"But if you let her see that fancy footwork,

Show her that you're not that shy…

Let her see that fancy footwork.

Show her you're that type of guy."

Neville strode across the cobblestones, his stride quickening as he saw his destination in plain sight. A neon sign blared over a dark doorway, and he could see the flashing lights in the club from his spot on the curb of the Muggle road. He paused, warily peering through the darkness before making up his mind.

The room was packed with people, there was no denying that. Directly across from him stood a bar, and beside that were speakers the size of golf carts blaring techno music. Neville gulped. This was not what he had in mind when his old classmates had invited him over to dance. It had been three, nearly four years since the last time he had seen most of the friends he had made at Hogwarts, and he felt foreign in the busy club. He had always been awkward, he knew. But in his last year at Hogwarts, he had had to step up and take charge without Harry being there to lead the rebellion. He had come out of his shell. But now, facing the ear drum shattering music and pulsing fluorescent lights, he felt like the little eleven year old with too-big ears and who lost his toad on the train. His eyes raked over the swarming room, looking for any sign of anyone he knew. All the members of Dumbledore's Army were coming, that he knew. He turned back towards the door, looking wistfully at the absolute calm and coolness of the London alleyway. A mess of long blonde hair obscured his vision, and he frowned down at the woman hugging his middle before beaming and returning the gesture.

"Luna!" He examined her wide blue eyes, "You haven't changed a bit!"

"Well, I should hope so. " She said thoughtfully, "And I'm glad to see you're looking better. I haven't seen you since the... well, you know." Neville nodded shortly.

"Ah, yeah. I was a right mess. I can't even imagine being that bruised ever again." Neville shrugged. "Hey, who's this?" He smiled down at Luna, surprised to see a broad shouldered man standing beside her.

"Oh, yes, this is Rolf." Luna smiled dreamily and pecked him on the cheek. "My boyfriend. Rolf, this is Neville, I've told you about him, haven't I?"

"That you have." Rolf's tanned face split into a grin, "A pleasure to finally meet you. The infamous Neville Longbottom!" Neville shot a questioning look at Luna.

"I told him all about Dumbledore's Army." Luna took Rolf's hand, and they walked towards the bar. "…and about you and that snake."

"Luna, have you been bragging?" He gave a cheeky grin as they sat down on bar stools.

"Well of course I have. I'm allowed to brag about my friend if they've helped to conquer the darkest wizard of all time, can't I?" Luna grinned as Neville blushed under the light that was now sweeping the room in a bright pink glow.

"Oh, now look. You've made me blush." Neville had to shout as a new song had come on, and Luna swayed slightly to the beat.

"You want to go dance, babe?" Rolf asked with a grin

"Yes, if you don't mind, Neville?" Luna cast a worried look at him as she stood up.

"Nah, don't worry about me. Now go! Dance!" Neville waved them off, and Rolf gave him a thumbs up as he walked side by side with Luna until they were engulfed by the crazily dancing mob in the center of the room, and he watched them sway serenely in the chaos of the dancers. Neville smiled and spun around and waited for the bartender. Luna and Rolf were perfect for each other.

"One rum, two fingers, no ice." The burly bartender nodded once and turned around to rummage about in the liquor cabinet. "Thank you." Neville gave the man his money and stirred the drink slowly, looking out into the room as he took a swig. His eyebrows shot up as he saw a head of wildly curly, blonde hair in the middle of the dance floor. It couldn't be. "I'll be right back." Neville slid out of his seat, confidence seeping through him with every step he took towards the center of the mob. He felt the music pound against him, and his pulse started to race as he took in the sight of her dancing by herself. It was Hannah. Hannah Abbot. He was drowning in the pounding bass, it was hammering against his chest and it felt so good. And then he was there, he was by her side, and he was moving like he had been dying to since he first caught sight of her. He was ready to show her that he wasn't shy, clumsy little Neville Longbottom anymore.

"Hannah." Neville gave a beaming grin as Hannah's jaw dropped.

"Neville?" Hannah didn't stop moving with him to the sound of the electronic music that was shaking the walls. "I've missed you!" She shouted over the music, and Neville's grin returned as they both moved to the rhythm.

"We can talk in a bit. Let's dance." Neville gave a lopsided grin as Hannah's lips turned up in amusement.

The crowd was pushing against them, but Neville couldn't care less at the moment. All he cared about was the way Hannah's hips felt moving under his hands and how her hair smelt exactly the same as he remembered it. It felt so completely right, and he was going to prove to her what she had been missing.

Neville had always loved to dance, especially since the Yule Ball. He would never forget how happy he had been, how reluctant he had been to leave the dance floor and Ginny to go to sleep. But he had never in his life felt like this. His head was clear, he felt absolutely free and delirious and alive. With Hannah, this felt like it was meant to be. He couldn't get over how absolutely gorgeous she was, how perfect she looked in her bright red dress. She was so utterly beautiful; he couldn't bear not to tell her somehow. And so he danced. Hannah grinned as he smiled down at her, and he somehow knew that he could do no wrong. He had found the cure for his lonely heart, and he wasn't intending on letting it go anytime soon.