Disclaimer—I don't own the characters, nor the song that this is based on: "Superman (Five for Fighting).

I watch you cry,

as you fall upon your knees.

You wish that you could find

the home you'll never see.

Your heart is disturbed

with the feeling of betrayal,

you say that you don't care,

though your eyes deny your words.

I try to wake you gently,

from the devastation of your mind.

Ignorance is bliss,

though you rather believe otherwise.

You try to deny my words,

to kill the king instead.

And though it saddens me greatly,

I forgo your pleading eyes.

You think that you're disturbed,

though I readily disagree;

even heroes have the right to bleed.

You say you're not a hero,

for letting your brother come to this.

You think it's absurd

and I will not concede.

Even heroes have the right to dream.

You close your eyes gently,

and try to think of something great.

But nothing comes mind.

You weep all the more strongly

while living nightmares scream.

You try to think of a better place,

as I slowly walk away.

And I hear you whisper strongly;

"Even heroes have the right to dreams.

It's not easy to be me."

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