Ashley's POV

I throw the ball up in the air and wait for it to return to my grasp, just to have it yanked away from me.

"Hey, I was playing with that!" I yelped at Dr. Anderson.

"And you can have it back, but not until we are finished here," she spoke with a firm tone in her voice. If I saw Dr. Anderson in that kind of way, I

would have found that voice kind of sexy.

She smacks my feet off of her desk and gives me a stern look.

"This is serious Ashley," she spoke softly.

"Look, I know that I'm here for a check-up or whatever, but I don't need to be here. I'm completely fine. There is nothing wrong with me. In fact it

can't get any better for me. Everything's perfect. Just peachy. 100% fine," my voice began to rise towards the end of my speech.

"Ashley, is there something you would like to talk about?" She questioned.

"No, I already told you. I'm fine," I huffed.

"Why do i not believe you?" She asked.

"I don't know. Ask yourself."

"Ashley, if there is something you would like to talk about, it's best that you just talk about it. It's not going to do you any good keeping it all bottled up," the words gently glided from her mouth.

I sighed heavily and looked into her eyes. They showed nothing but concern.

"It's nothing really," I started out. "Actually it's a big something. Spencer came into my life, and she's here now. I know that it would be so easy,

too easy, to just with her. We could be togther and things would be fine. Right? Wrong. Even though this Spencer, the real Spencer, had nothing

to do with my crazy mind and the Spencer I was imagining, I can't seem to let it all go. As much as I would love to let it go, I can't, and I don't

know why I can't. I love Spencer. So very much, but the past is keeping me from having a future with Spencer, and I don't know what to do."

"I understand, you're holding onto thoughts of the past. I think I may be able to help you a little bit," she reached into one of her cabinets and

pulled out her prescription pad. She scribbled on the pad with a silver pen and ripped it off the pad, handing it to me.

"Here this should help. I'm taking you off of your current meds, and I'm going to give you this. It's a medication for depression. It should help you

out with what's going on."

I stared down at her chicken scrath then back at her.

"Thank you Dr. Anderson."

"It's no problem Ashley. Well that's all for the day. It was good to see you Ashley."

"You too, Doc.

Spencer's POV

"Oh my god, she looks so cute!" I cried out.

Kyla was currently showing me some of Ashley's baby pictures.

Right now we were looking at one where Ashley is covered in mud and her curly hair doesn't even reach her shoulders.

She looks so adorable.

We hear a car pull up and car doors shut.

"Oh shit! Go up into Ashley's room before she sees you," Kyla rushed out.

I jump up off the couch and race up the stairs into Ashley's room.

I take a seat on her bed and wait.

Kyla's POV

God I hope this works.

Ashley's POV

I get out of the car and walk into my house. I walk pass the living room and into the kitchen.

I grab me a glass and fill it with water. I grab the prescription bag and pull my pill bottle out. These pills are small and blue.

Nothing like old medication.

Nothing like what took everything away from me.

I pop two pills into my house and quickly chase it with water. I drain my glass then decide that I'm in the mood for a swim.

I bounce up the stairs and open my bedroom door to see Spencer.

She was just walking around my room looking at the pictures, but she was here.

"What are you doing here?" I question.

I see her slightly jump and I laughed a little.

"Um, Kyla said I could um, I wanted to see you."

"Well here you are."

"Yep, here I am."

I sit on my bed and motion for her to do the same.

She slowly takes a seat beside me and sighs loudly.

After about a moment of silence she begins to stand up and speaks.

" I knew that I shouldn't have come."

I quickly grab her arm and she sits back down.

"Please don't go. I don't want you to leave."

She nodded slightly and I knew that it was now or never.

"Look I know that I'm crazy and that I have the ugliest mind."

"Don't say that, you have a beautiful mind," she spoke and she reached over and grabbed my hand.

"Ok, but as I was saying. I know that I'm not perfect. And I know that I may blame you for things that you didn't actually do, but I love you

Spencer, and I want to give us a try. Because I don't think I can life without you. Not again, not ever. So what do you say?" I asked a little shyly.

She slowly placed her hand on my cheek and pulled me into her.

She kissed me softly, but it was full of so much passion.

She pulled away with a smile on her face.

A smile was also plastered on my face.

" I think that giving us a chance is the only way we're going to figure everything out. Also I think that I love you too, Ashley."


She bit her bottom lip and nodded. I pulled her into another kiss, and I just knew right there, that everthing from here on was going to fine.

I had the girl of my dreams, and my future was looking bright.