AN: Here is how I'm going to do this. The Deadliest Warrior Match ups will be done only comparing the weapons and results. Then I show the simulations. Now first off. I don't want any "But he could do that. Or your wrong about this" look no one is perfect. But this is my idea of what would happen. Now I would like it for people to send in some match ups, but I do not want too many real world stuff as I can not simulate things like that, but maybe Sonic VS Mario, or Master chief against Snake. I could do that. Anyway I hope you enjoy these different match ups. Also the roles of hosts will be played by me and my friend Rommel.

I do not own Deadliest Warriors, if so I would have done Pirate VS Ninja as the first episode.

The Clone Trooper

Fierce soldiers of the Republic who helped fight off the threat of the Sith.

The Brotherhood of Steel

Warriors of the Wasteland who survive the harsh world fighting mutated creatures.

Who is Deadliest?

A Man in a black hoody with long black hair and black cargo pants look at the camera typing on a laptop, this was Bren and the co-host of the show.

"Right for now we tested 5 weapons of the clone troopers and 4 weapons of the Brotherhood, along with their power armor" Bren said to the Camera, he continued to type

Clone Trooper

DC-15A Blaster Rifle

DC-15S Blaster Pistol

Thermal Detonator


Wrist mounted Flamethrower

While the Brotherhood of Steel had

Power Armor

Laser Rifle

Super Sledge

Frag Grenades

Rocket Launcher

A tough looking guy was looking over the weapons on each table, he had a short military cut for his brown along with a leather jacket and cameo army fatigues smiled. This was Rommel

"Right, after testing both sides' weapons, we were able to get some pretty clear results." Rommel said

Blaster Rifle Vs Laser Rifle

Both weapons were built the same way, laser technology, however in terms of use. The Blaster Rifle had a bigger ammo count of 500 against the Brotherhood's 24. But ammo isn't the only deciding factor.

It shows a clip of a Clone trooper firing multiple shots into a gel torso, and after 10 shots they could see a badly burned torso.

It then shows the Brotherhood member firing his laser rifle and after 3 shots the gel torso burned into a pile of ashes

"To be honest, I have to say that the Clone trooper may have more shots, the Brotherhood will have more power. So I got to give it to the Brotherhood" Rommel said

Edge Brotherhood

Next they tested explosives

Thermal Detonator Vs Frag Grenade.

Both weapons were meant to be anti-personal weapons but which was the stronger

Shows a Clip of a Frag grenade going off between five gel torsos, three of them were confirmed kills while the other two would have got off with broken bones and bleeding out.

The Thermal detonator went off against five gel torsos and all five were taken out in a big blast.

Edge Clone Trooper

Next they decided to test the heavy weaponry

Flame Thrower Vs Rocket launcher

It shows a clip of a rocket hitting a small hut, and a group of gel dummies, in one move the entire hut and dummies were destroyed.

The Flame thrower also did some damage to a similar hut and dummies

"While the flame thrower did do similar damage like the rocket launcher, and it has the added convenience of being wrist mounted, you have to get close to the enemy for it to work. So I'm giving the edge to the rocket launcher" Bren said

Edge Brotherhood

They then tested close range weaponry

Shows a Brotherhood member smashing a large stone block with the super sledge, turning the stone into gravel.

The clone trooper tore up a gel dummy with his duel wielded vibroblades.

"I will say this, both weapons are strong, but would the vibroblade get through power armor?" Rommel asked

It then shows a clip of a Clone Trooper holding his blaster pistol and a vibroblade.

"Take this" The clone trooper said as he swung and blasted a gel torso in full clad power armor. The weapons however did not do a lot of damage

"Because the power armor could take a lot of brunt against the vibroblade and blaster combo, I have to say the armor, super sledge combo would win in this fight" Bren said

Edge Brotherhood

"To be honest, I got to give my vote on the clone Troopers, they are tough, smart, and bred to fight" Bren said

"Brotherhood of Steel, their armor, their weapons, and their fighting spirits are top notch, they would beat the clones hands down" Rommel said

Now Bren would impute all the data into a state of the art simulation program. And because both sides operate in small squads, Bren will simulate the battle to a five on five skirmish. And to make sure the battle isn't won by a lucky shot, Bren will simulate the battle 1000 times to declare a winner.

Who will win?

Perfect Breeding

Shows the clone facility on Kimino

Vs Hardened spirits

Shows a young man who is starving holding a bloodied knife and on top of a dead raider's body

Powerful Armor

Shows a Brotherhood in full power armor

Vs Sleek light armor

Shows a Clone trooper in full armor

Full Force attack

Shows a Brotherhood squad in full armor running right into a rain of bullets of raiders

Vs Cool cunning

Shows a squad of clone troopers quietly crawling through some droid air vents.

"Lets start this up" Bren said to Rommel and he hit a key on his laptop starting the simulation.

It opens up to a squad of Clone Troopers who had just landed on the planet walking through an old prewar factory.

The leader gives a few hand signals to stay together.

On the other side of the factory a squad of Brotherhood members, each with a different weapon set, the leader with a super sledge, one with a rocket launcher, while the others just had laser rifles.

They were walking around the dimly lit hallways when they walked into a large storage room, empty from raiders, salvagers, and so forth, and they saw the squad of clone troopers and fired a rocket from their launcher.

The clone troopers saw the rocket coming and one of them got hit with a direct blast while the others each fired a few shots from their blaster, taking out the rocket user.

Clones 4


Both sides split their troops and went deeper into the factory.

One of the clone troopers met up with another brotherhood in a hallway and activated his flame thrower roasting the poor man alive in the metal armor, only to be shot in the back by the brotherhood Leader's laser rifle.

Clones 3


One clone went up onto a walkway and noticed from below a brotherhood member walking around with his guard up and he pulled out a thermal detonator and activate it. He then tossed it onto the ground and the explosion took out the brotherhood member.

Clones 3


The Brotherhood leader saw a clone trooper and the trooper pulled out his rifle only to have it shot at and turned to ashes by a well placed laser shot. The clone ran around the corner and pulled out his pistol, he held it up waiting for the leader to turn the corner, but what came around the corner was a frag grenade which went off right into the clone's face.

Clones 2


The clone leader scanned the hallways and thought he heard something and he saw an open door swing a bit. He drew a thermal detonator and activated it. He then rolled it into the open room and a few moments later the dead Brotherhood soldier flew out of the room.

Clone 2


A Clone walked around another part of the factory and was gunned down by the Brotherhood leader; he didn't even see the shots coming at him. The leader walked around searching for the last clone.

Clone 1


The Clone leader turned a corner and was fired upon by the Brotherhood leader, he pulled back and tried to fire a few shots only to have his gun shot and turned into ashes. He ran back and went down the stairs into a basement. He pulled out his vibroblades and saw the brotherhood leader walked down with his laser rifle.

The clicking sound of the rifle echoed throughout the basement.

The brotherhood leader tossed the now useless weapon and he pulled off his back his super sledge

Both leaders looked at each other and the brotherhood leader ran forward swinging the large weapon only to have the clone trooper duck and roll away. He then sent a kick right at the brotherhood's head which did very little to the armored soldier.

The brotherhood leader shoved the clone trooper away and swung the sledge again and it made more of an impact, it wasn't a killing blow but it knocked the clone onto the ground sending his blades and helmet flying off onto the ground.

The brotherhood leader swung down onto the clone but the clone rolled out of the way just in time and got up and did a sweeping kick onto the brotherhood knocking him to the ground.

The brotherhood struggled to get up but it was futile as the clone trooper grabbed one of his vibroblades and stabbed the brotherhood in the neck through the small opening between the helmet and the armor.

"For the Republic!" The Clone shouts, his voice echoes throughout the factory.

Winner: The Clone Trooper.

"Out of 1000 battles, the Clone Troopers had 653 kills over the Brotherhoods 347 kills" Bren said

Battles Stats

Clone Troopers

Rifle: 196

Blaster: 23

Vibroblade: 34

Thermal Detonator: 230

Flame Thrower: 170

The clone's best weapon was the Thermal detonator with 230 kills. With the blaster only having 23 kills as the weakest.


Laser Rifle: 130

Rocket Launcher: 124

Frag Grenade: 36

Super Sledge: 57

While the Brotherhood best was the Laser Rifle and Rocket Launcher. Even with the power armor, the Clone trooper's still pulled off more kills.

"I will admit the brotherhood is good, but the clones were bred for battle" Bren said

"So the brotherhood lost, don't forget in the end the clones became weak storm troopers who couldn't hit the hero." Rommel said chuckling.

It Finally shows a Clip of the Clone trooper picking up his helmet and limping up the basement stairs.

AN: Alright, first chapter done. And Before I gat flamed, this is my show. Meaning I decide the outcomes. I try to be fair, but please if your going to point out something, please be polite at least. Send in some ideas and maybe I will use them. Just make sure the match ups are at least similar (gun user vs. gun user, swordsman vs. swordsman. Or so one)