Chasing Time

By DarkSilence101

I chase after you,
day after day.
I look for you,
day after day.
You said you'll wait,
until I come running.
But time stops me,
from reaching you.

I run and run,
down the endless stairs.
Hoping to reach you,
but you are just too far away.
No matter what I say or do,
I can't shorten,
the distance,
between you and me.

You promised to wait,
and I promised to run.
Empty words,
that are hard to fill.
My heart beats fast,
rivalling yours,
which I can hear,
echoing in the distance.

I caught the spark,
but missed the connection.
I reach out to touch you,
but you aren't there.
You can't see me,
you are looking too far ahead,
into the beyond.
To a place higher than me.

I'm like an ant,
on the ground.
Small and weak.
And you are a bright star,
in the endless sky,
outshining them all.
So easy to touch,
but so hard to hold.

I'm torn apart,
between the world of reality,
and the world of dreams.
I want to catch a falling star,
so I can wish you were here,
right next to me.
Wish that this darkness,
would fade to grey.

The loneliness encasing me,
It's stifling and heavy.
Suffocating and cold.
A silent dark night,
dragging on into eternity.
The only subtle sound,
is my Crystal Pathos,
dripping to the ground.

This bittersweet love,
is it worth the time?
Time will always chase you,
Till the second hand,
Catches you.
And it always does.
It's beyond your control.
Time Waits for No One.

The time will come,
when you can't wait,
I can't catch up,
I fall behind.
I'm trapped.
I can't move.
I can't breathe.

Just admit it.
Chasing Love,
is just like chasing time.
I can't run fast enough,
and you can't wait for me.
No one can run forever,
and no one can wait,

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