"Lord Shinigami, we need an answer now.." The doctor said as calmly as he could, "he's not going to live at all if we stand around waiting."

Shinigami leaned his head low and sighed sorrowfully. "Pull the plug, I do not want my son to suffer this any longer…"

"As you wish, sir," the doctor said in a tight voice, getting ready to turn off the machine.

"M-Maka…" A hard whisper was spoken by the dying Shinigami lad. Though barley audible , it froze the room.

"Wh…at was that?" The doctor asked wide eyed.

"Maka! Maka!" He was screaming louder.

"Who's Maka?"

"He's calling for Maka Albarn!" The Shinigami exclaimed, "Bring her here!"

Before he could finish his sentence, Maka flew through the door tears streaming down her face. "Kid! Kid I'm here!" She sobbed, leaning over Kid's bed.

Kid was in terrible pain, but that didn't stop a smile form across his face as he heard her voice. "Maka…"

"Kid please don't talk, it'll drain all that you have left," Maka said in between sobs. "And you have to come through this for me, okay?"

"Don't cry for me, Maka…" With his hand shaking, he lightly laid his on top of hers.

"Kid no!" Maka screamed, "You can't die! I'm in love with you!"

"What about Soul?"

"I told Soul, and he understands. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Kid." She pressed her lips against his. They were cool, soft, and sweet, and Kid's slow beating heart began to pump faster. She gently pulled away, staring into his eyes which he fought to stay open.

"Maka you didn't let me finish…" Kid breathed, "Don't cry for me, because with you here, I know I'll be alright."

She stared at him with hope, "Really? You're going to be okay?"

"It's a funny thing, love… It really can overcome anything," Kid chuckled slightly.

Maka, with tears streaming down her face in complete joy, pressed her lips against his once more.

"I can't believe this, his temperature is actually dropping," the doctor said in disbelief, "He's going to live, Lord Shinigami."

"My son, you may in fact one day be a stronger Shinigami than I," Shinigami said to himself as he watched Kid and Maka stare at each other lovingly, he never saw two young kids more in love.

"Guys! He's going to be alright!" Maka called out the room, moments later everyone came crashing in, with tears in their eyes and hugs all around.

"Hey! Only two visitors at a time now, you don't want to overwhelm your friend, do you?" The doctor asked.

"They're not friends, they're family," Kid said, almost looking completely well again as the color in his face and life in his soul that was sucked out and come back within him. "Without them, I wouldn't be alive."

Sorry for the short ending, I know you guys waited so long for this and it probably wasn't up to your expectations.. I'm sorry. ^^' That's why the next fanfic I write will be pre-written so you guys won't have to wait forever and I just put a chapter up every week. That's my plan.

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