Another one-shot - this one's for NellyLove.

I am using her OC Dakota Jordan and it also includes her OC Lexi Rossi from her story All We Are. (which is really good)

The song is When You Kiss Me by Shania Twain, which was one that I got from NellyLove's profile page.

This could be it, I think I'm in love
It's love this time
It just seems to fit, I think I'm in love
This love is mine

Dakota Jordan hummed the tune that had been running around her head for the past few days. It suddenly had new meaning.

Any person who could make you feel like that was worth keeping hold of. The WWE Diva had never felt so happy, loved and secure as when she was with him. He hardly had to do anything and she felt that unmistakeable contentment.

I can see you with me when I'm older
All my lonely night are finally over
You took the weight of the world off my
shoulders (the world just goes away)

The hard part was realising the situation and overcoming the task of actually admitting your feelings. Falling for somebody was easy, but admitting it to yourself and others was hard.

Oh, when you kiss me

How he kissed her. She embraced each and every touch, every breath.
The he in question was Matt Korklan, known to fans as Evan Bourne. His boyish good looks had attracted Dakota in the first place, but she was pleasantly surprised to discover that he was smart and funny too. He made her feel like she didn't have to be so guarded.

I know you miss me-
and when you're with me
The world just goes away
The way you hold me
The way you show me that you
adore me-oh, when you kiss me
Oh, yeah

"DK, are you alright?" her tag team partner Lexi asked her.

"Yeah, I'm good." The blonde gave her friend a smile.

Trust Lexi to be concerned. The shorter brunette was the sensible one out of the pair. Not that that made her unpopular. On the contrary, she was currently surrounded by Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase and Jake Hager aka Jack Swagger.

You are the one, I think I'm in love
Life has begun

The Diva who went by Nova in the ring, was suddenly alarmed to see Matt leaving without saying goodbye. He didn't even look in her direction.

"Matt!" she called out after him.

The blonde's purple streaks blew across her face as she ran outside, into the harsh and icy winter breeze. She scanned the area and spotted the high-flying Superstar sitting alone on a bench. She tucked her hair behind her ear as she sat down next to him.

"Did I do something wrong?" Matt asked, not looking at her.

"No!" she replied, a little over-dramatically.

Matt looked slightly uncomfortable. Whether it was the weather or her presence, Dakota did not know.

I can see the two of us together
I know I'm gonna be with you forever
Love couldn't be any better

"How do you feel when we kiss?" the Diva asked the Superstar beside her.

"I feel like the happiest guy in the world." Matt replied.

"I feel like the happiest girl in the world." Dakota smiled, turning to face the Airbourne superstar.

"What does that mean?" he asked, unsure of how she was going to react.

"I guess that means it's a good thing." She replied, reaching an arm around his neck and connecting their lips in one swift movement.

I can see you with me when I'm older
All my lonely nights are finally over
You took the weight of the world off my
shoulders (the world just goes away)

"Are you happy now?" Dakota asked when they finally separated.

"I'm not even cold anymore." Matt smiled back at her.

"That's what happens when you kiss me." The blonde Diva smiled, resting her head on Matt's shoulder.

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