I got the idea for this one while hiking in the Muir Woods in San Francisco, California. (We walked 6.2 miles uphill. It was brutal.) Alas, spring break ends soon *sob*. Anyway, have fun reading this. I have no clue how many chapters it will take to finish this, but I wrote it instead of doing me required reading, so you should all feel guilty if I don't finish my book. I have to read about 200 pages tomorrow. Funnn… Regardless, read, enjoy, and review please.

Welcome to California

Misaki had her head down on her desk. She was so tired. She had been planning the School festival for weeks now. The idea was that each class would volunteer an idea and then all of the ideas would be put into a hat. Each class would draw the idea and then have to do that as the class project. Each class had the idea given to them; that wasn't the problem. The problem was convincing each class that they had to do it. Misaki sighed. She heard the door open to the Student Council Room and immediately lifted her head to go back to work. After seeing who entered, she just put her head back down on her desk with a groan.

"Get out, baka Usui. I'm trying to work."

"It doesn't look like you're working very hard, Prez." Usui leaned in the doorway, smirking.

"That's why I said, trying. You happen to be distracting me," came the muffled reply.

"C'mon, Prez. School's over. It's time to go."

"My shift doesn't start for another two hours." Misaki lifted her head again and leaned back in her chair.

Usui came closer and put his elbows on her desk so he was facing her. He slowly shook his head. "No… your shift actually starts in half an hour. I switched it so you could go home sooner, seeing as tomorrow is the first day of spring break. "

"WHAT?! What do you mean you 'switched it'?" Misaki jumped out of her chair, grabbed her jacket, and ran out the door, with Usui right on her heels. "You know perfectly well that it takes twenty-seven minutes to get to the café when you catch the right bus. If that bus is missed, I'll be late for my shift!" she yelled at him while charging down the sidewalk.

Usui grinned at her, his loping gait relaxed and graceful. "Then you had better run faster, Prez," he said, wrinkling his nose at her

Misaki shot him a death glare, but proceeded to speed up.

After work

Misaki went through the door to the back alley. She locked up the door and turned around… and practically screamed.

"Baka Usui, don't scare me like that," she said, after she got over her momentary terror.

"But Prez, it's not even dark yet. How come you were so scared?" Usui didn't back up. He got even closer so there were mere inches between their noses.

Instead of blushing and yelling like Usui expected, Misaki closed the gap even further and whispered while glaring, "That's because you were unexpectedly there, perverted outer space alien."

"C'mon Misa-chan. Let's go." Usui took her left hand in his right and led her out of the alley and around the corner. Misaki rounded the corner but refused to move after that.

"Um, Usui? My house is that way." Misaki pointed the opposite direction with her free hand.

"I know," Usui said.

"Then why are you trying to take me that way?" she asked.

"Because I'm kidnapping you," Usui said innocently.

"What do you mean, you're 'kidnapping me'? I have stuff to do. You can't kidnap me. Plus, it's against the law."

"Not when you have parental consent." Usui took a piece of paper out of his pocket and waved it in front of Misaki's face. She snatched it and began to read.


Usui-san said that he was going to "borrow" you for a few days over the break. I think it's good for you to take a break off of work and just have fun like a normal teenager. Just don't get carried away, all right? Have fun!

Love, Mom

Misaki gasped at the paper. "WHAT!?"

Usui came up and began reading over her shoulder. "See?" he said. "I have permission to kidnap you."

Misaki promptly ripped up the piece of paper. "And now you don't."

Usui sighed and pulled another sheet of paper out of his pocket. "I had a feeling you'd do that, so that was a copy of the original. This—" Usui stopped as Misaki ripped that piece of paper out of his hand and began shredding that one too. "—is another copy," he finished. "I have the original at home. If you really want to go to my house that badly…" he trailed off, waiting for Misaki's reaction.

"Pervert! Why would I want to go to your house ever?" Misaki yelled.

"Then I guess I really will have to kidnap you." Usui took a balanced stance and blocked off the sidewalk so Misaki couldn't get by him.

"You can't kidnap me!"

"Yes, I can, Misa-chan. Parental consent, remember?"

"I don't care about that. I have to work over the break! Plus I have schoolwork to do!"

Usui relaxed his stance. "Prez, you know as well as I do that you already finished your schoolwork for the break. And you don't have to worry about work either. I already told Satsuki-san that I'm taking you away during the break so you won't be able to work."

Misaki glared at the boy who was blocking her path. 'So that's why Manager-san always had moe flowers around her whenever she saw Usui or me today…' she thought.


Usui's voice broke her musings.

"Prez, you know that you need a break. You broke a plate for the first time in months today. You can't concentrate because you're so worked up over this idea exchange for the school festival. You need to relax for at least a few days." Usui's voice was calm and soothing as Misaki tried to think of another excuse to keep from leaving.


"Face it, Prez. You don't have any excuses left." Usui had been coming closer while he had been talking to her and suddenly he was whispering in her ear. "It's time for you to come with me." With that, he grabbed Misaki around the waist and hoisted her over his shoulder, like she was a sack of potatoes.

Extremely surprised, Misaki shrieked as her feet left the ground.

"Shhh!" Usui hushed her. "You're being awfully loud."


"Prez, people are trying to sleep."


"Don't wanna."

"LET GO OF—" Usui put her back on the ground in front of himself and pressed his lips against hers.

"Now will you be quiet, Misa-chan?" he breathed, smiling at her red face. "If not, I can just keep kissing you until you decide that you will be."

"I'll be quiet," Misaki muttered.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," she said.

"All right." Again, Usui kissed her gently on the lips.

When he broke the kiss, Misaki spluttered, "Wh—what was that for?"

Usui shrugged. "You didn't seem sure to me."

"Well, I was!"

"All right, then. C'mon, Prez. We have to get a taxi." Usui took Misaki's hand again and started pulling her down the sidewalk that led away from her house.

"I thought we were going to your house."

"Since when does the victim decide where the kidnapper takes her?"

"Wait," Misaki said, "I'm the victim?"

"What else would you be, Prez? Parental consent makes me the kidnapper and you the victim," Usui said, walking backwards so he could see Misaki's face. When Misaki started grumbling about "baka Usui" and "stupid parental consent" he announced loudly, "You know, it was more fun when I was carrying you." Quickly, he picked her up again, but this time he carried her princess style.

"No, no, no! Put me down! Now!"

"Prez, people are going to think I'm really kidnapping you."

"You really are kidnapping me!"

"Misa-chan," Usui gently admonished, "do I have to remind you what happens when you're too loud?"

Misaki's blush told him that he didn't. "No…"

"Very good." Usui kissed her on the forehead, so the red on her cheeks would stay for a while longer. "Now go to sleep or something. We have a long trip ahead of us."

"I can walk, you know."

"Nope. Victim doesn't make the rules, remember?"

"Fine." Much to Usui's surprise, Misaki didn't argue anymore. She just settled more comfortably in his arms and yawned. "You better not to anything perverted to me while I'm asleep," she warned.

"Don't worry, Misa-chan," Usui said, nuzzling her hair. "You'll be just fine."