Fly With Me

A/N Here's my second attempt at a How To Train Your Dragon fic as I decided to give up on Needing to Stand Tall as the idea for this one came into my head today after listening to the song Sticks and Stones from the movie soundtrack along with the song Fly With Me by Kari Kimmel and I could picture Hiccup on Toothless flying through the skies with a girl beside him who isn't Astrid but let me go on.

In this fic, Hiccup and Toothless find a girl in the forest who's injured but lonely and shy as she decides to stay in the village but loves being in the forest but Hiccup and Toothless want to help her come out of her shell and like being part of a family.

I hope those who've seen the movie like.

It was a typical day on the island of Berk as Hiccup sighed heading for the forest as his dragon Toothless was living there but liked being there.

Even though he'd proven to the others in his clan how strength from the heart was powerful, he still preferred hanging out in the forest as he heard huge footsteps as he chuckled knowing who it was as it was his jet black scaled dragon Toothless.

He'd nursed and befriended the dragon after hurting it with an invention he'd made but during that time, Toothless and him had became great friends and helped him find himself.

They'd also proven to the village how dragons could be powerful allies if you showed them a little love.

He smiled as he got onto his friend's back as they took off into the skies as his father knew he had snuck off into the forest to be with Toothless.

But Stoick hoped that Hiccup was okay.

He had been overprotective since Hiccup's mother had passed away.

Hiccup chuckled as Toothless landed back in the forest as he stroked the dragon's head as Toothless purred in response as he knew the dragon liked that but he saw something that surprised him as he got off Toothless's back and went over to a clearing and gasped finding a girl around his age lying there hurt.

Toothless whimpered softly as he understood.

"I-I don't know what we should do.

We've gotta bring her back to the village Tooth.

Dad will be able to help her, I know it." he said.

He then put the girl onto the jet black dragon's back as they took off heading for the village as Stoick along with the villagers wondered what was going on as they saw Toothless land outside Stoick's home as Stoick came out but saw the strange girl on Toothless's back as he lifted her off but was worried and curious about the young girl.

"Toothless and I found her in the forest.

I don't know where she came from." Hiccup told his father.

Stoick then brought the girl inside as Hiccup flew back to the forest.

He was worried yet curious about that girl.

He hoped that she'd be okay.........

Later that night Hiccup returned to his home as Stoick had made dinner but he was nervous about the strange girl he'd found in the forest but heard her begin to stir as her emerald green eyes opened as Hiccup and Stoick came towards her as they were curious about her but Hiccup was curious about her especially seeing she wore a dragon's baby tooth around her neck as she was in agony.

"W-Where am I?" she asked them.

"It's okay lass.

You're in Berk.

Who're you?

My son and his dragon found you in the forest injured." Stoick said.

At the word dragon , she smiled sadly but wistfully as Hiccup wondered why.

"I-I'm Lyna.

I miss my dragon Lyria." she said weakly.

Hiccup was in awe hearing that as he was surprised that somebody as pretty as her had a great affinity for dragons like he did as he had a feeling it was Lyria's baby tooth she wore around her neck.

She nodded as her dark brown hair covered her eyes.

"Yes she started losing hers before......." she said.

"Before what?" he asked.

"Before my clan found out about her.

I found her one day in the forest where I live but she was hurt.

I was lonely before meeting Lyria as the village kids hated my guts.

While caring for her, we became friends.

But then one of the kids found out and told.

They ambushed us and drove Lyria away.

They tried to make me join the boot camp but I refused.

They kicked me out of the clan.

I hope Lyria's out there somewhere looking for me." she said sadly.

Hiccup was stunned hearing this but also angry at Lyna's clan for doing that.

"They sounded like jerks to me." he said.

Lyna's eyes then closed in sleep as he and STOICK WENT TO EAT.

He hoped she would be okay as he left her to sleep........

Lyna was in the forest of her old home as she was searching for something as the night wind blew through her dark brown hair as the sound of purring entered her ears as a smile crossed the teen's face as she knew who it was as a jet black scaled female dragon jumped up and down in joy as the teen hugged her.

"Lyria I'm so glad you're here.

I missed you." she said hugging her.

She then climbed onto her back as Lyria took off into the night skies as below, they heard the angry shouts of her clan as they were trying to ground her but Lyria protected her as they flew away across the sea to a small island but as they were about to land in the forest, there was a storm as Lyria tried hard to protect her best friend but she watched as her best friend slipped off her back and fell into the forest but landed in a soft clearing but her injuries from the clan hurt worse as Lyria flew off to recover......

"Lyna........." she heard a voice say.......