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Chapter 1 - I Missed You...

Time had flown past them, so fast for some of them and too slow for others. But finally for him, after 4 years of "exile" as he called it, he was coming home.

His flight had been a quiet but calm one, and he had already arrived in South Korea. He was one of the last passengers to recoil his luggage simply because he couldn't find it; even though he had been one of the firsts to enter and to leave the plane. He had even almost pushed the air attendant in front of him, staring at him with that annoying smile and her utterly uptight skirt. He bet that the girl could hardly breathe, in that.

He was quickly walking by the airport when he saw his driver awaiting him. The man bowed in respect and grabbed his luggage.

- Master So…

- Young Master, if you don't mind… the other one is that… is my father… - he said, holding his mouth on time.

- Very well, sir. Where to?

He gave the instructions to his driver, and if when he made a surprised face, he made no questions.

A few minutes later he arrived at the place. He step out of the car and ordered his driver:

- Leave now and bring me my car. Then leave again. Also, you're forbidden to reveal where you left me.

- Sir, your mother will be worried…

- Do as I say. – The tune admitted no more questions, and so the driver left him.

Standing there, So Yi Jung looked at the building, breathing calmly and quickly.

In a few moments he would be facing the girl that had plagued his torturing dreams. The reason, or one of the reasons, why he had left for Sweden for 4 long years, with some occasional visits to his country in the first year, was inside that room nº2, 2nd floor, as his best friend Woo Bin had said.

Ever since he had left, Yi Jung, the most famous Casanova of all times, as some had said, had been afraid, anxious, confused, sad and with a lot more mixture of feelings in his heart, some unreadable to him.

The first year they had been apart, he had come home for Christmas and ended up spending Christmas Eve with her (on a date to the zoo, their first real one!) and her family. He had come back to solve the problem between Woo Bin and Jae Kyung and they had traveled together with the remaining F4 to the USA to stop Jae Kyung to get married against her will.
He had come again to celebrate with her her birthday and they had gone to the movies and end up eating dinner in his room.
After that, he hadn't been able to come back, not even for Christmas of the next years.

They had talked, of course, by cell phone at least 3 times a week. He wasn't like his other best friend, Gu Jun Pyo who kept his girlfriend, Geum Jan Di awake until late at night everyday of the week. Still, he couldn't help feeling guilty by letting her stay up that late, but she sounded the most happier when he called her, and hearing her voice was the best medicine for his wounded and lonely heart.

The reason why he hadn't been able to come back was because he had been loaded with work: his pieces received international prizes, after the Biennale exhibition, and had been subject of countless critics. Some were really harsh and horrible but the majority of them all had been to emphasize his good work and superb taste in art.

He hadn't had the time to stop; during the year he had to work and study, and on holidays he had to present his countless exhibitions all over the world: Tokyo, Paris, Madrid, Milan, London, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas; he had even presented his works all over the USA, and had counted on Jun Pyo's support.

He seemed happy, but even his best friend, as dense as he could be, had realized how his "NtSGE syndrome" had been worse than ever. Of course, the name had been made up by "Mr. Brilliance"; it stood for "Not Seeing Ga Eul Syndrome". Yi Jung had almost beaten him up.

But the truth was that he, himself, missed her so bad that his heart ached when he saw a glimpse of hair that seemed like hers, or every time he heard the phrase "Yi Jung-sunbae" out of someone's mouth. She was always on his mind, his thoughts, his dreams… everywhere and every time.

And even after all that time, after all the obstacles and time they spent apart, she was still calling him to congratulate him, to hear his voice, smiling and laughing with him. Those were his most blessed hours of the day, when she called him. At those times, the world, the people, the time, they all ceased to matter. They all stopped.
There were only she and him, clenching the phone and his heart in a desperate attempt to fill the void she had left in him, when they had parted. His need to grab her and hold her had never ceased to stop or died; on the contrary, he could feel the pain of not having her near…

The corridors didn't have much people, only one or two mothers and a few kids with both parents, and running around.

His feet carried him through the corridors, while he absentminded followed them. He ignored the looks of surprise and the whispers all around him; his only worry was to get to her… as soon as possible…

He turned left, climbed a few stairs, turned right and then he heard a sound that almost made his heart stop.

Someone was laughing openly, a laughter that he knew all too well.

He took two long deep breaths and advanced in the direction of the sound. Through a wooden and glass door, he spotted her and had to stop himself from staying still, stuck on the ground.

It had been 3 years since he had last seen her, and she had grown even more beautiful. Her hair was longer, curlier and glossy, and he had a sudden urge to dive his hands into her locks. Her eyes were still those sweet and gentle doe's eyes, but seemed a lot more serious, less bright and cheerful than he remembered. He wondered if that had been his fault, and he silently wished that could be true. It meant that she had missed him.

She was thinner; he noticed and became worried immediately. She had never been fat, so why going on a diet when she didn't need one?
He took another breath, and another deep one. He was nervous; he wanted to see her reaction but at the same time, he was afraid. What if she had changed her mind, or changed too much?

He opened the door.

She was surrounded by kids and was teaching them how to mold clay and laughing and giggling with them.

- Is that a grape…? – she asked, while smiling to one of the kids.

He smirked and said in a sweet but strong voice:

- You're still putting too much pressure on your hand.

She turned around, at the sound of the voice. At first she didn't realize that he was really standing there. When she did, she stood up so fast that she almost lost her balance.

- Yi Jung… sunbae…

- Hello… - he said, softly and smiling a little, his eyes locked on hers.

She smiled again, now seeming happier and relaxed, more than before.

- Who are you? Are you teacher's boyfriend? – asked one of the little kids, who was staring at him head to toe

- All the other kids had stopped their affairs and were staring at him.

Ga Eul was dumbfounded; it didn't seem real that he was standing there, talking to her students about something that she couldn't quite figure out. It was a dream, a perfect dream for her.

He was taller, tired and even more handsome, if that was even possible, and she could figure it all out with just one glance. She had missed those eyes, staring at her, deeply and… lovingly? Was that what she had seen when their eyes had met? She was still feeling his gaze upon her, occasionally and shivered every time she felt it.

And then, something caught her ears, as she turned around slowly, still thinking about Yi Jung's stare:

- … Sweden?

- Young miss, you're amazing!

The girl gladly clapped her hands, while Yi Jung slightly smiled and seemed confused.

- Then you must be him! – the girl said, while Ga Eul snapped out of her daily dream. – Teacher said her boyfriend was ther…

Ga Eul quickly placed her hand over the little girl's mouth, whispering her:

- Aish… you're not supposed to tell him…

As she turned to face Yi Jung, blushing completely, she saw him laughing and also staring at her, while smiling.

Ga Eul straightened herself while she mouthed him "Give me a minute".

He nodded and stepped away from the door, sitting himself on her chair, behind the desk. Ga Eul's perfume, the scent of fresh mint, was all around him.

He smiled as he watched Ga Eul leading all her students towards the sinks, and watching as they washed their hands.

- Okay, everyone. You can go to the bathroom. After that, we all have to talk, so sit in the carpet, ok? Those who don't have to go to the bathroom pick up and gather all the toys in their rightful places, please.

The kids scattered as she said and she exhaled deeply.

When she turned around, she found the same look on Yi Jung's eyes and shivered a little. She walked towards him and he got up and offered her the chair.

She smiled and took his offer.

- Thank you. – she said while she sat and sighed, closing her eyes for a few seconds.

- You okay?

She opened one eye, playfully.

- Almost dead, but as always… happy.

He smiled a little.

- As always?

- Yup. I mean… today I'm even happier… - she said, eying him.

Both stayed silent, with their eyes locked.

- Are you real?

- You think I'm a ghost?

- No, more like… a hallucination…

- Hallucination?

- Yes. Like the ones I have almost every… I mean… nothing! – she said, blushing.

He stared at her, smiled and said:

- I've had the same kind of visions…

- Eh?

- In Sweden… I thought I... I was seeing you…

"Everywhere" he added mentally.

Both blushed. Yi Jung leaned against the desk, facing her in the chair. She was smiling lightly to him, but deeply embarrassed.

- I've kept my promise.

She stared at him surprise.

- You… you mean…

- You're the first person I'm seeing.

- Sunbae…

- We need to talk… we've got so much to talk about… - he sighed, capturing one of her hands in his.

She stared deeply into him, squeezed her hand in his and said:

- Don't worry. We have time…

He looked at her, lovingly. How he had missed her words, her voice…

Unconsciously, he leaned forward. Ga Eul was surprised but couldn't get up, since he was in front of her and one of her hands was captive of his. She closed her eyes, slightly trembling and said:

- Sunbae…

He placed his forehead against hers and said:

- I know. We're being watched…

She giggled and he smirked.

- I missed you, sunbae…

- But now it is your fault, for saying those things! – he said, and in a quick movement captured her lips in a sweet and passionate kiss. Ga Eul could do nothing, only close her eyes and savor the moment she had dreamed the last 3years.

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