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"Miss Austen, five minutes." I thanked the young man charged with the job of getting me to set on time, who quickly scurried away. Another day, another interview. They all wanted to know everything about me, Eliza Austen, 'music's new sensation'. I guess that's what happens when your first single and album go straight to number one. Don't get me wrong, I love how things are, the fame, the success, the fans screaming my name as I walk by. The thing is, I have a secret, and it's one I promised my "parents" I wouldn't tell when I decided to reach for my dreams. You see, this secret doesn't only affect me, it affects people I've never even met - Connect 3. Yep, the three brothers who rule the world of music at the moment. When my parents told me the truth I was shocked. Then angry. Now? Now I'm just determined to be better than them, to prove that I'm worthwhile. It's not really their fault. They don't even know. But I can't help thinking what my life would have been like if a different choice had been made.

"This next young lady is new to the music scene but is gaining incredible success. Please welcome to the stage, Eliza Austen." The crowd went wild as she walked across the stage, smiling and waving happily. She took her seat on the couch opposite Sam James, Hot Tunes evening chat show host. "Eliza, thank you for joining us."

"It's my pleasure Sam." It wasn't really. This was her fourth interview this week and it was only Tuesday. She'd much rather be at home watching a movie, but she'd made the choice to become a musician, and interviews were something which came with that.

"So tell me, what's it like to have all this success suddenly thrown at you?" Sam was notorious for tricking celebrities into answering questions in a way which reflected badly on them. Eliza had been warned to think very carefully tonight before she answered.

"It's amazing. This is something I've dreamed of for a while and to have people actually like what I'm putting out there, it makes me very proud."


"Ooh she's good." Shane Grey was sat at home on one of his very rare nights off. He'd heard about Eliza Austen, the new girl in music land, but knew very little about her, so when he saw she was being interviewed by Sam James, the same guy who managed to get Shane to admit he was dating Mitchie, he thought he may as well watch it.

"What you watching?" Jason, the oldest of the Grey brothers, asked walking into the living room and taking a seat beside Shane, "Oh, is that Eliza?" Shane shot his brother a confused look.

"How did you know?" He enquired.

"I saw her on Good Morning America yesterday while you were asleep, she's really good at being interviewed, doesn't get flustered or anything, unlike someone." Ever since Shane had admitted his feelings for Mitchie on live TV, Jason and Nate would not stop teasing him. In the past he would have just told them to shut up and stormed off, but Mitchie had changed him after only one summer. She had taught him how to deal with everything better, and she had stolen his heart whilst doing so.

"She might be good with usual hosts, lets she how she copes with Sam." The two brothers continued to watch the interview and were very impressed as the young girl avoided being tricked.

"We'll be right back after this commercial break". The Hot Tunes jingle played and the cheesy adverts started.

"I'll admit, she did well" Shane stated, muting the sound. He couldn't stand listening to adverts, he felt they should be removed from programmes because they just spoilt them.

"Who did?" Nate asked, entering the room at that moment, his eyes fixed on his phone as he texted rapidly.

"Maybe if you looked away from your phone for two minutes and stopped obsessively texting Caitlyn you would know." Shane said with a knowing smile. Nate blushed and quickly finished his text before placing his phone in his pocket.

"I want to talk to her as much as I can before tour rehearsals and everything starts and we get completely drowned in work again. It's not like I get to see her every day for the next few weeks unlike you, Shane" Nate ranted.

Connect 3 started rehearsals for their tour tomorrow, and until they left their schedules would be filled with promotion, rehearsals and work outs. The tour which was supposed to happen over the summer but had been postponed due to Shane having a hissy fit, resulting in him spending the summer at Camp Rock. None of them minded though, it meant they got the old Shane back and made some new friends (and for Nate and Shane, new girlfriends).

"Stop bring jealous, you know you could have brought Caitlyn along." Nate had been complaining ever since Caitlyn had apologetically told them she couldn't join them on tour. Shane was getting sick of it and had begged Caitlyn to come, just to shut Nate up. He'd currently had no success and was hoping Mitche, Caitlyn's best friend from the summer, would be able to persuade her. He couldn't imagine what 3 months on tour with Nate missing Caitlyn would be like.

"Guys shush, it's back. Shane turn it up, I want to hear if her singing's any good". Shane grabbed the remote and turned the sound back up as Eliza started to sing.

"Who is she?" Nate asked, remembering he'd not received an answer earlier.

"Eliza Austen, you know, that new pop star girl who the whole world seems obsessed with at the moment." Shane had to admit, she did have a good voice, or at least she seemed to, if she was singing live and not lip-synching like so many artist did nowadays.

"Oh, so that's who that is. I heard a rumour at the studio today that she's going to be our other opening act." Nate had overheard their manager talking about Eliza and saying they still needed to make sure she was free to open for them, before the guys were told.

"That would be cool" Jason responded. He didn't know why but for some reason, since seeing her on GMA yesterday, he'd really wanted to meet her. It wasn't because he had a crush or anything, not that she wasn't good looking, he just couldn't see her being his type of girl. But something, a small voice in the back of his mind, was telling him he was supposed to meet her, to know her.

"I'm not sure it's true though" Nate interrupted Jason's thoughts, bringing him back to reality. "I guess we will find out at the meeting tomorrow." Nate finished, before fishing his phone back out of his pocket and resuming his text conversation with Caitlyn. Shane smiled; his brother was obsessed with his girlfriend.

"Okay boys, time for bed, you've got an early start tomorrow". The 3 brother's groaned in response to their father's instructions. "No complaining, you may all be over sixteen and think you should be allowed to stay up as late as you want, but you have work to do and if you want to stay in this business then you need your beauty sleep. Fan girls won't be screaming your names if you're worn out now, will they?" Seeing that their dad had a point, Shane removed himself from the sofa and trudged toward the stairs. As much as Mitchie had a positive influence on the middle brother, he was still rather obsessed with his looks.

"Night." He stated, before starting to ascend the staircase, noticing Nate follow behind, eyes still glued to his phone.

"You too Jason." Paul, the father of Connect 3, spoken sternly to his oldest son. "I don't care if there is some special bird watching documentary on later, bed. Now." Shane laughed at his oldest brother's obsession, and dodged out the way as Jason pushed past him, muttering about how it was unfair that he'd have to miss the special on cuckoos which he'd waited all week for. Yes, Shane concluded, his brother's were strange, and obsessions ran in the family.


"That was great Eliza" he manager enthused as she came off the stage. Another interview over, she still had to eat and get back to her hotel room, it was already half 10 and she had to be awake at 6am to get to some meeting. She had tried to get out of it, but her manager insisted, saying that 'great career opportunities' could come from it. She didn't care what those opportunities were, as long as she'd get to have a decent nights sleep soon.

She followed her manager out of the building and into the car outside, where her sister was waiting, an excited grin on her face. At least, as far as the press were aware this girl was her sister, but the two girls knew better than that. They had known for years and ever since the day they were told that they weren't technically related, they'd agreed that no matter what, they would remain sisters and best friends.

"How'd it go" Marie asked of her older 'sister'. After getting nothing but a yawn in response from Eliza, Marie sighed, "that good huh? If you don't enjoy it, why do it?" Marie was four years younger than Eliza. At only sixteen years old, she was very innocent for her age. Eliza was sometimes envious of that, how everything could seem so simple, even if they weren't, you did what you wanted, and no one could make you do something you didn't want to do.

"Because if I don't do all this publicity stuff, I'll never get anywhere, and if I don't get anywhere, then they win, and prove the choice was the right one." Marie knew all about Eliza's real reasons for wanting to get into the music business and had been sworn to secrecy.

"I still don't get why you feel you have to prove yourself to them. They aren't worth your breath. And anyway, you won; you got the awesome little sister!" Marie smiled, hoping to cheer up her somewhat stressed sister. It worked, earning a small chuckle from Eliza.

"You're right. Who'd want smelly brothers when you can have an awesome sister like you?" The two girls embraced as the car pulled to a stop. It was dinner time, finally.

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