Wonderfully Asymmetrical

A/N: This is a Kid x Maka x Soul fanfiction and my first Soul Eater fanfiction. I want to start off by saying I absolutely love both couples and will write different fanfics about each couple.

Also, all the chapters in this story will be based off of TVXQ/DBSK song titles. XD (even though they're not my favorite their music is really good!)

Chapter 1: Tonight

"This isn't right," Kid thought nervously, running his fingers through his suave jet black hair. He took the cuff of his nice, neatly ironed dress shirt and wiped the sweat from his forehead. He sat up from the sofa, where he had fallen asleep. "This is the third time I've dreamt of her... But why?"

He felt the sweat from his back matted to his shirt. "Disgusting," he called aloud. Unbuttoning and slipping off his shirt he made his way to the kitchen to make himself some tea.

It was quiet with the Thompson Sisters out of town, they needed a vacation and so did Kid. But, the quiet quickly changed from pleasant to lonely.

Kid slipped into one of the kitchen chairs and breathed a deep sigh. Contemplating about the dreams he had of a friend he never dreamt of before, never even felt or thought about before.

"Maka Albarn..." He sighed.


"Okay... Just a couple more steps," Soul said, cautiously leading Maka through their apartment with his hands cuffed over her eyes.

"Soul... What is all this, what are you doing?" Maka asked with a bit of annoyance in her voice.

"Hey, I told you to quit asking..." Soul chuckled. "Ah, we're here!"

"That's great, now will you remove your hands from my eyes?"

Soul did as told, and watched Maka's reaction when she saw a small white and tan beagle puppy wagging its tail excitedly.

"Soul! You got us a dog?!" Maka cried cheerfully, "You said you would never get a dog in a million years!"

"Yeah... But that was before Blair, and quiet frankly, I think it would be nice to have a pet that didn't try to seduce me..." Soul replied. "Happy one moth anniver-ah!"

"Oh, thank you so much, Soul!" Maka exclaimed tackling him to the ground.

Both of their faces flushed bright red as they lied on the ground with Maka on top of Soul. Without much of a hesitation, Maka bent and kissed Soul passionately.

"It'll take some getting use to for you to kiss me like that," Soul said, trying to maintain his cool image. "But you know, we're gonna have to tell everyone that we're dating sometime."

"Yeah, but why does that sometime have to be so soon?"

"Maka, it's been a month now."

Maka removed herself off of Soul and picked up the puppy as she stroked him lightly. "But if we tell, do we have to tell Black Star?"

Soul sat up. "Of course we'll have to tell him, he's my best friend."

"But he's a loud mouth, and if we tell him it'll get around Shibusen and my stupid dad will know."

"I can handle Black Star, I can handle your dad, we don't have to tell anyone right away... but soon, alright?"



"What is it, Kid? Patty and I were just going out to get some dinner," Liz spoke over the phone.

"Are you two having a good time in Vegas? Not gambling too much I hope."

"Relax Kid, we haven't gotten to your credit card yet."

Cold sweat broke from Kid's forehead. "Y-yet...?"

"Kid relax! It was a joke! When it comes to Brooklyn's Demons we never lose in gambling."

"Oh right, and that explains why you finally resorted to mugging when I met you."

"So...we hit a bad streak one day, Patty doesn't know when to quit, but don't worry I'll keep an eye on her."

"Yeah! Take that! Give me your money bastard!" Patty shouts in the background.

"Hm... by the sounds of it you guys aren't going to be grabbing dinner anytime soon."

"Um, anyway, you sound bothered, is everything alright Kid?"

"Um... well... I kind of need to talk to somebody. Somebody reasonable, somebody smart and mature..."

"And you called me? Why don't you call Maka are someone."

"NO! No... I mean... y-you don't have to be so modest, Liz..."

"Kid, you're acting weird... and more than usual..."

"It's just... I-I need to talk to someone, and I don't know who else but you."


"So what are you going to name the little guy?" Soul asked as hesitantly pat the puppy's head, dogs were not his thing and he was still getting use to him.

"Hmm... How about Kai?"

Soul blinked then smiled slightly. "Kai's cool."

Maka stroked the little pup as he fell asleep in her arms. She leaned against Soul's shoulder and shut her eyes. "I'm dating my best friend... it's strange."

"Tell me about it," Soul replied nervously.

"It's nice, keeping it our little secret... don't you think?"

"Yeah... but it would be nice holding hands while strolling down the city streets, going on real dates where I can take you out to dinner. I want to show everyone that I've got the prettiest girl in Death City."

"Awh, Soul..."

His face flushed red. "D-Don't get use to it..."

Maka chuckled. "Alright, we'll make an announcement at Shibusen's Prom next month."

Soul blinked. "Really, are you sure?"

"Yeah. In front of everyone, and I want to be the one to handle my dad."


"So let me get this straight, you've been having these dreams about Maka?" Liz queried through the phone.

"Y-yeah... I don't understand... It started around two months ago. It was nothing at first, in the dream I was walking down the street and our shoulders bumped when we passed... I looked back and had a strange feeling..."

"What kind of feeling?"

"The feeling of when your stomach is in knots... but I never felt anything like that with her. The second dream, I had about a month ago. This was about the time when Soul was injured by Crona when they went to Italy. She was upset and crying and I was comforting her by rubbing her back and wiping her tears..."

"Then what happened?"

"Then she embraced me...Thanking me for being there and being such a good friend."

"What's so wrong with that?"

"Nothing... but this time... I had the same dream. It was exactly as before except after the embrace, she stared into my eyes for a period of about five seconds. And then... she kissed me, and I kissed back. Before I knew it we were making out... and it felt right, it felt so right. When I woke up... the feeling totally took a 180 turn."

"I'm no phycologist, but I think these reoccurring dreams might mean something. Are you sure you have no feelings for Maka?"

"What! Of course not, Liz, that's preposterous."

"Whatever you say, Kid, I'm not hear to judge. Even if those dreams were about Black Star."

"Please don't give me that idea!" Kid shuddered.

"Maybe it'll make you feel better if you tell Maka about this."

Kid clutched the phone. "M-maybe..."