An Accident Meant to Happen
Story by thunderthighs

It was raining as a Alex bare feet walked the wet pavement. In just a pair of yoga pants and tank top and a gray hoodie. She wandered the streets of Manhattan Island. No particular direction or place, just walking. Her body drenched from the rain, her face battered from the raindrops and her hair a mixture of wet, damp and dry. You couldn't tell if she was crying or if it was the rain trickling down her face.

She stopped in front of a building. How did she end up at this place? She ran a finger over a name before pressing the button to a certain apartment.

"What do you want?" A voice said over the intercom.

"Let me in." Alex sniffled.

The buzz from the apartment opened the door as Alex turned the knob. She walked up the narrow staircase making her way to the persons apartment. The warm hallway and the soft carpet under her feet, wasn't expected from the looks of the building. She approached the end of the hallway.

Stevie stood at the threshold of her door. Her arms folded as the wet brunette stepped closer. Judging by her appearance, Stevie could tell something wasn't right.

She pulled Alex into a warm embracing hug. Alex broke down into Stevie's neck, hot tears streaming down her cold cheeks, stinging her skin. Stevie calmed her cries, caressing her back, giving her comfort by whispering safe words into her ear.

In a spare bathrobe, Alex sat into the couch. Her eyes glued to the screen. Until Stevie stepped over the coffee table with a saucer of pickles and a glass water. Alex sat up taking the saucer from her friend.

Stevie sat on the end of the couch to continue to watch the show she was previously watching before Alex interrupted her, 'Three Stooges'. A favorite of Alex as well.

Alex ate her pickles and sipped on the water between every other bite.

The thunder rumbled as the rain beat the window pane of Stevie's one bedroom apartment. A few strikes of lightning lit her bedroom. The floor was covered with a mixture of wet and dry items, both belonging to Alex and Stevie.

The sound of moans filled the room as fingers intertwined into each other. Lips smacking as wet kisses were being passed. Their bodies rubbing against each other, creating a friction to resemble that of a thrust between a man and woman.

In the moment a lip would be bitten, an arch would appear. The sounds of a moan or gasp would escape their mouths. A nail dug into skin. A perfect ending to sad day, don't you think?

The sun beamed against their naked bodies. The sun shined more on Stevie as she was by the window and completely naked. Alex laid on her back, bearing breast as she stared at her girlfriend.

"Better?" Stevie held Alex's hand as their finger intertwined into a two handed fist.

"A little." Stevie could still hear the hurt in her girlfriends voice as she tried to speak through a smile grin.

"I'll go make breakfast." Stevie smiled hopping out of bed walking in the nude as she stepped out of the room. Raking her fingers through her blonde and black hair.

Alex got out the bed with the sheet wrapped around her as she sat at the small table in the small kitchen. Stevie stood in front of the fridge, still naked, grabbing a few items before closing the door.

"Do you always make breakfast like this?" Alex tapped her finger on the table.

Stevie placed the items on the counter. "Well, I'm hot pocket girl, but since I got company. I decided to go big."

"I meant naked."

"My home." Stevie shrugged. "Do you always ask 20 questions in the morning?" She turned on the stove.

"You don't have to make a big meal."

"I'm only making an omelet." Stevie laughed as she poured the ingredients into the skillet.

Stevie placed the plate in front of Alex and slid her a fork.

"What about you?" Alex asked.

The microwave beeped and Stevie opened the door. She grabbed a napkin before taking the hot pocket out of the microwave.

"I told you, I'm a hot pocket girl." She bit into the her breakfast pocket.

"How am I supposed to eat my meal when you're standing over the butt naked?"

Stevie laughed as she took another bite and walked out of the kitchen. Alex shook her head and finished her omelet.

As Alex walked out the kitchen she heard the shower running from the bathroom and a rattle at the front door. She furrowed a brow as she heard a key unlock the door and flinched back when a tall boy walked into the room.

"Who are you?" The raven haired boy locked the behind him. He stepped closer to Alex, looking over her sheet clad body as he bit his lips and scratched behind his ear. "You must belong to Stevie." He said circling Alex.

"I belong to no one." Alex glared a disgusted look at the boy as he admired her body before walking into the kitchen.

Who the hell is this guy? Alex thought to herself as she watched him open the fridge.

"Stevie you ate all the eggs." He yelled from the kitchen.

"I did not." Stevie yelled from the shower.

The boy shut the fridge after taking out a bottle of water. He walked back into the living/dining room area. He sat next to Alex, whom was now sitting on the couch.

"Pardon my manners. I'm Joe." He extended his hand.

"Alex!" She stared at his hand and looked away.

"You must be Latin or something." He took a sip of his water and turned on the TV.

"What makes you think that?" Alex questioned.

"Besides your features. I'm getting a feisty vibe from you." He kept his eyes on the tube flicking through various channels.

"I'm disgusted, not feisty. That's a stereotype you know." Alex retorted.

"You have soft skin." He ran a finger up her leg. Alex smacked his hand away and he laughed.

"Joe, stop flirting with my girlfriend." Stevie came into the living room in an all white bathrobe.

"How come I never met this one." Joe asked tugging on the top of the sheet that covered Alex as she gave him an irritated stare.

"Alex, Joe. Joe, Alex. Brother. Girlfriend." She said callously. "There you happy?" She glared at Joe before walking into the kitchen.

The whole time Joe was there. Alex was uncomfortable. Even when Stevie was in the room with them, she didn't know what it was about Joe that made her feel uncomfortable. He had stopped bothering, yet she couldn't get passed this feeling she was having around him.

"Where you going?" Joe said from the couch as Alex and Stevie walked out the room.

"I'm walking Alex home." Stevie answered.

"She has no shoes on. I'll give you a ride." Joe insisted as he stood from the couch.

"You don't have to do that?" Alex protested.

"Come on." Joe grabbed his keys off the nightstand as Alex followed him to the door.

"Stevie you coming?" Alex turned to her girlfriend.

"No." Stevie crossed arms shifting her head looking at her brother and girlfriends. She sized them up, almost comparing. "I need to stay and clean up."

"Okay." Joe gave a nod as they walked out of the door.

"Joe." Stevie called stepping closer to Joe. "She's my girlfriend."

Joe bit his bottom lip and cocked a brow. "Learn to share." He whispered.

Stevie shot him a mean glare as Joe walked into the hallway with Alex, closing the door behind. She shook her head as she stared at the closed door. She knew Alex was a faithful and wouldn't cheat, but it wasn't Alex that she was worried about.

She bit her bottom lip and walked out of the living room.