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Chapter 21 - Under the Stars

Standing up on the beach, she still couldn't believe (no matter how much time passed) how easily the F4 still managed to surprise her.

A few hours ago she was just leaving work, ready for a hot bath and a pizza, as agreed with her boyfriend; now she was standing at a beach in New Caledonia, with the stars twinkling above her and her boyfriend walking hand in hand beside her. Smiling she looked at him:

"This doesn't seem like an emergency…"

"It is! Well, at least that's what I had to tell you…"

"Oh really?"

"This was not my idea…"

"I'm certain that you're absolutely guiltless about this…"

"… well, not completely…"

"I knew it!"

"It was Jun Pyo's idea! He suggested that we needed a few days of vacations… I merely suggested the place…"

"Vacations? We're in the middle of the scholar period…"

"Come on, Ga Eul… it's just for a few days…"


"I promise."

"Alright. Only for a few days…"

"Ok." – Yi Jung said tugging at her hand. Ga Eul couldn't help but chuckle.

They walked for a while, in silence, until he said:

"Looking back this is where we started…"

"No, it wasn't."


"Nop. We started on the porridge shop."

"That was a disaster…"

"Yes, it was."

"Still…this is a special place for us… right?"

"… Yeah, you can say that…"

"… I've been thinking about us, you know?"

"… really? About what, exactly?"

"What we will do, in the future…"

Yi Jung stopped and tugged at her hand, signaling her to sit down, while he hugged her from behind.

She relaxed into his embrace and he sighed, happy that everything was at peace, in his life, for once.

In the last 5months they had been "recruited" by Goo Jun Pyo and Geum Jan Di to help prepare their wedding. As notorious as the Shinwa heir was, a small wedding was not an option and all the preparations were driving the bride-to-be out of her mind. With all the preparations and commotion around them, they barely had the time to be alone together.

"Jan Di seems… calmer…"

"That might be because she finally found a suitable wedding dress for her future mother in law."


"Yes. Mrs Soo wasn't easy to please but we managed to find something they both liked…" - Ga Eul said, playing with her boyfriend's finger.

"That's good… I hope it's suitable for the sea breeze and salt water…"

"Sea breeze? Salt…? What do you mean?" – she asked, completely puzzled.

"Well… Jun Pyo has decided to hold the wedding and their honeymoon cruise all in one."

"What? When did he decide that?"

"This afternoon. He was going to tell her now."

"Thank God we're far from the hotel…" -Ga Eul sighed. – "Jan Di's gonna kill him…"


"Seriously? A cruise?"

"He said it would be memorable. He already has the cruise ship rented, as well as our passages bought."

"You think it's alright?"

"Yeah, I think there should be no problem… anyway we're talking to the doctor about it…" - Yi Jung said, his hands placing themselves around Ga Eul's waist and over the already growing bump on her lower belly. She smiled and placed her hands above his.

"You think we can tell them now?"

"Yeah, I think we can, already. I mean… you know I…"

"I know… you just didn't want to create expectations. I also didn't want to be disappointed if anything goes… unwell…"

"… We'll be as careful as we can…" - started Yi Jung.

"… without being too restrictive." – completed Ga Eul, with a smile. – "You heard the doctor, we're fine."

He kissed her head.

"Do you want to return now?"

"No, it's okay. I want to stay here a few more minutes…"

They stayed in silence for a few minutes, simply enjoying the sea breeze and kissing once in a while. Suddenly Yi Jung lowered his mouth and whispered in her ear:

"Marry me."

It wasn't a question, she noted as she glanced at him surprised. Then her gaze softened and turned playful.

"Is that an order?"

"No… it's a demand…"

"You do realize that that's no way of proposing to anyone…"

"… I know…"


"Still… marry me…"

"You're impossible!" – she said laughing.

"No. I'm being honest." – he said, as he used his hand to caress her face, turned to him. – "I want to be with you every minute of my life. And it's not because you're pregnant; you've made me a better person and I want to continue being that person. For you, for us and for our child. I need you… so, marry me."

Ga Eul had tears in her eyes.

"Are you seriously proposing?"



"… you do realize I want an answer…"

She laughed.

"Are you afraid of something?" – she asked.

"Well… yeah…"

She smiled sweetly and leaned in to kiss him.

"Is that a yes?" – he asked, when they broke apart.

"Did it seem like a no?"

It was his turn to kiss her. When they broke apart, Yi Jung searched his pocket for the ring, the same ring he had already presented to her once and that she had discarded after the miscarriage. It had a sad memory attached to it but he was determined to change that.

He motioned for her to take a look at the tear shaped ring. She didn't know what she was looking for until a few marks caught her attention. The last time she had seen that ring there were no marks on it. There was something engraved on it.


"Do you like it?"

She couldn't say anything as she was moved by his gesture. In her mind, she recalled a particular conversation, so long ago…

Yi Jung took her silence as a good sign. Grabbing her suddenly shaking left hand, he swiftly placed the ring on its rightful place. Then he kissed her hand and she couldn't help but smile at his tenderness.

"… I love you…"

"I love you too…"

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