Slayer Assassin

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"We've never taken a foreigner child before." Ozunu chastised

"She will be special one day. She shall bring great honour to the family"

The two men looked at the sleeping blond on the bed. The child is approximately five years old. She was an American as well as not being an orphan.


She took to the training unlike any daughter of before. She naturally had a light step. She moved through the training with grace and stubbornness. She excelled in a matter of a few demonstrations. Her temper was deadly because she had quickly learned how to make her rage go cold.

Her brothers and sisters did not go easy on her. Her father was much harder on her than any of the others. She was not supposed to be one of his children and forced her to constantly prove that she was one. She knew of the brother that had abandoned them. She had been still young when that had happened.


She stared past the man that had bought her services. It was an unusual deal and even more so when father had agreed to the arrangement. She gave no indication that she could hear the Englishmen around the room. Even without her new abilities she would have heard them just fine.

She was the Slayer; they called her. She would have laughed at that. They seemed to think that somehow that made her even more special. She was a trained assassin – a ninja of the Ozunu clan. The extra abilities that the Slayer essence provided her put her above her brothers and sisters. Even if she didn't have it she would still be above the average human.

She may not abandon the Ozunu clan outright like her brother Raizo had done, but she will make her own way in the world without the clan eventually. These Englishmen would serve as a way to break free of the clan of her family. She knew...that soon the family would fall and Raizo would gain his freedom from their father.

The dreams had come first for her. She had been careful to stay quiet about them, knowing that her father might decide not to let her go to the Englishmen.

"Are you stark raving mad Travers? She's an assassin!"

"A well trained Slayer," was the rebuttal. "She should last longer than any Slayer before her then."

"She's a killer." Another argued.

"Indeed how would we keep control of her?"

"That's what magic is for."

None noticed the glint in her eye that lasted only a bare second after the smug idea thrown out to the rest of the room. Her expression did not change as she listened and watched as they considered the proposal. They were too absorbed in themselves to care that she was in the room.


Buffy hadn't known what to make of teenaged life. She had found both Willow and Xander to be puzzling. When she interacted with them in a seemingly normal manner Giles would often gain a certain expression on his face. If she wasn't mistaken the look could be interpreted as being somewhat pensive.

She would push away her observance and focus on being 'Buffy' the girl that had befriended both the teens. Never was it let on that she was more than the Slayer. In fact not even Angel knew of her being anything other than a sixteen year old girl who just happened to be the Slayer as well.

She hadn't originally intended to allow it to happen. She had dreamed...of her brother defeating their father and taking back his identity of an individual and not the son of the Ozunu clan. She had smiled and known what she would do. She now knew how she could leave the life of Kamiko behind and be free of the Council once and for all.

It was so easy she wondered why she had never thought of it before.

She'll die and be reborn.

She'll be free of being the Council's pet assassin. She'll be free of a destiny that has chained her to the life as a daughter of Ozunu.

Unlike other daughters, or rather others that had abandoned the clan, she intended to get away and survive. She'll not make the mistake they had and leave only carried by their emotions. She had no burning desire to bring vengeance down on the clan, so she would not try to face them.

She had always been different and her father had trained her well in using those differences to capitalize her abilities overall. Her siblings had taught her that only she could really look after herself.


Willow is startled when she sees her best friend quietly talking to an Asian man. Her bubbly friend looked nothing like she normally did and she couldn't help but become a little worried. What did this mean? She wove in and out of the crowd to reach her friend.

"I don't know what I will do with my life. What does one do with the abilities that we are trained in? In this world that will always thirst for the blood of one's enemy and the money in which to see that it's sated," the redhead heard her friend faintly say.

She frowned in confusion. What was her friend saying? She bit her lip as she is once again confronted with the fact that Buffy seemed to have more secrets than what she has shared with either of the other Scoobies. She wondered what Giles knew and she was aware that the older man knew something about the blond girl.


Raizo looked at the young woman that under different circumstances would have been one of his sisters. She was different from any of the others. Blond and hazel eyed, spoke of her heritage of any of the European lineages. It was the differences from any of the people among the crowd that they spoke in that declared her as one of his ex-siblings, the kind of differences that no one other than someone of their training would be able to see.

He remembered her vaguely. Mostly what he recalled was how much harder everyone treated her in and out of training. He might have been Ozunu's favoured 'son' but she had been the 'daughter' that shouldn't have been. Her loyalty had been tested above any other of the Ozunu clan. He is somewhat surprised that she could affect a civilian lifestyle at all, knowing that her emotions would have been locked up tighter than any others that practiced the ninja arts.

"Whatever lays before us it will be up to us to make our path." He told her in response to her words that he is certain her redheaded 'friend' overheard.

He knows that she too is aware of the young woman that had been making her way over to them. He knows that she is uncertain what to make of the relationship she had built with the small group that she calls family. It is to be expected. For too long they were expected to live and bring honour to the 'family' or die because they didn't have what it took to survive.


"Buffy," she hears Willow's voice from beside her.

She turns and like that she is the girl that the other knows. The girl created by the Council in some kind of bid of insuring that no one figure out that she is an assassin. What they didn't know was that she had been perfectly fine in disguising what she is to civilians.

Then she remembered only mere months ago she had been able to fool other assassins, ones connected directly to the supernatural world. She had looked into their eyes as she killed every single one after whispering directly into their ears that she was a ninja of the Ozunu clan. Their surprise and fear had told her better than anything that she had truly had them fooled the way she had everyone else fooled.

"Hi Wills," she smiles at the shyer redhead.

Brown eyes dart between her and the man by her side. There's a question in those eyes and confusion over what she had overheard. Buffy meets her friend's eyes and thinks of everything that the other had gone through for her and because of her and she makes a decision.

The one decision that would free her completely from being Buffy and Kamiko of the Ozunu clan, she would choose to be Kamiko the girl who is friends with a teen boy and girl and has an older father figure in a man who had quit his organization for her.

"This is my brother." She responds to her friend but the swift glance that her friend missed asked him if that was alright.

The lightness of his eyes and the faint smile on his lips showed that he was not upset with her claiming him as family. That he didn't mind that she was about to tell everything to her friend, so she gave him the same faint look in return before turning to her friend.

"It's about time to meet with the others isn't it? Let's go, there is much I need to tell you and Xander."