of screams. There couldn't have been more than 400 people there. "Well, tonight, there's going to be a special appearance. Please welcome, my sister, Lexi!" he yelled and I went out, too. "She managed to get me to let her play the bass tonight. But it's a special night for her. I mean, her first boyfriend is here, too, along with three more of her friends. C'mon out, guys." Fang stood by me and Sarah, Iggy, and Alicja were further back on the stage, with more stage fright than us. "Aren't these two so cute together?" he gestured to us and I glared at him.

Just then, I chant went up in the crowd, no doubt Jeff secretly got them started. "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" I blushed but Fang just swooped down and gave me a peck.

We were backstage after the concert and Sarah and Alicja had finally stopped thinking they were dreaming.

"WOAH!!!!! I'M COMING BACK TO THE WORLD, I, I'LL START IT OVER AGAIN, WOAH FALLING DOWN BY THE WAYSIDE, I'LL GET UP AND SING IT AGAIN!!!!!!" Me, Alicja, and Sarah yelled before bursting into giggles. I was wedged in between Dave and Fang. On the other side of Fang was Iggy, then Sarah, then Alicja. By Dave was Jason, then Zack, then Jeff. Dave was rolling his eyes, Fang was almost completely passive, save the small smile curving up the side of his lips. Every one else was laughing at us.

Sarah's phone started ringing and she took it out. She made a confused face at the caller ID. "It's Uncle Jeb."