Stay Danny

"Gotta find a way home!" Danny Phantom said, flying through the sky. He couldn't help but look down; his beloved home was now covered in huge, green vines.

Danny shivered, the cold was taking over Danny, he couldn't concentrate, he was falling down, closing his eyes, and he got ready for the bump.

"Ah!" he hissed as he hit the cement. "Fenton Works!" he cried, looking at his house across the road.

"I AM EVERYWHERE!" screamed Undergrowth; his huge ugly green face appeared literally out of nowhere. Everywhere Danny turned, Undergrowth would be there, hissing and spitting at him.

Danny cried in frustration turning intangible, running towards one of the faces.

He kept on running, running towards the house, into the Ghost Zone.

When he reached the lab, he stopped. Sam was floating infront of the Ghost Zone; he could see that large vines were blocking the entrance, not to mention the light too.

What could he do? He could barely sum up any power and he didn't want to hurt Sam in anyway, evil or not. All he could do was to stand there and shiver insanely.


"Danny" her voice, it hypnotized him.

"Danny. Don't leave" Sam gently floated to him. He was frozen, with the ice and by her words.

"Stay, Danny. Stay and rule with me"

'What?' Danny thought.

Danny looked into her green eyes, trying to search Sam in them.

"I always thought-"

"Sssh" a gloved hand covered his mouth, cutting off what he was going to say. He shivered once again, but it wasn't from the cold.

Sam leaned in closer "Stay, become one with the growth. I'll keep your family safe if you do and your friends. They won't be harmed"

"What about your family, Sam?"

"This is my family"

"Stay" she whispered.

Her voice, those words. . .

The weakness was taking him over even more now.

"We can make you feel better, Danny. I could make you feel better"

Could he live like that?

Her face was so close now. He didn't notice the vines slowly wrapping around his slim form.

"Can't make up your mind? Well, maybe this can"

And she kissed him.

He could feel her hands on his face, the vines pulling their bodies together. Danny moaned when he could feel every inch of her. The feeling was surreal, super-natural almost. Warmth, her warmth. Slowly making its way to him.

Sam pulled away, her mouth still inches away from his.

"No parents to disturb, no one to tell us what to do. Stay, Danny. Stay and rule with me"

Danny bit his lip

'Is this it?' he thought

Sam's words echoed around him.

"Become one with the growth"

And he ever so slightly nodded.