He walked into the room and glanced at his wife as she picked up the toys scattered on floor. Derek leaned against the door frame, smirking as Addison was bent over, picking up a Barbie doll. He cleared his throat, causing her to shoot up abruptly. She sighed in relief after realizing it was him. "You could help me, you know."

Derek chuckled, "I'd rather watch you." he answered.

"In that case..." her voice was low and filled with unmistakable sarcasm. "Why don't I just go put on a fucking french maid outfit and clean up all your shit. Maybe I could just quit and devote myself to being your slave."

"I wouldn't mind that. Do you have a french maid outfit?" he asked as he sauntered closer to her. She just stood there, watching him blankly. When he was a foot away from her, she rolled her eyes. His grin grew more as his eyes trailed up and down her exhausted body. His eyes landed on the portion of her chest which her shirt left exposed. He wanted nothing more than to rip it off and ravish her at that very second.

"What would I have to do to get sex out of you tonight?" he asked her in a low, husky voice.

She raised an eyebrow in retort, figuring she could get a lot out of him if he was desperate for sex. "Vacuum the room."

"Can I do it naked?"

"You could use your penis for all I care." she turned away and continued putting more of their daughter's toys away.

As she put the last Barbie away, Derek began unbuttoning his dress shirt and kicking off his shoes. Addison suddenly paused, spinning around with her mouth slightly agape. "I wasn't serious!"

He smiled at her as his clothes fell to the ground. They stared into one another's eyes for a moment. Her eyes were burning with both desire and annoyance. As much as she wanted to be angry with him, something about his naked presence made her lust for him more. Derek placed his hands at her waist, pulling her hips closer to his. With one hand, he brushed her long, red hair off her shoulders and brought his lips to her neck. She sighed, leaning her head back and exposing more skin for him to kiss.

Suddenly, Derek put his hands at her shoulder, pushing her down to her knews. As he did so, a faint rip was heard from Addison's tight pencil skirt. Her jaw dropped. "That was new! It's Chanel, Derek! I hope you have a spare two grand in your wallet because you are getting me another one ASAP."

Derek chuckled, dropping to his knees as well to be at eye level with her. "Shut up."

In a flash, his lips crashed onto hers hers. She inhaled sharply, taking in his kiss. Her hands lied flat on his chest, and she pushed him down. She quickly wiggled out of her torn skirt and straddled Derek's hips. She grinded against his erection and leaned down to continue kissing him. "I hope you know, you're still vacuuming after we're done with this." she mumbled against his lips.

"Mhmm." he said in a mock agreement. He knew he'd blow her mind away and that she wouldn't even remember what a vacuum was when he was done with her. She sat up slightly and began undoing the buttons of her shirt before she threw it to the ground to join all his discarded clothes. Derek grinned as his eyes came in contact with her sleek, black bra. Her eyes searched his hungrily as she slowly and teasingly unhooked her bra. Just as she freed her breasts from their support, Ella's tiny voice was heard from the doorway.

"Mom, what are you doing?" she asked curiously. She stood still, deeply considering whether to walk further into the room or turn and run while screaming at the top of her lungs. She decided that she was too curious about what was going on to leave, so she stood there and waited for an answer.

Both Addison and Derek's head shot up, both their eyes wide with embarrassment. Derek stuttered, looking at Ella and then to Addison, wishing he could just disappear or at the very least, wishing he wasn't as naked as he was. "We-"

Addison cut him off. "We were arguing over who gets to clean your toy room and we couldn't come to an agreement so things got a little... violent. Ya know, pulling, pushing...ripping clothes."

Derek nodded persuasively. "Thank god you came in when you did or else we might have killed one another." he added in his most convincing tone.

Dell looked quizzically at Addison while she made a last minute note in a patient's chart before turning it in to him. He kept his arms crossed and cleared his throat for her attention as soon as she shut the folder. He didn't say anything, just smiled.

"Dell?" Addison asked. "Did you accidentally confuse crack for sugar and put a few tablespoons in your coffee?" she asked semi-sarcastically.

"I'm not high." Dell assured. "You're just so cute when you're happy."

Addison stood there and stared at Dell. "That is by far the creepiest thing anyone has ever told me." she decided.

"What's the creepiest thing that anyone's ever told you?" Derek asked from behind her while slipped an arm around her waist and kissed the back of her neck. He knew neither one of them had noticed him get off the elevator and was too cheesy to let an romantic exchange like that go by.

Addison pulled away grabbed the chart for her next patient. "He says I'm cute when I'm happy."

"You are." Derek agreed. "And you're hot when you're pissed off." he added.

"I agree..." Dell nodded. "But I'm not allowed to say that because she's my boss and that's sexual harassment."

Addison rolled her eyes and called the name of her next patient. She stood there with her arms crossed, staring at Derek with a passionate disdain. "Where is Ella?" she asked while she waited for the woman to finished her phone call.

"She's with Lockhart. They had an appointment today, remember? He wanted to make sure everything is going okay. I'm suppose to be downstairs waiting for her in the waiting room but I figured bothering you while I wait is so much more fun."

Addison smiled, ignoring the fact that he truly was annoying her. She snapped out of her asphyxiating trance of blind love when she heard, "I'm sorry, Dr. Montgomery." and turned to her patient and smiled.

"Shepherd." Derek corrected protectively, while his eyes wandered from his wife to the woman standing at a few feet's distance. "It's Shepherd, not Montgomery."

Addison glared at him, before she could say anything Dell spoke. "You'll have to excuse him. He's a little possessive of her. He wants everyone to know that they're back together and that she's his wife." he cleared up. "Why don't I show you to an exam room while Dr. Shepherd gets rid of her husband." he offered, leading the way before she can answer.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you." Derek said before she could say anything. "I'll go wait downstairs if you want."

"You didn't embarrass me. I find it kinda sweet that you're threatened by me using my maiden name. It's cute that all of a sudden little things like that seem to have such a huge meaning to you." she answered with a smile. "You don't have to leave if you don't want to but I need to go take care of that patient and Ella might be done and worried about where you are. You guys wanna come back here after you're done? I should be done in a little while."

"Ella and I have plans." he answered in a very serious tone. "We need to go...do something. It might take us a while. You wanna meet for dinner? We can go to the place on Pacific Coast Highway that's you're obsessed with."

"I can't." she answered sadly. "I have a patient coming in at five to be induced. I'm not sure how long her labor will last and I don't wanna go home after that and be forced to come back a few hours later. Maybe you guys could go to that place and drop something off for me on your way home."

"This needs to go perfectly." Ella lectured. "If your ruin it I will kill you. Got it?"

Derek nodded while removing the take out from the paper bag the restaurant had put it in. He nervously paced back and forth, looking at the clock ever five seconds to see what was keeping hid wife. "Do have the papers?"

"You have the papers!" Ella yelled, pointing to the yellow manila envelope he was clutching on with a death grip. "Calm down. She's not gonna say no...unless you ruin it, than she might say no and leave you again."

Derek prepared to reply but stopped himself when Addison walked into the room. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a soft kiss on her lips, making sure to throw his daughter a scolding glance in between. She pulled away instantly. "I'm sorry, I'm exhausted. Not really in the mood to be all affectionate. How was dinner? Where did you guys end up going?"

"We went to the place you love, like I told you we would. Except we didn't eat there, we had them pack it to go. Which is apparently against the policy unless you slip the manager a 100 bucks, then they're fine with it. I figured I'd bring it here and we can eat together." he explained. Pulling out a chair for her. "But we had a different suggest for you first."

"Okay..." she answered skeptically as she took a seat on the chair he had pulled out for her. She looked up with a questioning gaze at her daughter and felt like her heart sank. "Please tell me you're okay...Everything with Lockhart was fine and I'm not about to hear something that will make me break down into tears and break something."

Ella took the envelope from Derek and held it out to Addison who took it instantly. "Are these divorce papers? Horrible test results from Wyatt?" she asked, preparing for the worst.

"No. My appointment this afternoon was fine! He said I'm fine and everything is going really well. I'm in remission. You don't have to worry about me and cancer. You were right, I was wrong. Not wanting treatment was stupid. I admit it, okay?" Ella assured. Despite the fact that it was against her will, her parents decided that continueing with chemo would be for the best. They personally sat beside their daughter, both of them to make sure she wouldn't skip a single dose. Although Ella may have hated them for it at the time, she had to admit the the torture was worth it. " Now will you just open it?"

Addison rip open the top of the manila envelope. She pulled out a set of forms which had already been filled out. The only thing left untouched was the blank line on the very last sheet of the documents. "Adoption papers." she realized, looking up at Derek and Ella with a small smile. "You want me to adopt her?" Addison asked, still much too shocked to get past the idea to pick up a pen.

"Yeah. I mean...we said we wanted kids. And we might not be able to have any but she's ours. And I need you to know that. I need for you to never be able to doubt that she's your daughter. Once you sign those papers she is as much yours as she is mine. I can never take her away from you. No one can."

Derek held out a pen to her which she took with a shining smile. She removed the cap and signed Addison Montgomery-Shepherd on the line.

He leaned in and placed a peck on her lips. Addison pulled him in and rested her forehead against his. "Congratulations. Welcome to motherhood." he said softly.

"You said that to me the day Ella met me." Addison remembered, teasingly brushing her lips against his before actually kissing him.

"I know I did. But the last 12 years was like a test run... practice, ya' know? Now it's all official and serious."

"Almost thirteen years of marriage and I still don't understand how you think." Addison mumbled beneath her breath, pulling away from Derek to finally be able to eat. They sat in a peaceful silence for a few minutes until they heard a woman's screaming coming for the other side of the building. Addison dropped her fork and got up.

Before she could leave Ella groaned. "You adopt me but he gets all the affection?" she complained.

"Ella, now's really not the time to start arguing." Derek answered. "If that woman's baby pops out without your mother in the room she will have a law suit to consider and we don't really want that."

Addison dismissed Derek answered, she walked closer to her daughter and took her into her arms. "I'm sorry." she whispered, giving her a soft kiss on her temple. "Most 16 years olds hate mothers who show them affection."

"I'm almost 17. And I'm very different from most kids." Ella reminded her as Addison walked toward the door.

"I love you." both father and daughter said in unison causing for Addison to smile and turn back.

"I love you guys, too." she promised with a chuckle, watching them intently in case they had anything else to say so she wouldn't have to turn back again.

After a few seconds of silence she leaned away from the door frame to walk off when she heard her daughter say "Hi." in an overly exaggerated state of happiness. She rolled her eyes and walked away, already knowing what was going on in Ella's mind.

After Addison was gone, Derek blankly at Ella for a few seconds. "What the hell was the 'hi' for?"

Ella shrugged her shoulder until she swallowed the food in her mouth. Then she answered. "I don't know, I just want to get the last word." she admitted.

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