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As the sun shone through the window, a familiar silhouette gave a disgruntled grunt as the light got into his eyes.

Will's black clad hand reached over to touch his alarm clock only to hit nothing but air 'Huh that's weird, where is my friggen alarm clock' he turned over to his back as he looked up to an unfamiliar ceiling in confusion.

'Where am I? The last thing I remember was playing my game, and then I had a really trippy dream about a pickstaff.' He almost snorted in laughter, that name was ridiculous before doing a stretch that would possibly remind someone of a cat, his grey shirt slightly riding up as he did.

Hearing an awkward cough Will turned around slowly to see the blue haired girl standing in the doorway of the room he was in. "Excuse me miss….." he paused to wait for her to say her name, catching on, the girl put her left hand over her breast and introduced herself.

"My name is Aqua pleased to make your acquaintance, and you are?" she inquired as he blushed slightly 'It is considered rude in some cultures to not introduce yourself before asking someone's name' Will thought in embarrassment before introducing himself.

"Oh I'm William, William Coleman but you can call me Will for short." He paused as she nodded before continuing "Now can you tell me where I am?" He asked politely while silently thinking 'This could be my chance to see if this is real or not.'

Aqua waved him off with a glove clad hand before answering in a slow deliberate voice "We're in the land of departure of course, why?"

Will shook his head in no small amount of shock before rubbing his eyes lightly 'She's going to ask where I came from, I know it, should I lie or tell her the truth?' Aqua looked at him in concern and reaching her hand to rest on his shoulder "Hey there what's wrong, it'll be alright."

He shook her off with a small laugh "It's nothing, just wondering if my family is okay." He gave the half truth before contemplating about his family what did happen to them, were they looking for him, did they even care?

"Oh, well I-I think they'll be alright wherever they are now. By the way is that your robe?" Aqua consoled him lightly 'Poor kid, world must've been swallowed by darkness' she thought before extending her hand to his as if to alleviate the near palpable tension in the room.

Will gave her a look as if to say what cloak before she pointed behind him. Causing Will to raise a small brow at it, it was a standard black mage robe from final fantasy III being a solid black with the white mages robe red triangles on it.

The robe also had a grey bow on what appeared to hold it all together, giving Aqua another raised eyebrow, Will shrugged before stating "This isn't mine, it looks cool though might as well keep it."

Aqua snapped at him "Isn't that stealing!" Will shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly before slipping the robe on slightly surprised that it fit perfectly but even more in ire when he saw it hugged his curves making him look even more like a girl if it was possible.

Sighing Will plopped back on the bed of the room he slept in before scowling and looking up at the older girl with a look that could've reminded her of a kicked puppy, shrugging the look off with ease she dropped a metaphysical bomb on him.

"Well come on I was sent by masters Eraqus and Xehanort to receive you, I wasn't supposed to tell you but they said something about a few questions about you." Aqua whispered that last part at the end making Will feel as if a leaden weight was in his stomach.


Following Aqua down an elegantly and tastefully white and golden colored hall Will was having a panic attack 'What do they want with me?! Do they know I don't belong here? Or is this some kind of sick joke? If it is they better be prepared!'

"Who should be prepared?" Aqua Inquired making Will blush in embarrassment clasping his hand over his mouth "Did I say that last part out loud?" He said incredulously blushing even harder when she nodded and giggled.

Suddenly Aqua turned on her heel and clasped her hands together, her small piece of armor making a slight clinking noise as she did, while also having the body of Will almost stumbling against her.

Trying to regain some of his dignity, Will dusted himself off and avoided Aqua's gaze, once again only half listening as she said that this was the room that she needed to bring him two and gave her a half hearted goodbye and a promise to meet up with her and the other two boys later.

Giving a heavy gulp when he realized where he was he pulled the severally foot high door by its handle with exertion and walked inside slowly, as if taking his time would lessen the amount of time he would have to see Xehanort and Eraqus, fidgeting with his now spiky locks as he did so.

Taking a deep breath as to steady himself Will snapped open his eyes and met face to face with the two elderly Keyblade Masters.

Both of them looked at Will hard for a moment before the image of a young woman, who appeared to be about 19 or so superimposed on him.

She had short semi spiky black hair (meaning that she had of bed hair) that ended at her shoulder same facial structure and eye color as Will but with a more feminine look.

The mage robe that Will was wearing on his person except it was opposite colors, knee length high heels, and was holding a staff that had two colors that split it down the middle with a kind smile on her face.

There was an old man, bald except for thin eyebrows and had a curled, silver goatee. His ears were pointed and his eyes were yellow. He had broad, hunched shoulders and a crooked back.

He overall appeared as a somewhat feeble old man, certainly deceiving given the absolute amount of power that Will could feel rolling off of him.

His attire was nearly identical to the clothes that Xehanort's Heartless wore, namely, a white and black cloak with a red inner lining, a white shirt, black boots and white gloves.

The only major difference in appearance between them is that Xehanort's Heartless has his chest bared, along with his emblem on the front, while the old man did not.

There are a few minor changes as well - Xehanort's Heartless's cloak has a gold lining on the edges, while His cloak had black ones.

Turning away from the creepy smile of reminiscence that the old man had on his face he turned to the other powerful figure in the room.

He wore a white, red lined haori that seemed to have a hood, along with slightly shorter than normal, light-colored Hakama.

Underneath his haori, he was wearing a navy blue shirt with a large white X pattern on the front. He also had a jagged scar over his right eye and on his left cheek (the latter being quite similar to Xigbar's scar).

Like the other young people from the game, this man wore pieces of armor; which in his case were gold and black armored boots and a dull blue-green section that covered his abdomen.

This second piece of armor sported the same symbol worn by his students near the top.

His black hair was tied into a short, high topknot, with one bang falling off to the right side of his face. He also had a short, triangular soul patch and a mustache.

Like his friend or collogue (because that was more likely) he also oozed power and had a look of shocked remembrance on his face.

Will gave a nervous wave towards the two of them before remembering his manners and bowing slightly, blowing a bang out of his eye when it got into it.

The old one was the first to shake himself out of his stupor and introduced himself elbowing the other adult in the room with his elbow.

"Excuse me for my rudeness girl, its just that you reminded me and my friend here of someone we lost long ago. My name is Xehanort, and what is the name of the girl standing in our presence, hmmm?" said the newly deemed Xehanort spitting out the word friend as if it were poison.

'Obviously they have some serious bad blood' Will thought before he caught onto the girl part.

His eyebrow twitched once, twice, a third time, his hands begging to have the growing familiar felling of the pickstaff in them so he could teach this Old man a lesson.

Before reining in his temper and growling out in a deadly calm voice, once again giving the men a major sense of déjà vu "I am a GUY and my NAME is WILL!"

There was an awkward silence before the man with the topknot coughed and introducing himself as well "Well…. Boy if you haven't figured it out yet I am Eraqus. My compatriot and I have heard of your sudden appearance here on this world from our pupils and we would like to know where you are from?"

Will wrung his hands nervously as his pupils dilated slightly showing his fear or nervousness to the more experienced men in the room. Swallowing the lump in his throat Will formulated the best lie he could. Before mentally snapping his fingers 'That's it!'

"Um—well you see I come from a place called Earth, it's very very far away, and it's practically isolated from all the other worlds. So uh ---- yeah that's were I'm from!"

After getting stared down for about ten minutes by both elder men he almost cracked and spilt the truth but as they both led him to the door, giving each other stern looks as he left he couldn't help but wonder what they were both thinking about.

Suddenly both men leaned into his ears and whispered 'We know the truth'. Turning around so fast both men could've sworn that Will had whiplash after hearing the crack that his neck produced.

"What! How, how did you know!?" Will exclaimed in nothing but extreme shock before both men guffawed at him before Xehanort brought his hand up incredibly fast, palm up as if to sign to stop the laughing.

"We know because it is simple really, you boy don't know the laws of this universe, or any other universe besides your own, and you who know nothing can ever hope to understand the complexity of these laws."

Xehanort sighed before continuing "I'll simplify this for you, extremely powerful beings such as myself and Eraqus know that our existence as nothing but a character in a child's game for millions of people's entertainment."

Eraqus picked up where Xehanort left off, "So if you're going to lie kid at least do it with some dignity or a poker face, now go on we'll discuss this more later."

Will left the room feeling numb; following Aqua as she led him out onto a training field that looked like it tested multiple abilities of the keybladers barely listening and nodding attentively as she pestered him with questions and coming to a sudden halt once again when Aqua held her arm out in front of him.

"Alright here we are!" Aqua exclaimed joyfully before beckoning towards the expanse plain leaving Will speechless at how many obstacles there were before he yelled in a hushed voice "Aqua! What the hell are we doing here!"

"Don't you remember you agreed to training when we were walking here?" She stuck her tongue out when he shook his head in the negative and laughed at him lightly "Should have been paying attention." She teased "because now you are officially the member of Aqua's Boot Camp!"

Will groaned, he should've never got that game…….

XxX End XxX

I know this chapter may seemed rushed and I'm really sorry so I'll make it up to you guys in the next chapter!

List of possible white magick abilities

Cure - the basic HP recovery spells. They harm the Undead in most games.

Cura - Also called Cure 2, restores a moderate amount of HP to party members.

Curaga - Also called Cure 3, restores a large amount of HP to party members. It is the second strongest healing spell in Final Fantasy games that also contain the spell Curaja.

Curaja - Also called Cure 4, restores a large amount of HP to party members.

Full-Cure - Also called Renew. As implied, it restores all HP of one target.

Rise - Also called Life, revives a KOed party member.

Arise - Also called Life 2 or Full-Life, revives a KOed party member with full life, generally.

Auto-Life - Also called Life 3 or Reraise, grants a status effect that automatically revives a character after they are KOed.

Confuse - Causes an enemy to act randomly, attacking both allies and foes alike.

Silence - Also called Mute, Prevents the target from casting spells.

Mini - Also called Size, this spell reduces an enemy's size, decreasing physical Attack power.

Esuna - Sometimes called Erase, the spell removes various negative status effects. There are often status-specific spells that cost significantly less MP, such as Poisona, Blindna, and Vox.

Regen - Sometimes classified as a Time/Space spell, Regen restores HP over a period of time. Also called Auto-Regen.

Libra - Also known as Scan, this allows a character to find out an enemy's stats, HP/MP, and weaknesses.

Protect - This spell increases a character's Defense or halves damage from physical attacks.

Shell - This spell increases a character's Magic Defense or halves damage from magical attacks.

Stona - Also called Soft, this spell cures the Petrify status.

Reflect - Sometimes classified as a Time/Space spell, Reflect makes all spells bounce off the target and return to the caster.

Dispel - Occasionally classified as Black Magic, dispel removes one or more positive buffs from an enemy.

Blink - This spell gives a character the Blink status making them harder to hit.

Haste - This spell allows a party member to take a greater amount of action or take action sooner in a given amount of time.

Holy - This is one of only a few damage dealing White Magic spells. It deals Holy-elemental damage to a foe. It is super-effective against the Heartless/Unversed.

Basuna - This spell removes status that wear off after battle.

Might - increases strength of a target.

Refresh - Refresh grants an effect similar to Regen, but instead affecting MP regeneration.

Auspice - it grants the party a Subtle Blow effect, grants the White Mage who cast it the En-Light effect, and grants an additional Accuracy boost if swings miss.

Sacrifice - similar to Erase and Esuna, it rids the recipient of one or more negative status ailment; however, the White Mage that casts it receives the ailment as a result.

Barspell - Barspells grant protection in the way of decreased damage, increased spell resistance, and/or reduced duration of magical damage and status effects.

Repose - Repose is White Magic capable of sleeping targets.

Enspell - Enspells grant physical attacks a chance of doing additional elemental damage.

Dia - In Final Fantasy, it deals damage to all undead. (Or in this case unversed/heartless)

Diaga- Same as above, but deals more damage.

Curasa - It restores targets' HP according to the damage they received.

List of possible black magick spells

Aero - Inflicts Wind-elemental damage.

Aura - This spell differs from time to time, either adding Regen, and Auto-Life to a character, adding elements to physical attacks, by boosting the party's Strength, or even allowing the party member to use Limit Breaks more often.

Bio - Deals damage (either non-elemental or Poison-elemental) to one or more opponents and inflicts the Poison status.

Blind - This spell reduces one or all opponent's Accuracy by half, making them miss more often with physical attacks.

Blizzard - Deal Ice-elemental damage to one or more opponents. This is usually effective against Fire enemies, Earth enemies, and lizards. This spell is also translated as "Ice" for spatial reasons.

Break - This spell petrifies a target. It has two tiers of levels.

Curse - this spell decreases the target's stats, making the target weaker and easier to defeat.

Drain - This spell drains HP from an enemy and gives it to the caster or person of the casters choosing.

Fire - Deal Fire-elemental damage to one or more opponents. This is usually effective against Ice-elemental enemies, the undead, large mammals, and plants.

Flare - This spell usually deals heavy non-elemental damage to an opponent, but it has been Fire-elemental on occasion.

Flood - This spell deals major Water-elemental damage to all enemies.

Freeze - This spell inflicts Ice-elemental damage to one opponent, and sometimes inflicts either Freeze (the status) or Stop, depending on the situation.

Hold - This spell inflicts Paralyze on an opponent.

Meteor - This spell deals non-elemental damage to all opponents, hitting several times for lower amounts. This spell sometimes plays a major role in the plot. In this case, the spell is named Comet.

Osmose - Also known as Aspir, this spell drains MP from an enemy and gives it to the caster. Like Drain, it inverts against the undead.

Poison - This spell inflicts minor Poison-elemental damage and the Poison status to one or all opponents.

Quake – A powerful earth elemental spell.

Rasp- Similar to Osmose, but this spell simply blows away a portion of an enemy's MP.

Scathe - This spell inflicts heavy non-elemental damage to all enemies.

Scourge - This spell usually inflicts heavy non-elemental damage to all enemies and can either inflicts Sap or Poison depending on the game.

Shock - This spell inflicts damage (either non-elemental or Lightning) to one or all enemies.

Sleep - This spell puts one or all opponents to Sleep.

Stone - Usually the weakest Earth-elemental spell for a Black Mage, this spell inflicts a small amount of Earth element damage to an opponent. It has only two levels.

Stun - This spell prevents the target from taking any actions, and has a shorter duration period than Stop.

Thunder - Deal Lightning-elemental damage to one or more opponents. This is usually effective against Water enemies and metallic enemies.

Toad - This spell turns a character into a Toad. Alternately, characters with the Toad status, when hit by the spell, will change back to normal.

Water - Appears as a solo Water-elemental spell.

Saber - This spell increases the Attack power of a target, but Will may only cast it on himself.

Temper - This spell increases Attack power to a lesser extent than Saber, but may be cast on any character.

Focus Includes two levels. The spell lowers the target's Evasion stat.

Sleepra - Inflicts Sleep on one or more opponents with a higher success rate than Sleep.

Destroy - Exclusive to Final Fantasy II in the 20th Anniversary version. This spell kills all enemies as well as all of the caster's allies, and leaves the caster with 1 HP and 0 MP after casting.


Erase - . This spell removes all beneficial magic from the target. Essentially a Black Magic version of Dispel.

Pig - This spell turns a character into a Pig, and changes them back if they are already a Pig.