This is a fic I wrote that gives a storyline to my favourite album of all time. This is a large songfic for the brilliant album 'In utero' by 'Nirvana'. This is the only story i'll make that I want everybody who reads it to review. I want to show Kurt all the respect I can by improving this story however my dear fans see fit.

Teenage angst has paid off well

"Kowalski you genius." The tall penguin spoke softly to himself as he thought his plan over in his head. He had long been interested in the subject of interspecies mating. He wondered what kinds of effects and interspecial mating ritual would have on offspring. He wondered how mutated and/or deformed the offspring would get.

Now i'm bored and old

"When I place these tapes under Marlene's bed her sex drive will climb up by an exponentially increasing rate every night." The penguin said to himself silently so as not to disturb the sleeping animals in the zoo. He had snuck outside while his fellow team mates were asleep to place his first tape inside Marlene's habitat as she slept.

Self appointed judges judge

The penguin silently climbed into the water that surrounded the oter's habitat. He was searching for the quietist way inside the cave without waking up his target. He had calculated that while going through the pipes into her habitat was preferable during the day when noises blocked out the sound, at night it would ring like a bell with every step he took.

More than they have sold

The penguin swam silently through the calm water and arrived at the concrete island that Marlene called her home. He smiled as he crawled up and quietly belly-slid inside. His tape and cassette player lay tucked beneath his wing as he slid. Within a short amount of time he reached the otter-feed bag bed of his target.

If she floats than she is not, a witch like we've thought

Kowalski smiled as he placed the cassette player near the beautiful otters head. When he had finished placing the music player he pressedd the small button with the triangle on it. He had already taken the time to make sure it was playing at a decibal rate that she would hear without waking.

Doll, steeeeeeaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk

Kowalski chuckled as he thought of the humorous aftermath his experiment might bring. In his mind he thought about placing a video camera somewhere in her habitat to document the actions that would take place for research purposes. The devious penguin continued his evil smile as he head home.

Test, Meeeeeeaaaaaaaaatttttttttt