Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Cullen Contest

Pen name: Kimmydonn

Title: One to Love Forever

Word Count: 4110

Rating: Mega M

Disclaimer: Twilight and its characters are the sole property of Stephenie Meyer; The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde belongs to Robert Louis Stevenson, and Mary Reilly to Valerie Martin. No copyright infringement is intended and all creative rights to these characters belong to their original authors. No profit is being made from this story.

Warning: contains murder, some less than consensual sex, and dark themes. Continue at your own risk.

Bella walked into the day care wearing a pale blue sundress. She greeted her coworkers in the dim light of pale dawn and found her room. She filled out her attendance sheet for the day and waited for the first of her tiny charges to arrive.

"Mrs. Masen, Mrs. Masen!" Jenna sang as she ran up and hugged the petite brunette. Jenna was four years old with red-brown skin and a smile showing 20 perfect little baby teeth.

Bella hugged the little girl and lifted her from the floor. "Good morning, Jenna." She kissed the little girl's cheek and was tickled by one of her three black pigtails.

Jenna giggled and squirmed. Bella set her down and the girl ran to the toy box to choose her favorites before the other children her age arrived. Bella listed Jenna and her drop off time on her sheet. Over the next hour, she was greeted in similar fashion by seven more preschoolers. Each smiled, most hugged and all said, "Mrs. Masen." Some were more intelligible in their speech than others.

Bella lead them in a game of duck duck goose, read them stories, put on a puppet show, and fed them a snack of fruit and crackers. It was a typical day at the Forks Day Care. The children put on their rain coats and boots after nap and went to splash in the ever present puddles. After drying them all off Bella directed them in a craft they could take home and cleaned up while they played with the various toys the day care offered. Finally the parents came to reclaim their youngsters and Bella received another round of hugs, a few kisses, and many 'see you tomorrows' from her little charges. She smiled at each child and each parent before filling out the pick up times and handing her sheet into the office. She filled out an incident report for Bobby biting Jenna. It had been a wrestling match gone badly and both had been given time-out, but a report was still needed. Then she went home, to Edward.

She walked slowly up the lane to the small white house. Two bedrooms and a postage stamp yard were all it claimed, but it was enough for the pair of them. Edward spent the days here, doing the lord only knew what. She'd tried to convince him that he could come out, spend the daylight hours in the muted light that filtered through omnipresent cloud cover, but he had never found anything to drag him from the confines of their home, except her.

She was barely in the door when he pressed her to it, his red eyes hungry. "Mmm, yes, love, I'm home," she greeted him seductively. "Let me take off the dress so I can keep it, all right?" she said coyly and pulled the garment over her head. The contacts dissolved in Bella's brown eyes, leaving them as red as Edward's.

His mouth crashed against hers, and she slipped the panties down her thighs. Her salary was not enough to afford new underwear for every day. As it was, she went without a bra as often as she could to prevent their destruction.

Edward's hand brushed over her bare breast as she coiled her fingers in his bronze hair. "So tell me which candidate are we testing tonight?" he asked in his melodious tenor.

"The Clearwater girl," Bella said against his mouth. "She is eighteen, supple and lithe. She will make an excellent companion."

Edward lifted Bella from the floor and her legs wrapped around his waist. He put one hand under a buttock, cupping and squeezing as the other spread her growing wetness over her lower lips. She hissed in pleasure.

"And where will we find Miss Clearwater?" Edward asked, opening his fly and dropping his pants. His long erection popped free and he stroked it once, spreading Bella's wetness over himself.

"At Damien's, after eight. She will be there with friends." Bella's voice grew more ragged as he slammed his length into her. Her head knocked on the door as she groaned.

"I will never understand how you are able to walk among them. But it is certainly beneficial that you do." He continued to force himself in and out of her, pinning her to the wood of the door.

Bella cried as the pleasure he brought her peaked, and he groaned as her insides reciprocated. He carried her, still wrapped around his waist to the bathroom to clean up. He stepped out of his pants leaving them in a pool on the floor.

Dr. Swan had come to Forks twenty years ago. It was then that Bella had formed her alias, Mrs. Masen. She had switched day cares, but stayed in the area. Most simply assumed she aged gracefully to look so good at thirty-five, but in fact, she had never aged a day over twenty-eight. It was an excellent age. She could pass for eighteen with little trouble and was accepted, with only polite disbelief, up to forty. She changed her claimed age with new employment, so it was only former co-workers who would have reason to think she was older than seemed possible.

Together, using her photos from the day care, she and Edward had selected candidates for their pleasures. They were voracious feeders. They desired not only blood, but breeding, sexuality, sensuality. Their preferred prey would be young, virile, strong – mentally and physically – and of course, beautiful. They selected candidates from a young age and Bella kept tabs on them as they grew. When they came of age, they would be sampled, tested, and then discarded. They had never found one worthy of keeping for an eternity of their pleasure. They continued to look though. They would have to leave soon. She couldn't fool people here much longer. She wondered where she might find another community with as much cloud cover as Forks. Somewhere with smog, perhaps?

Tonight, Leah Clearwater would be tested. She had been in Bella's day care class fourteen years ago and grown into a magnificent young woman. Her skin was flawless, her hair lustrous. She would please Edward greatly. But would she please, Bella? They were very different in their appetites.

After cleaning up, Edward and Bella dressed each other. Mrs. Masen must never be recognized in the Swan, as she called herself in the evenings, she went to some effort to change her appearance. The first and most obvious, were her eyes. She wore contact lenses to make them brown during the day, but pretended she wore them at night to make her eyes blood red. She diverged from the pastel palette of colours that graced Bella Masen's face to black, maroons, burgundies and golds for evening wear. She also pinned her hair completely up. With her features so defined and her usually soft flowing hair pulled severely back, few would think to see Bella Masen in the Swan. Occasionally the candidates recognized her. That was for the best, actually. The Swan was most pleased with those ones.

Tonight the Swan wore red leather. Her icy white skin contrasting with the blood red of the second skin and the black of the laces tying her into it. Her heaving breasts were nearly bursting from their confines. The skirt just reached the bottom of her ass cheeks. She looked like the ultimate slut. No one would see demure Bella Masen in this get up. Her boots reached her knee and were similarly laced.

Edward wore black leather pants and a deep blue silk shirt, open halfway down his chest revealing sculpted muscle. His boots were buckled and the silver and chrome of them shone in the lights of the bar as they entered.

"Edward and the Swan." The bouncer announced upon seeing them. "It's been a few nights."

"Now Felix," Bella said, leaning over to give both men an eyeful. "You know we can't be doing this every night. We have to take time for each other sometimes, too." She ran her tongue up Felix's neck and purred when she heard him groan.

"I'm going to get a piece of you one day, Swan," he promised for the sixty-seventh time. Sixty-six candidates and none of any worth. Dr. Swan was beginning to think their search was futile. But they had ten years worth of candidates to go.

"Which one?" Edward asked, running his hand down the Swan's back and cupping her.

"There," she purred, nodding her head to the native woman at the bar. "The one in pink."

Leah Clearwater was amidst her friends and enjoying a relaxing night out. She was on her third drink and feeling very fine. She wore a pink dress that stopped just short of her knees and straps that tied behind her neck. She was up for some action tonight and hoped Mr. Right was going to walk through that door.

Edward approached the gaggle of girls while Swan lounged on one of the stools at the other end of the bar. Leah was straight, so this would be Edward's hunt. "The Swan," she heard murmured through the crowd. Her reputation did precede her. Few would approach her though. Her reputation included pain for one who was successful in gaining her attentions. Pain with pleasure, of course.

Edward ordered a drink and Leah turned at the sound of his voice. "Celebrating something?" he asked, his voice dripping seduction.

"Um, just the end of the week," Leah stammered.

"That's as good a reason as any," he said, clinking his glass with hers. "To the end of the week. To the week to come?" he asked.

"To the week to come," she agreed and sipped her beverage.

Edward's glass touched his lips but he didn't swallow the vile liquid. There were only two liquids he wanted to taste, and both came from the human sitting before him. "Enjoy your celebration," he whispered in her ear, rubbing himself against her as he slid away from the bar.

"Oh, my, god." One of Leah's friends was about to have a coronary. "That was Edward. I don't believe it. He wants you, Leah. You have to follow him. You know you do."

"I- I – I just don't know." She took a deep swallow from her glass. "You've heard the rumors right? The people going missing?"

"I've heard they fuck people to death," another of her friends said. "Bodies with giant grins on their faces. I'd die in those arms," she said, drooling over Edward who was now leaning on the stool next to Swan. His ass was splendidly displayed for the ladies to enjoy.

"Any takers?" he asked the Swan, smiling at the young men who were ogling her. He didn't often think of her as Bella. Bella was the vapid human imitator that left the house each morning. She was the Swan now.

"Not yet, but I'm hopeful. Let's give them some incentive." She opened her legs, putting one heeled boot on the stool Edward leaned on. He ran his tongue down her leg from knee to crotch, his nose disappearing under her skirt. She closed her eyes and put a hand to her breast as his tongue didn't stop upon reaching its destination.

"Oh my god, he's eating her. Right there. No, don't look." The whispering buzzed around them.

Edward took a last lap and lifted her leg so he might sit on the stool. He pulled her leg straight and ran a hand along it's length. "You have such divine limbs. You know that," he said with a smile. She smiled back. Even when they were trying to land a candidate he took time to compliment and please her.

"Don't let her run too far," the Swan warned, looking to Leah Clearwater who was approaching a native man in the corner.

"No, certainly not. Don't let them run too close," he said with smirk. He laid a kiss on her boot toe as he lifted it and rose again.

Knowing that she wore nothing under the short skirt brought more males to the Swan. "He-hello," the first stammered.

She stopped short of rolling her eyes. "And what is your name, baby?" she asked instead.

"Eric," his voice broke.

"And what is it you want, Eric?" she asked running her tongue over her lips before saying his name. His breath hitched.

"Um... fuck," he cussed quietly. "Nothing, never mind."

She did roll her eyes as he left. Small town boys were so timid.

Edward stalked Leah. He could move silently, but he made his boots clap loudly on the floor, wanting her to hear him, wanting her to anticipate him, wanting her to stop her approach of the man in the corner.

Leah heard the heavy boots and turned her head just enough to see Edward approaching her. Twice in one night, surely she was dreaming. What would he want with her?

A cold hand rested on her back. "Would you dance with me?" he asked, gesturing to the floor where a few people gyrated with one another.

"I – I don't dance."

"I find that hard to believe, with legs like these." he ran a hand down one to her knee lifting her foot from the floor. She gasped as he ran it back up under her skirt. "I imagine you dance very well."

"What do you think you're doing?" the tall man in the corner stepped forward, putting a palm to Edward's chest.

"I was merely asking the lady to dance," he said staring down the man, who although tall, was only a few inches taller than Edward himself. "She has not answered me yet." He looked to Leah now and his eyes were smoldering.

"No – not now," she continued to stammer.

"I understand," he said quietly, disappointed. "If you change your mind, my friend and I are planning to step out for air. You'd be welcome to join us." He nodded to the Swan who was lounging in her seat, intimidating the silly boys staring at her.

"I – all right."

"Leah, no," the man said, grabbing her arm.

"I think that is for the lady to decide," Edward growled, lifting the man's hand from Leah's arm and squeezing it until he winced.

"Back off, Sam. I'll be fine. Go run home to Emily," she spat. She put an arm through Edward's and he smiled at her.

"That colour is magnificent on you," he whispered into her ear, making her shiver.

"Thank you," she murmured.

Edward didn't even look to the Swan, leading Leah out of Damien's.

Felix shook his head at the girl as she walked past with Edward. "Have a good night, Edward, Leah."

Bella stopped at the door to give Felix one more good feel before she left. She hooked a leg to his hip and put his hand to her thigh. Then she leaned in again and kissed the bottom of his jaw. "Is tonight your night?" she asked him.

"No, Swan. Tonight is not my night. Go on." He pushed her away and she let out a peal of laughter. Felix was such fun to tease. If he didn't know his life was in danger should he ever actually 'get a piece of her,' then he was the luckiest man in the world as well as one with excellent restraint.

Edward led Leah to the trees where he put his back to one and pulled her mouth to his. "You are beautiful, Leah."

"Edward?" she asked, shaking in fear and anticipation.

"Yes, Leah," he murmured against her lips, kissing them again.

"Why me?"

Swan answered from behind her. "Because you are beautiful. Because you are young. Because you look like you can keep up with us." She slipped a hand under Leah's skirt and cupped her ass cheek, sliding the fabric of her panties aside.

Leah moaned in pleasure. Edward quickly released himself and tore Leah's panties away.

"Not so fast, love," Swan said, stilling his hand on Leah's hot center. "Let's be sure she understands what we're asking of her."

"Yes, whatever it is, yes," she breathed, her body swaying with the seduction the pair were pouring over her. Her head tipped back into the Swan's and the Swan licked her earlobe making her twitch against Edward's hand. He slipped fingers into Leah, ignoring the Swan's warning.

"We want to know if you are a killer, Leah. We want to know if you'd be willing to give anything for your passion, your hunger. Would you drink the blood of the one you fucked?"

"What?" Leah was suddenly shaken from her dream-like, sex-filled trance. "No, of course not."

"Pity," the Swan said. "Well, that's no reason not to have fun, is it?" She put her mouth to the hollow under Leah's ear and Edward lifted Leah's legs to his waist, pulling his fingers over her clit. She screamed in pleasure as his thick rod plunged into her.

While Edward pulled and pushed Leah over his shaft, the Swan slipped her hands around Leah's waist, one over, one under. She stroked and pinched Leah as Edward fucked her and stroked and pulled Edward's balls under her, rubbing them into her ass. Leah came quickly and loudly. Edward didn't slow though. He continued to ram into her, pulling her tighter to him.

"Ah, Ah, Ah," she screamed. "You're tearing me apart," she groaned.

"No, now, you're going to be torn apart," the Swan whispered, dropped Edward and sticking her middle finger into Leah's ass. She screamed again as she was fucked in both openings.

The Swan could feel Edward throbbing in Leah and his eyes hungrily met hers over the girl's shoulder. She nodded to him and he buried himself deep in Leah while the Swan continued to ream the girl. They both put their mouths to opposite sides of her neck and bit down.

The warm blood filled both their mouths and they drank hungrily. Leah's screams were cut off in seconds as she lost the strength to power them. The corpse sagged between them.

"Why do you ask them like that?" Edward asked. "You must know they'll never accept."

"One will. One day." The Swan was certain a playmate was out there somewhere, waiting for them to find him or her.

They disposed of the body and went home to clean up.

Bella arrived at the Forks Day Care Monday morning. She pulled out her sheet and greeted her preschoolers. "Did you have a nice weekend, Jenna? What did you do with your Mommy?" she asked.

Bella Masen wasn't entirely an act. She really did love these little children; she was desperate to find one to love forever.

It was several weeks before Corin found them. Edward and the Swan were still on either side of Mike.

Mike Newton had followed the Swan to the edge of the pond, unable to believe his luck. She stroked his cheek with her cold hand and he looked over her face. "Mrs. Masen?" he asked. The Swan's breath caught. Being recognized by a candidate was always a good sign.

"Yes, Mike. I've been watching you for a very long time. I'm hoping you'll be like me. I'm hoping you'll hunt, love and kill with me. Fuck me, Mike," she begged him, unfastening his pants while she put his hand under the black vinyl she wore tonight.

"Mrs. Masen, Bella. I never stopped thinking about you. When I saw you in town-" He groaned sliding into her. "I mean, the Swan, she's sexy - God you're more than sexy - but Mrs. Masen. Imagining what she hid..."

"What did she hide?" Swan asked Mike. This was an excellent sign. He enjoyed both sides of her. Perhaps she had finally found the one. She saw Edward approaching from behind as Mike pinned her to the tree she rested against.

"Oh, Bella," he moaned. "You are so hot. I dreamt of seeing you like this, feeling you like this. I couldn't kill, but I could love."

"Damn," she moaned. Her irritation didn't last though as Mike pleasured her, her juices sliding down his shaft.

Edward reached around and spread the slickness to Mike' ass. "What?"

"We love together." Edward continued to fondle him, rubbing himself against Mike's puckered hole while the Swan reached her climax.

"But I... I couldn't..." His resistance was weak and weakening. Then the Swan and Edward put their lips and teeth to either side of his neck. The Swan squeezed the still hard shaft inside her once more. They were startled from their pleasures by a voice from deeper in the trees.

"You two have been making quite a mess. I'm afraid we can't allow your indiscretion to uncover our kind. Edward, Swan, I'm here to destroy you both." Corin had the same red eyes. He had black hair that fell around his face to accentuate the paleness of his skin. He was obviously a vampire as well.

"Corin, wait." The new voice made both Bella and Edward turn. Dr. Cullen, a surgeon here in Forks, stepped from the shadows. His blonde hair was almost as pale as his skin and his odd gold eyes had always confounded Bella. She didn't know what he was, only that he was similar to them, but different somehow.

"Carlisle Cullen," Corin mused. "I haven't seen you in two centuries. Are you still on that ridiculous abstinence diet?"

"Yes, Corin. And I don't abstain, I drink animal blood." That was it. He was a vampire, but he was denying his nature. That was what made him different.

Corin shrugged. "Same thing."

"Bella is a member of this community. I believe I can rehabilitate her. She has compassion for human life. I've seen her with the children. I have seen nothing but this side of Edward, but please, let me take Bella into my family. If she proves to be a problem, I will deal with her."

Corin took several moments to weigh Carlisle's offer. "Fine. You can have the female. I had best not hear of the town of Forks again in Volterra for a hundred years, Cullen."

"You won't," Dr. Cullen assured him. "Bella, come with me." Bella had removed Mike from herself shortly after Carlisle had appeared and now he took her hand and led her up the hill from the pond they had brought Mike to.

"What will happen to Edward?" Her question was answered with a horrible grinding, a keening scream, and then thick sweet smoke. "No," she whispered. "No, he was, my partner."

"I know, Bella. It will be all right. We'll teach you how to live our way. You'll be fine now. He won't taint you any longer." Carlisle wrapped an arm around her shaking shoulders and led her to a large house far from town. Carlisle was wrong. The taint wasn't in Edward. Bella had changed him to help her. She wasn't Mrs. Bella Masen. Masen was Edward's name. She was Dr. Swan.

"I'll have your things brought here tomorrow," Dr. Cullen assured her. "This is my son, Jasper." He indicated the tall blonde vampire at the top of the stairs. "He can sense the emotions of others, manipulate them. This has made feeding on humans difficult for him. He was eager to try my way of life."

Bella looked the man up and down. He was broad, muscular and knew what she was feeling. She quirked a corner of her mouth up at him and he echoed it.

"Thank you for inviting me to your family, Carlisle. May I call you Carlisle?" Bella asked. She knew the Swan would be absent for a time, but she could abide that. She would return. Jasper would be an excellent partner. She could tell from the hunger in his eyes that he would not need much urging to join in her experiment. His ability to manipulate emotions would be most useful in the testing.

"Of course, Bella." Carlisle smiled at her.

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